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Bulbul: Intelligent Sales CRM

A CRM software that helps you Organise,
Track and Nurture your leads

A CRM for business of all size

Why Choose Us

Convert more leads with our affordable, secure and easy to use CRM

Grow Faster

Sell more with shorter & quicker sales cycle and effective communication.

Data Security

With comprehensive data security, protect your data from unauthorized access.

Easy Integration

With Bulbul's open APIs you can connect it with your website or lead source.


You get the best value for your money with this feature-rich CRM software.

Effective Communication

Initiate and receive more calls with built-in voice calling. We'll also connect your emails automatically to your contacts and deals. Get an overview of everything that's happening with a prospect.

  • Get a Mobile App

    With our mobile app, manage your clients, team while out for a business trip or holidays.

  • Bulbul Calling: Setup VoIP

    Set up an IVR, make, record and receive and audit calls with Bulbul's calling feature.

  • Run Marketing Campaigns

    Schedule and automatically send emails, sms and voice mails with our marketing campaign.

  • Integrate With Google Suite

    With Gmail integration get emails and calendar details in Bulbul and its vice-versa.

  • Team Management

    Invite your team members to CRM and give them roles, permissions and access to selected pipelines. With team management feature you can also audit their activities.

  • All Data at one Place

    Store all the customer information and record of all your calls, notes, email and activities with them in a systematic way so that you don’t miss anything.

  • Dashboard

    Get actionable insights on the performance of your organisation and individuals in your team with the help of various reports on Bulbul Dashboard.

  • Ease of use: Easy to use and learn

    Easily get leads into your system from various sources. Schedule meetings, calls and get them locked in your calendar. Use your CRM in the language that you prefer.

  • Calendar Sync

    With two way synchronization with Google, schedule your daily meetings, calls and tasks through Bulbul CRM and get notified about the same.

  • Import/Export Data

    With our open APIs, you can integrate Bulbul CRM with your website and get leads directly from sign-ups. You can also save time by importing your bulk leads into CRM at once.

  • Leads From Chats

    Get potential leads from Hippo chat support system by Integrating Bulbul CRM with Hippo. You can also link chats and queries with the leads.

  • Multilingual

    We support multiple languages, you can use Bulbul CRM in the preferred language of your region. Send mails and sms in the language that your prospect understands.

  • Make Calls

    With Bulbul CRM app you can make, receive and record calls from where ever you want.

  • Collect Data

    Avoid paperwork while on field, take notes, documents, schedule meetings with Bulbul.

  • Schedule Tasks

    Schedule daily meeting and activities for your field workforce and monitor them with Bulbul CRM.

  • Get Notifications

    Improve your efficiency by getting notifications of mails, tags in your Bulbul CRM mobile app.


Confused between B2B or B2C transactions? Don't worry we got it all covered.


Hassle-free way to manage your admissions, collaborations, faculty and alumni.


Maintain the record of your customer and their preferences and get their lifetime value.


Reduce paper work by uploading documents and scheduling meetings with the help of mobile app.


Communicate on customer's prefered channel and align the products that satisfy their financial goals.


Automate the healthcare workflow such as prescriptions, referrals and save practitioner's time.


Automobile, Manufacturing, IT, Construction, Real Estate.

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