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How to address 4 challenges faced by remote teams ?

Remote Teams

Just think about the ways in which office-based teams interact. Their regular meetings, quick catch-ups, brainstorming around the manager’s table, lunch & tea breaks, and many other small ways in which they bond. With quick analysis, you will realize the biggest challenge for remote teams is communication. The question here is, how to create collaboration […]

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Make your collaboration easy with Fugu conference calling feature


Team communication is the best way to improve collaboration in the workplace. To get the most out of our all-purpose team chat app Fugu, we have introduced the feature of audio-video conference calling. With this unique feature, you can easily hold video meetings with your team. Fugu helps you in collaborating over video as seamless […]

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4 questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the best team chat app

Team Chat App

In my experience, emails are not good for quick communication. To achieve top team efficiency, you need to provide tools to your team members for efficient communication. One of the tools that can bring instant benefits is a Team chat app. Nowadays the demand for these team chat apps has been faster than ever before. […]

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5 ways in which office designing affects team collaboration

Office Designing and Team Collaboration Productivity

Office designing has evolved a lot over the past 50 years. It has become a much more cultured process which mainly focuses on creating a collaborative workplace. The design of an office not only promotes productivity and efficiency but also creativity and wellbeing of an individual. Let’s have a brief look at how the office […]

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Which is a better team chat app: Fugu or Skype?

Fugu Vs Skype

We have already discussed in the previous article that how a team chat app can boost your business. Selecting the best Team chat app at affordable pricing is a fight. As we are building Fugu- an all-purpose Team Chat App, we always make sure to check our competitors, analyze them and learn more about them. […]

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We’ve tried Workplace by Facebook. Here’s our feedback

Workplace By Facebook

So Workplace is giving tough competition to Slack? It was three weeks ago when Facebook claimed that now its workplace has 2M paying users. Wasn’t this news great? Our team at Jungleworks tried using Workplace for a month and here is our feedback. Pros Easy to Setup Workplace is easy to set up software. You […]

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Here are 6 tips to boost productivity at your workplace

Featured Image

“Happiness inspires Productivity”. If your workplace is not happy that means employees are not productive. According to Forbes “One survey found that happy employees are 20% more productive than unhappy ones and when it comes to salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%” We know that Happiness directly affects the productivity […]

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Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Slack Alternatives

I know which tool comes to your mind when you think of uniting your team or collaborating your workplace. Even I have the same name in my head. It’s Slack. But let me tell you the tables are now turning. Because of high pricing and new “Team Collaboration Tools” in the market, Slacks no. 1 […]

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6 ways a Team Chat App can boost your business


I am sure every one of you must have heard or read about Team Chat Apps like Slack, Flock, Google Hangouts etcetera. Have you ever thought of how these business chat apps boost the business? Let us discuss how this workplace chat software adds value to a business. Here we go:- 1) Foster Collaboration With […]

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Economic Impact Of Efficient Workplace Communication

Efficient Team Communication

Ever wondered why some businesses advance rapidly even in today’s world? Healthy communication is the reason for success. In the last two years, explosive innovation in workplace communications technology with endless features are changing the way we communicate, collaborate and share information bringing significant efficiency gains in all activities. Due to changes in employee’s needs, […]

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