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Whatsapp Clone: White Label App – Fugu

By Vishal Thakur 27th May 2021

Introduction to White Label Apps

In this internet age, we enjoy the convenience of automated applications. So much of our digital activity is automated and made simpler by bleeding-edge technology and innovation. Online businesses have been on the rise and many new startups struggle to get going because of the cutthroat competition. This is where a white label app comes to the rescue.

The food industry is a great example of this. Many new restaurant businesses open every day and only some succeed. The secret to their success is a strong online presence and great marketing. For new businesses in this space, a White Label Food Delivery App Proves to be the Best.

 A white label app is a ready-to-use app for a new business with all the hallmarks of a competitive application. Some even come enabled with WhatsApp clone software. You should know What are White-label Apps and is it a Good Idea to Build a White-label App.

Whatsapp Clone: White Label App - Fugu | Jungleworks

Why Is a WhatsApp Clone Useful?

Many white label apps today are enabled with WhatsApp clone software. WhatsApp clone is the term used to describe a distributed platform that looks and performs exactly like WhatsApp Messenger. It is a key feature of any white label app which means it can be marketed to many smartphone operators as well as smartphone users. 

Today, WhatsApp has 2 billion active users worldwide, so the WhatsApp clone feature helps you expand your market by quite a huge margin. 

Whatsapp Clone: White Label App - Fugu | Jungleworks

There are various apps being created at the moment which replicate WhatsApp functionality perfectly and some of which offer competitive pricing and more options from iPhone or Android phone operations. However, a WhatsApp clone is a boon for new businesses on the block that want a robust online presence. 

How a White Label App Helps Your Business

A white label application consists of a website platform best suited to your industry and then designs a completely different look and feel according to your needs and requirements. In essence, it is a replica of many successful companies out there but with a twist to give your white label mobile app its own unique identity. 

The WhatsApp clone software which is built in is designed by professionals who understand the market in all aspects and create a fully-fledged application that is ready to use for your business. Essentially, a white label app gives you the much-needed boost that your business needs and puts it on the map quicker than you think.

Whatsapp Clone: White Label App - Fugu | Jungleworks

Fugu – The Ideal White Label Chat App

Fugu by Jungleworks is an all-purpose team chat app that you can integrate within your white label web app. With Fugu you can communicate, collaborate, engage and assist your team and partners in real-time. 

Whatsapp Clone: White Label App - Fugu | Jungleworks

Be it 1-on-1 chat or a group channel, Fugu has a multi-faceted interface that can enable you to share, discuss, ideate and interact with your team. It has some really handy features, some of them are:

  1. Attendance & Leave Bot
    You can manage your employee attendance with an advanced facial recognition set up to give you a daily headcount effortlessly within the app.
  1. Unlimited Message History
    Enjoy unlimited data storage for all messages, files and communications shared within your organization.
  1. Video Calling & Screen Sharing
    With Fugu, you will have no need to install third-party video calling applications as video calling and screen sharing are active features of the app. Ensure seamless work interactions and group meetings with Fugu.
  1. Customizations Galore
    Deciding the look and feel of your chat app is in your hands. Choose from a wide range of themes, avatars, plugins, and integrations to get the best out of the Fugu app.

Not just this, Fugu is equipped with Smart Notifications to help you set up downtime when you are unavailable. Make conversations smarter with Fugu by choosing private messages for confidential and sensitive discussions and the public channels for general discourse. 

Share files across the network or share it with specific users within the organization – the choice is yours. Use emoticons and GIFs to make your conversations more lively and fun. Fugu chat makes conversations more interactive by giving the users all the features that they might expect. 

Rest assured that Fugu is fully secured to ensure workplace privacy and undergoes regular updates to ensure that all vulnerabilities are neutralized.


If you are a new business owner and in the market for a white label application, make sure to include a WhatsApp clone within your app. A white label app is only as good as its features and no app is complete without the chat feature. 

Fugu is a reliable and feature-rich chat app that integrates with any website or mobile app across different industries. Get the best chat software with Fugu by Jungleworks today to make your workplace communication seamless.

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