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    Setting up a logistic business? Here’s how DispatchTrack, a startup in logistic business manages to compete with top competitors

    Heard about it? DispatchTrack leads the competitive race with its first-ever funding. This bootstrapped start-up manages to impress one of the high-profile investors of the industry. This marks as great news coming during the unprecedented COVID-19 times. A time when businesses are struggling to maintain sustainability in the market. There are still many of the […]

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    Online fitness consultancy marketplace – The new normal workplace to set your fitness career goal

    When we say “new normal” – we talk about life in and after the lockdown period. With the global economy plummeting, many professions have come to a standstill. Though many efforts are being done at full pace worldwide, the road to recovery is still long. The conventional ways of businesses have switched to meet the […]

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    Can a delay in 3PL logistics alarm your customers’ response? How to deal with it?

    I remember how I waited for my online parcel when the expected delivery date shifted by another 2 days. It took me 15 minutes to go ahead and search for a reliable e-commerce portal to get my other stuff ordered. Abandoning the previous e-commerce site because of delayed delivery was my quick reaction. But, how […]

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    Survival Strategies to Sustain the Rental Market Downturn

    The rental marketplace is full of upswings and downturns with respect to the changing dynamics of the world economy.  The continuous fluctuations in market growth have made survival harder than ever before. Is your rental market business geared up with a combat plan to hedge the annual revenue against these uncertain recessions?  Here are a […]

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    Advice to early-stage start-ups to keep businesses afloat during and post- COVID-19

    While the global economy has been put on an indefinite pause amid COVID-19, businesses are experiencing unprecedented fallouts. Starting from the contagious outbreak, then followed by precautionary measures such as social distancing, quarantine, to the lockdown imposition- it is quite challenging for startups to keep themselves safe from drifting apart. The current situation calls for […]

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    COVID-19 Alert – Precautionary travel measures to be taken during and after lockdown

    Lockdown! Travel restrictions! International borders sealed! – We have seen it all. The world is in its learning phase to start adjustments to live with this contagious tide. However, the immediate measure taken to turn the tide – “massive lockdown”- is not a permanent solution. Countries are devising “exit strategies” to lift the restrictions and […]

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    How to upgrade your catering business model in and after the COVID-19 era?

    As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to ravage the world, we all know that nothing would be as usual. In this re-negotiating phase of society, we are intended to embrace the changes.  During the recovery stage, businesses begin to tide the past and current crisis by making some needed amendments in their existing business model. The […]

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    Virtual Telemedicine Consultation: The “New Normal” in the healthcare industry

    The concept of digital health start-up gets an enormous surge as the world begins to go into the lockdown phase. COVID-19 worldwide outbreak is forcing nations to switch into quarantine mode and refrain themselves from stepping out of their houses. The already anxious people are finding it difficult to access the hospital’s outpatient services amidst […]

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    Fugu has password protected video calls – here’s why it matters

    While the world chooses to stay locked down due to Coronavirus spread; video conferencing has turned out to be a new “normal” way to establish communication. Stretching from business meetings to allowing students to attend virtual classes- technology has evolved much faster than anyone could have ever imagined!  The concept of video call is not […]

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    A potential business idea to embrace: Garbage Pickup Business

    Over the last demi-decade; the on-demand businesses associated with different industrial sectors have become more popular. The shifted dependency of customers to doorstep delivery has effectively leveraged the presence of on-demand businesses in the market. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur; who wishes to try his hand on the on-demand startup business model but is […]

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