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How Fugu helps in overcoming the struggles of Online Teaching?

By Deepak Digwal 14th September 2020

Methods of teaching keep on evolving with time. It is a profession that gives birth to various professionals. Without the right teacher, it is hard to find a purpose in life. With time, teachers have faced multiple difficulties—lack of resources, Infrastructure, reluctant students, change in method of teaching, etc.

To make this world a better place, these teachers overcome different challenges now and then. In this time of 2020 education system has refashioned itself. The whole education system has turned digital, and so does our teachers. Now teachers have started using FUGU to connect to their students. 

Fugu creates a classroom-like atmosphere but in a virtual space. Students join the class and attend different lectures just as they use to do in school/colleges. But this process wasn’t always easy. Teachers had to undergo several challenges.

Fugu helped overcome the educational revolution to become successful. 

1. Keeping Track of Attendance

Initially, teachers used necessary group video calls to connect to students. Keeping track of every student manually became next to impossible. Also, we know how naughty kids could be !!!So to overcome such problems, teachers shifted to FUGU. As attendance and leave bots automatically marks and maintains the data. This gives teachers the time to concentrate on guiding students.

2. Relationship with technology

Teachers struggled a-lot to get used to the Technology. Many platforms had a difficult interface that generated confusion and chaos in conducting a class. Fugu provides a unique and straightforward interface that becomes user friendly for both teachers and students. Now, all the database is maintained automatically.

3. Virtual board/screen sharing

Have you ever imagined learning maths verbally ?? noo, that’s not possible. Not all subjects can be studied virtually. Practical matters like maths, chemistry, or accounts shall always need a blackboard. Space where teachers can solve and teach. A method through which students can perceive the teachings. This was not possible on group basic video calls. So, professors now use the live screen sharing feature of Fugu. With this, teachers can share their screen with all the students in their virtual class. 

4. Collective decision making

Another challenge faced was collecting every member’s suggestions and choices. Unlike the traditional method, teachers had to invest a lot of time to collect every student’s opinion. But now, by creating a poll, instructors can gather information of a whole bunch in a few seconds. Now segregation for an assignment has become trouble-free.

5. Scheduling of calls 

Fugu benefits teachers in scheduling the class in advance. A teacher does not have to waste time manually, adding every student at every class. The invitation links help the students to join the course quickly. A significant chunk of teachers today prefer Fugu over other apps due to its easy handling. The major advantage carried by Fugu is its integration with google meet.

6. Building a connect

Before COVID, the teacher and student had a connection in schools. This connection is essential to build a systematic relationship. The real-time chat helps maintain such bond and bring down hurdles for both teacher and students. Students can put down their doubts, and teachers can immediately serve them with solutions. 

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids to work together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important”.

 – Bill Gates

Don’t you feel proud of your teachers?

It’s so cool to see all the teachers coming out of their comfort zone for the love of teaching. Coping up with the fastest growing Technology and performing marvelously deserves a big salute. 

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