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The Hybrid Delivery Model

Benefits & Advantages

Delivery Management Software
  • Improve Efficiency Increase delivery times and customer satisfaction by using a combination of delivery carrierrs. For e.g. use the in-house fleet for high margin orders and third party for high volume orders.
  • Reduce Costs Having a hybrid approach and using 3PL as an alternative method of fulfillment can help reduce costs by reducing fuel consumption, vehicle expenses, and salary costs.
  • Increase Capacity Since businesses are using a hybrid approach of having both in-house & 3PL, it allows them to cater to a larger number of orders and tap new geographies.
  • Remove Dependancy Increase fulfiment rates and remove dependancy of a single carrier. Increase capacity to fulfill orders during high demand and peak seasons.

Advanced Delivery Orchestration Platform

Enabling businesses to orchestrate deliveries through multiple carriers and improving efficiency.

  • Automated Dispatch & Allocation Delivery tasks are automatically assigned to in-house or third party partner based on availability and set preferences.
  • Fleet Analytics & Reports Check performance of carriers and costing in Tookan's anlytics dashboard. Gain new insights and optimize deliveries to improve efficiency.
  • Real-Time Transportation Visibility Live tracking and delivery updates from start to finish. Elevate customer experience providing complete visibility and tracking in the application.
  • Set Preferences Based On Delivery Goals Set priority for delivery tasks based on faster delivery times or lower costs. Tasks will be auto-assigned based on set preferences.
Delivery Management Software

The Hybrid delivery model offers huge benefits in terms of reducing costs and reaching new geographies.

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