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What if Working From Home Goes On…Forever?

Work from home forever

Endless Zoom calls and network lags also added to the stress of this new and unfamiliar environment that is now being modified as per individual business needs.

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Virtual Team meet-ups with team collaboration software- the new normal at the workspace

Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh Humans have an immense tendency to evolve. The past few months were nothing less than a nightmare for all. Whilst stuck in this pandemic tide, we managed to survive. We have fast-tracked the new- normal […]

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Fugu has password protected video calls – here’s why it matters

While the world chooses to stay locked down due to Coronavirus spread; video conferencing has turned out to be a new “normal” way to establish communication. Stretching from business meetings to allowing students to attend virtual classes- technology has evolved much faster than anyone could have ever imagined!  The concept of video call is not […]

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Best Secure Alternative to Zoom Video Conferencing App: Fugu

Coronavirus has put millions of professionals to work from home. The new remote work culture and social distancing entail the need to use a video conferencing tool to replicate in-person meetings. In the initial lockdown phase, Zoom has exploded in popularity as one of the absolute choices for video conferencing. But it also happens to […]

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Fugu Meet: An exclusive feature to virtually replicate in-person team experience

Virtual meetings! Group conferencing calls! Screen sharing! – If we have spoken about it, a few years back, we are sure not many of us would have believed it. But, thanks to these unprecedented events going on, we are ready to embrace the change.  Before we move ahead, let’s shout out for one of the […]

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Tech Stack for virtual education during the lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has set off a waking call to the world. The worldwide lockdown phase has affected almost every section of the society. The education sector has been hit with a temporary shut down of educational institutes. During this pandemic, the education system has experienced a digital change with the implementation of a virtual […]

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6 ways Fugu bridges gap between employees and employers during this quarantine period!

As the Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, people are preferring to keep themselves under quarantine time. Perhaps, social distancing is the only way to control this contagious spread, people are finding alternative ways to keep their work going on. Working from home is one such escape which many of the companies are moving towards, in […]

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Here’s How To Deal with mid-sem Coronavirus Impact On Educational Institutes

This harsh wave of Coronavirus has made the world to get a major setback in almost every aspect of life. With the economy of the world getting weakened day by day, there is no near hope to get rid of this Coronavirus crisis.  The progression of this epidemic is nowhere to stop in the near […]

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5 Compelling Reasons Why Remote Jobs are the New Trend of 2020

“ Remote Work is the future of work”- Alexis Ohanian, Reddit The changing perspective of companies over the concept of remote work has introduced a new chapter in the history of the corporate world. Gone are the days, when empowerment was subjected to a handful of people in an organization. In the constantly evolving nature […]

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Now make effective communication with guest, without compromising the company’s privacy

Looking for a solution to help your clients through effective communication on your own chat app, without compromising the privacy of your employees and your data?An all purpose team collaboration chat app like Fugu can make all the difference — it helps users break all barriers to effective communication, given their very nature of being […]

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