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Pipeline Management

Create multiple pipelines & add stages to your pipeline. Know where each deal is in your pipeline and what needs to be done to move them forward to the next stage.

Contact Management

Find all what you need about your client. Store all your contact & organization information in one place. No more fragmented data across spreadsheets.

Close Deals faster!

Add new deals, assign tasks and visually track the deals progress on your dashboard and evaluate what position all of your deals are in.

Schedule an activity

We just won’t let you miss any meetings or calls! Assign activities to your team members with a single click so they’ll know exactly what to do next.

Email Sync

Easily sync your email with bulbul & see all your mails linked to a deal in one place. No more looking through your messy inbox to find your client’s mail.

Team Management

Add as many team members as you need. Assign deals, activities & view their deals progress as it moves through the sales pipeline.

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Our Features

Multiple pipelines to manage your multiple products

Do you offer various types of products? Do you work in various markets? Does your sales process shifts with every use case, and you need your CRM to suit them all. With multiple pipelines, you can just do that.
Make multiple pipelines, each with a deal stage to suit you business use case and visually track your deals as it progresses through the stages.

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