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Fugu Update: Assign Tasks to Students in Your School/University

By Deepak Digwal 31st August 2020

The education sector has seen a noticeable increase in educational standards, advancement, and innovations. Now traditional classrooms are turning into Smart/E-classrooms. Because of this, learning is now becoming fun for students and less of a burden for teachers. 

Also, Schools and other educational institutions have begun to adopt latest technology apps like Evernote, FUGU etc. to shoot up productivity and efficiency in assigning tasks. Through these apps, it is effortless for schools and other educational institutions to assign tasks to students; also it is easy for students to increase their productivity, check to-do list, and mainly be more organized and efficient through these apps.

How is FUGU different from other task assigning apps? 

FUGU is a super flexible app that works both for laptop and your phone device. The multi compatible app gives you complete freedom to be a part of the new normal lifestyle. From offering assignments to allocating tasks to students, we have it all covered for you! Undoubtedly, Fugu wins the rat-race from others in terms of reliability, durability and security concerns.  Apart from it, here is a list of exclusive recently added features, that might tempt you onboard Fugu as your very own digital communication app.

Here at FUGU, we are proud of our cross-platform and are thrilled to introduce the updated features below. 

Scheduling the assignment and tracking them is fun with Fugu!

Despite the flexibility in being an online student, it is essential to have frequent engagement with your studies throughout the week.  For providing plenty of time to space out your required reading, assignments, and online discussions, a student needs a proper planner in a good manner.

How does Fugu play its part?

Calendar App: 

Fugu’s inbuilt custom calendar feature lets students quickly get an overview of what’s next. Whether a student needs to know where his next class is, the assignments he needs to complete soon or if there are any upcoming exams, it is all on the calendar.  A student can keep his time-table and daily schedule always at hand and plan his studies accordingly. Fugu’S  inbuilt custom calendar is highly customizable. A student can assign different colors to each subject and view events saved in the calendar. Hence, a calendar feature in Fugu helps in: 

  1. Listing down the complete list of tasks
  1. Customized reminders can be set to avoid any miss.

Assigning Tasks to Students is longer a pain!

With lots of syndicating work, school and other educational institutions are always encumbered to assign the task to students. And a student’s hectic schedule, combined with daily destructions and suffering on the internet, always got in the way of finishing the task.  Fugu is a bonanza for them in assigning tasks to students because of its reminder feature.  Fugu’s simple, fast, and daily reminder will help students never forget writing down homework, assignments and exams.  It will keep students updated and on top of the game. In simpler words, Fugu can help in:

  1. Creation of task via Admin can be done 
  2. Task allocation can be offered to an individual or a group of people
  3. Easy option to upload/ assign the task vice-versa

Pre-Schedule the calls with Timely Reminders

We understand how hectic it is to keep a track over a couple of things at the same time. To cut short your struggle, we offer you the chance to keep a track over the upcoming calls. You can anytime go ahead to schedule the call or can have timely reminders for the keepsake. This way, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience with Fugu. 

Innovation at its Best!

 You can not deny that FUGU technological updates make the student life more interactive and easier.  Fugu is a one-stop solution to the Challenges related to assigning tasks and completing a task.  Stay tuned to get in touch with more upcoming updates!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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