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Skip the middlemen and boost your profits, all while delighting your customers with a seamless, unified brand experience. Rated as the best Ordering & Delivery Platform by G2, gain unparalleled visibility for your brand without the noise of competitors.

Direct-to-ConsumerDrive Repeat Business, Increase LTV:

Use our loyalty points system to incentivize repeat purchases and build long-lasting customer relationships, all while boosting Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Direct-to-ConsumerBoost Purchase Frequency, Convert One-Time Shoppers:

Use our platform to make special offers and easy-to-find landing pages, turning occasional buyers into regular shoppers and increasing sales.

Direct-to-ConsumerLower Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC):

Make your customers your marketers. Our easy-to-share referral codes not only bring in new customers but also lower your acquisition costs.

Direct-to-ConsumerSecure Prepaid Revenue:

Our digital wallets and gift cards aren't just convenient; they're a strategy for locking in revenue upfront and encouraging future purchases.

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  • Direct-to-Consumer Ordering Dashboard
    Order Management Overall access control Inventory Management
  • Direct-to-Consumer Ordering Website
    Responsive Themes Catalogue Management SEO & Landing pages
  • Direct-to-Consumer Customer App
    Social Signups Real-time Tracking Chatbot support
  • Direct-to-Consumer Merchant App
    Individual Admin Login Customer Management Unlimited Listings
  • Direct-to-Consumer Delivery Management Ensure on-time delivery while navigating multiple destinations. Route optimization, real-time tracking, & more
  • Direct-to-Consumer Integration & Analytics Increase your D2C business's efficiency with 75+ integrations. Generate multi-customized reports as per your preferences.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Automation Launch an SEO optimized platform. Use landing pages to promote gift cards & discounts, etc.

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Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace


Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace

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Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace

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