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Top 10 Tips to Balance your Personal and Professional Life

By Deepak Digwal 16th July 2020

In this era of the new normal, everyone is scrambling to balance their personal and professional lives. If they try to divide their life into two independent halves, which one would they prefer? Given the economic situation, we must earn for our living, right? 

Tussles we face to separate personal life and professional life:

·         The ‘perfect plan’ does not exist – For instance, you have an important presentation tomorrow in your office, but last night you could not get enough sleep because of your household chores. Now, think, can you concentrate on your presentation? Can you give your 100 per cent to that deal?

·         Lack of support – Not getting enough support from your spouse, parents, supervisors, and friends? This is a common issue and hence it becomes altogether more difficult to strike a balance between the two.

·         Unhealthy physical and mental health – If you are physically drained, you are more prone to fall sick which may impact your mental health eventually

·         Lack of communication – Communication is an essential skill to have in every aspect of everyday life for both professional and personal reasons. It is involved in whatever we do all day long and the better your communication skills are, the better a person understands you. If we are not careful about it, it can spoil any kind of formal or informal relationship.

Tips to strike a perfect balance:

1. Stay on top of your schedule

Try to prioritize your work in four categories

1.       Urgent and important

2.       Important but not urgent

3.       Urgent but not important

4.       Neither urgent nor important

2. Allot time to your personal life

Do not underestimate your me-time. Indulge in hobbies, regular workout, yoga are a few things one should never give up on. No matter how busy the day is, these things will not demand more than an hour from your schedule, so focus on physical well-being first.

3. Set work hours and stick to them

Give your 100% to complete your work during the working hours only. Otherwise, you will be working until midnight every day.

4. Manage your finances

It is important to be financially secure and to get it right, you should start tracking your earnings vs expenses vs investments.

5. Invest in time tracking tools

There are plenty of tools from which you can track everything. This way you can estimate how long your next work task will take.

6. Make yourself happy

Dance like no one is seeing you, jump like a child, play with children like a child. This will make you stress-free.

7. Self-evaluation

Ask yourself what worked today and what did not. Because you learn a lesson every day.

8. Plan your holiday time

Make time for your books and holidays in a quarter. But before going on holidays, inform your clients in advance. So that you can enjoy the fullest.

9. Remote work or work from home

A big thanks to remote working concepts, which gives a ray of hope to everyone who cannot make it to the office every day.

Twitter, an open social network, has announced work from home forever option. More than 50% of the staff of Facebook will likely be working from home in the next 10 years. Shopify, an e-commerce platform, announced that ‘Office centricity is over’.

10. Tap into technology

With technological advancements, one can attend meetings with people from all over the world using conferencing technology like Fugu, which not only saves time but also gives a perfect replacement to physical meetings.

Fugu an all-purpose team chat

Fugu is a super flexible and reliable team messaging app for one-to-one discussions or group discussions for your projects.  It is a one-stop solution to the challenges related to real-time collaboration, allowing these users to communicate without a signal hindrance. Take a dive into Fugu’s features.

·     Advanced facial recognition system to mark attendance.

·     Unlimited message history free forever

·     Conduct virtual meetings with your team

Unlimited customization to personalize your platform


If you enjoy your work and follow your passion, chances are you will strike a perfect balance between your personal and professional life. We are the ones who choose our partner and friends with whom we spend our spare time, but we do not choose the people we work with. Life can be balanced if we change our approach towards people.

Fugu with its multi-purpose uses is a perfect real-time team chat software which helps you stay connected with your team-mates without hampering your personal space.

 Balance is the key.

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