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Tips To Keep Your Digital Nomads Productivity Over The Top While Working Remotely

By Tannu Sharma 10th June 2020

Being a digital nomad has never been easier. Many platforms allow the creation of virtual offices designed to help team members operate with the utmost productivity. With features such as team messaging, attendance checks, and video/voice calls, you no longer have to worry about procrastination or meeting deadlines. 

If you’ve used Google Hangouts, Slack, Tandem, or even Zoom, you know the benefits of having a virtual office while working remotely from any place. Create a virtual office for yourself and your team allowing all of you to function with a high level of efficiency. 

Working Remotely

How Can You Stay On Top Of Your Virtual Game? 

Being a digital nomad sometimes paves the way for many distractions. A virtual office platform helps increase accountability while eliminating distractions, creating a more focused work environment for you. 

Collaboration is a key feature in enhancing any business. With access to video/voice calls and instant messages, you get to collaborate with one more member at any point in time. Setting aside some time for collaboration is a good way to ensure that all members are onboard and group tasks can be discussed or accomplished. Once that is taken care of, you have the rest of the time to focus on the task at hand. 

You need to create a virtual office for yourself no matter where you’re working from. You can use platforms like Fugu in many ways to increase your productivity. Here’s how:

  • Having a virtual office allows you to create a daily routine for yourself which has several benefits and gives you time to plan other things during the day. Fixed schedules reduce the stress of work which comes with organizing your time in the right way. 
  • Stay in touch with your teammates at all times and see what everyone is up to. Staying connected to other team members is a great way to stay motivated and get your work done. 
  • With a personalized platform like Fugu, where you can send emojis, GIFs, and the like, interactions with team members stay connected without having to physically be around them. This helps maintain a positive and personal relationship with members of the team. 
maintain a positive and personal relationship with members of the team

Features That Will Increase Your Productivity As A Digital Nomad

Fugu has been designed to give teams interactive experiences. Here’s a list of its features:

Bring Your Team Together

Engage in one-to-one or group discussions based on projects or shared interests with our instant messaging feature.

Attendance & Leave Bot

Keep track of your team’s attendance and leaves at all times. Our advanced face recognition systems make the logging in process faster and easier.

Unlimited Message History 

Get access to unlimited message histories for both one-to-one and group chats. 

Screen Sharing & Video/Voice Calling 

Conduct meetings with the advanced video/voice calling feature or share your screen with your teammates. This eliminates the need to use multiple applications for different purposes. 

Aside from these main features, you can also customize your notifications, send likes, emojis, or GIFs, and share files with ease. This allows your virtual meet-ups to be almost as interactive as a real one. 

Screen Sharing & Video/Voice Calling  app

Being A Digital Nomad Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

As amazing as the life of a digital nomad sounds, working remotely requires an extensive amount of self-discipline. A platform like Fugu can help you stay focused and add structure to your nomadic work-life. 

Get on board and take your digital nomad work-life to the next level!

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