Bring Your Teams & Conversations
at One Place

Sales- Close deals faster!

Boost your sales with Bulbul sales CRM software

  • Get a panormic view of complete sales cycle
  • View trends of sales and opportunities in a real time scenario
  • Use custom filters and sort deals for actionable insights
  • Get a detailed report of your deals won, lost & other stats

Marketing- Get your leads!

Analyze your leads by Bulbul CRM management software

  • Capture leads from your website/webforms by using our API’s
  • Get Indepth analysis of your leads-Filter by source, medium country or any field
  • Automate email journeys to ensure no lead is left out
  • Use daily analytics on marketing metrics for actionable insights

Project Management- Unite your team!

Bulbul CRM platform enables you to collaborate your projects and team members on same platform

  • Manage your teams with a centralized panel to work together on projects
  • Invite your team members and assign them deals & activities
  • Set reminders for each team member so they’ll know exactly what to do next
  • Plan with any agile practice, whether it be scrum, kanban, or a mixed methodology

HR-Don't miss a thing!

Bulbul CRM management software assists in managing company's human capital

  • Get a centralized panel to manage all employee data and performance
  • Use the efficient document and data storage for data management
  • Streamline hiring and Customize your pipelines and stages
  • Schedule calls, emails and meetings with potential employees

We increase Customer Satisfaction & Retention!

  • 200% Captured Leads
  • 40% Reduction in time
  • 74% Customers
  • 34% Shorter sales
  • 29% Decrease in
    overall cost

We have more to offer!

Google Integration

Strengthen collaboration and planning by synchronizing with Google

Chrome Extension

Works with your Gmail to track & log emails in your bulbul account

Email Tracking

Simplest way to track & get people answered to your emails


Stay updated and Save your time with At-a-glance views of KPIs

Chat Support

Integrate with hippodesk and push leads directly to bulbul along with chat transcript.

Roles and Permissions

Assign roles and control who sees what with different levels of data sharing

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Bulbul CRM platform