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    5 Reasons Why Your Car Wash Business Needs an App?

    car wash management software: Tookan

    Modern businesses are migrating from physical to online platforms to market their presence, and have found a new spectrum of success by doing so.  Gone are the days when a handful of brochures were enough to pull out the true potential of your business in the market.  With consumers becoming the real game-changer in the […]

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    How Delivery Management Services are Disrupting the Telecom Industry?

    Telecom industry and delivery management services

    Delivery management services have taken the world by storm through disrupting the way logistics operate in the present day. Food delivery at the click of a button, monthly grocery shopping and even managing everyday tasks for the busy urban population have led to an increase in demand for delivery management services. Rapidly, services such as […]

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    Delivery Task Allocation: Empowering the Delivery Performance of delivery agents

    Food Allocation

    It happens to more than half of the delivery business providers now, and then, they struggle to mark their delivery processes on time. Precise delivery task allocation, on-time completion of delivery are a few of the indispensable parts of any customer-centric business. When on-demand delivery businesses are getting surged, a few enterprises discover their loopholes […]

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    Challenges faced by Courier delivery service providers ! Tips to sustain

    Given the breakneck speed of e-commerce businesses and the vast number of orders that need to be delivered on a daily basis, courier delivery service providers have to be on their toes. From optimal route planning to recruit a professional delivery fleet, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be taken into […]

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    Tech Alert! Logistic Robots are geared up to shape the future of your delivery business

    Earlier this week, Boston Dynamics announced the tech addition of logistics robots in the market by 2021. The experiments to authenticate their realistic approach started a decade back and have now entered the phase of completion. Before we discuss how they can be optimised in your delivery business, let us first discover, why and where […]

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    How logistics software helps in dispatching and routing your fleet?

    A unified approach to make your fleet efficiently running on the roads is a must. When we talk about logistics, we cover everything that falls under allocation, dispatching, and delivery. This can be done proficiently with logistics software.  The world is getting smarter by rooting for the right choice of technology when it comes to […]

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    Last Mile delivery Excellence: A detailed picture of how and why your transport business needs it!

    A product journey is incomplete without getting it delivered to the desired destination. As a delivery partner, you need to be precise with every order that moves out of your warehouse. It must be tough to keep a complete track of all the orders at the same time. So, what next? Are you ready to […]

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    Last-mile delivery- Changing the shipping logistics management for the better!

    Are you the one who is in the mood to completely change the expensive strategies of their logistic business? Many of us might think that the budget to supply a product from location A to B is rigid. We can not compromise with it. So, in this absolute moment, businesses have started cutting down their […]

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    Trucking Management Software Features that help you to manage your transport business

    Our previous blog discussed how an efficient trucking management software contributes to adding operational excellence in your trucking business. We have got huge responses from business providers who are now looking to integrate the TMS software. The market is flooded with multiple trucking software solutions that may or may not be proven beneficial to your […]

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    Things you ought to know about last mile carrier tracking

    If you have been a part of the logistics business, last mile carrier tracking should not be a new term for you! The changing evolution of business prioritizes the customers demand and queries. Let us dive in detail about how a last mile delivery tracking software can contribute in making your logistics operations deliverable at […]

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