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8 Reasons why you should use FUGU instead of Telegram

By Lakshmoji Reddy 20th July 2020

As we are building Fugu– an all-purpose Team Chat App, we always make sure to check our competitors, analyze them and learn more about them. We have already written a few articles on Slack alternatives, WhatsApp and Skype.

In this article, we will discuss Telegram in detail.

Let’s have a better understanding of both through the following table.

Video callingYesNo
Screen sharingYesNo
Third-party integrationYesNo
Attendance BotYesNo
smart notificationsYesNo

Third-party Integration

Telegram doesn’t offer third-party integrations with collaboration and project management tools. Most companies use third-party software systems to run their business operations, but they cannot get all of the features that they required. Third-Party API Integration permits you to develop custom applications that connect directly with your third-party software so that you can add features or improve upon business processes.

Governmental Oversight

Telegram is actually blocked in the next countries: China, Russia, Oman, and Pakistan. Because Telegram uses its own messaging protocol (“MTProto”). Some surveys say it is questionable in robustness, security, and bugs. A lot of the security analysis that has been done of it suggests that it’s not as secure.

Video Calling

You can’t make video calls on Telegram, which many competing Team chat Apps support. Unlike Telegram, Fugu supports both voice and video calls. If you have a strong mobile internet connection then you will get wonderful quality of calling. It takes low data usage for calling someone. So it is a very good point about Fugu.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a very popular feature nowadays which is highly used in many companies who work in different offices, cities, states or countries. It allows you to share your screen with the members in the remote areas where this feature is missing in Telegram.

From many years the lack of this feature had a negative impact on remote workers, but hopefully, now we can enjoy it through Fugu.

End to End encryption

Fugu offers end to end encryption for all chats by default whereas Telegram uses it just for its secret chat. To enable secret chat with someone, you have to go into the person’s profile and click on start secret chat.

Smart Notifications

Basically, in Group chats we receive too many notifications that pull us out of focus and make us check out our phones constantly. One minute everything is quiet, the next minute group was bombarded by dozens of notifications. If you are trying to get some work done, this can be really annoying. Fugu has built-in controls for notifications by which you can set your preference in group chats that can show only messages related to you in notifications, where this feature is not available in Telegram.

Attendance Bot

AttendanceBot rule leave management and time tracking. It will send your leave request for approval, notify you on its status and put it on your calendar. Admin and HR managers can create more vacation types, set up accruals and let people query their balances, extract powerful reports, view the absence data on the beautiful external dashboard, ingest local holidays. With simple ‘in’ and ‘out’ messages, clock in and out and keep a track of your work hours and export accurate timesheets right inside Fugu. You can set your team Punch In or Punch-Out with powerful features like Face recognition and geolocation.

Starred Messages

Fugu allows Starred Messages feature that users can quickly access messages including images, videos, or other content. The Starred Messages bookmarking feature can be used via tapping or holding a message. The message would then be saved in a separate Starred Messages tab. Once a message is starred, the star icon appears next to the message. In Telegram, we can not mark messages as important and can not access quickly.

Try using “Fugu” for internal communication. It is a simple all-purpose team chat app that empowers communication and collaboration at the same platform. Sign up to start your 30-days free trial!

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