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Fugu is Now Integrated with Google Meet & More Powerful Than Ever!

By Deepak Digwal 24th July 2020

Technology has transformed businesses all over the world. A bulk of operations have moved online, making it easier for team members to communicate through online forums. Just like how messaging apps have made it simpler for us to communicate with friends and family, users want to talk business in a similar manner. Fugu is one of these platforms equipped with a multi-purpose team chat software. 

Here at Fugu, we are constantly striving to enhance our services. Our goal is to find new ways to give our users the most seamless communication experience. We are honoured to announce that Fugu Chat is now integrated with Google Meet.

Fugu & Google Meet – A Powerful Duo

In today’s world, a variety of business messaging apps are integrated with multiple functions. Fugu is one such platform. With Fugu your team members have the ability to have one-on-one or group discussions, access to unlimited message histories for easy reference, an attendance leave bot with face recognition, and screen sharing or video/voice calling. 

How this New Feature Works

Along with our existing powerful chat features, our users now have the additional advantage of the integrated features of Google Meet. All video calls will now be directed to the Google Meet platform to give our users the best video-conferencing experience. This also means that the Calendar Event feature of Google Meet will now be accessible to all users of Fugu.

What’s most exciting about this integration is that members can send email links or simply add the meeting as a calendar event. The calendar reminder gives users all the information they need and a direct link to join the meeting. With a simple calendar invite/reminder team members can access the meeting from their computer, phone, or even from a conference room. 

Access to this new feature is already integrated into the Fugu chat software and your team members can sit back and enjoy easy access to the best of both platforms. 

You No Longer Need to Use Multiple Platforms! Fugu’s Got it All 

Having an all-purpose chat software means that you don’t need to use different platforms for a variety of actions. In the past, emails had to be sent to team members in order to communicate any sort of information to them, video/voice calls were carried out on a separate platform, and other similar functions required the use of multiple software. Imagine how quick, easy, and efficient it would be to carry out all these functions under one platform. For a detailed look at the features offered by Fugu, visit https://jungleworks.com/fugu/.

So what are you waiting for? Get onboard the digital train and give your team members a seamless chat experience with Fugu.

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