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Fugu vs Zoom – Why Fugu is the Better Option

By Deepak Digwal 13th August 2020

So it has now sunk in. The end of the pandemic is nowhere in sight, the school year has begun and the roller-coaster ride that universities, teachers and students have been forced to go on has taken unexpected turns. Well at least as far as grappling with new technology, a lack of personal presence and welcoming new students goes, the new academic year is full of speed breakers. Adding to the uncertainty is a major stakeholder in the education scenario today – technology. Schools and universities are relying on team chat software.

While classes shift online, a team communication platform is a necessity in ensuring uninterrupted learning. Although Zoom has emerged as the leading online workplace for remote teams, many concerns regarding the platform make it imperative to look for alternatives. Fugu’s team communication platform includes features that make it one of the most desirable platforms out there. Why choose Fugu over Zoom? Let’s find out:

1. Security

Google, SpaceX and Nasa have all expressed concerns over zoom’s security to the point of banning its use within their workspaces. Security becomes pivotal when dealing with students, most of whom could be underage. Fugu communication app allows for encrypted chats and secure video conferencing so that students are not exposed to dangerous elements.

2. Attendance

While Zoom and Fugu both generate attendance reports, Fugu adds a layer of accountability through advanced facial recognition technology. Students need to submit their selfies in order to log their attendance and a yearly/monthly attendance report is generated accordingly. 

3. Leave Management

Fugu’s leave management feature allows easy approvals and dismissals of leaves further supporting the attendance reports. It is also a feature that is not available on Zoom’s communication app.

4. One-to-One Communications

Fugu allows private, encrypted one-to-one conversations which facilitate teacher meetings, parent-teacher reviews, and nurture teacher-student relationships for better mentoring. Studies show that the leading cause of teacher burnout during the pandemic has been their concern around student well-being. Fugu facilitates private conversations between teachers and students that takes care of student welfare.

5. Document Sharing

A major limitation on Zoom is that it does not allow sharing or storage of documents, images and presentations. Fugu’s virtual office platforms enable storage of documents, sharing of class notes and important readings which saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the teachers when it comes to distributing class material or handing out grades.

6. Video Chat

Fugu communication app lets you set up instant video meetings with the click of a button. These meetings are password protected and not susceptible to hackers. You can hold conference calls with upto a 100 participants or live stream for hundreds of individuals.

7. Endless Customization

With Zoom, one can change their background image and customise it to their liking. The choice of backdrop leaves a lasting impression on your customer. However, Fugu’s free group communications app goes a step ahead in offering endless customisation through which its virtual office platforms seamlessly adapt to your University’s identity.

8. Bus Notifications and Library Inventory

While utility of other apps might diminish with the transition back into on-site classes, Fugu’s features such as its bus tracking feature or library inventory feature would ensure a continuation with its technology as an aid to the university administration.

Fugu – Your Best Choice for a Team Chat Software

Fugu’s online collaboration app enhances teaching, learning and administration duties in a university. Its secure team chat software maintains integrity and privacy of both the administration as well as students. While other communications apps offer video chat facilities, Fugu goes a step beyond in ensuring you have the technological features that not only tide you through the pandemic but beyond. 

Sounds good? Get started with Fugu.

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