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5 reasons why your car servicing business needs an app platform?

By Tannu Sharma 20th February 2020

Businesses nowadays have started migrating from physical stores and have found a new spectrum of success by picking up the online platform to market their presence. Gone are the days when a handful of leaflets were able enough to pull out the true potential of your business in the market. With consumers becoming the real game-changer in the competition, the supreme power to make or break a business goes to customers. 

Talking about the scope of car servicing business, the market is full of unexplored opportunities. If you already have an existing car servicing business or are planning to set- up, here is the golden opportunity for you to go ahead. With little smart efforts from your end, it would be easy for you to drive hefty revenue for your business. Introducing your car servicing business to online audiences via an app, is one of the first stepping stone that you should focus upon.

If you think that getting an app for your car servicing business can wait for a couple of months and you should only focus on other ways to increase your ROI, then sorry, but you are on a wrong track. To your surprise, here are the top 7 reasons that would explain why it is an urgency to own an app for your car servicing business.

Increases your visibility in the market

Statistics says that an individual spent an average of 162 minutes per day on his smartphone. And more than 90% of the time spent is on an app. The figures tell the story by itself. Now, are you ready to risk your business visibility among these users? Surely not! 

This is why we were focusing to have an app for your car servicing business. Getting an app will give an advantage to these smartphone users to get acquainted with your services and avail them whenever required. The quick adaption of other businesses to these app platforms has already fueled the need to take a fast decision to go ahead with these app building. 

Create your brand recognition

Apart from bringing the traffic to your car servicing business, you can think about getting a unique brand identity of your business in the market via the app. How? As soon as you own an app, your customers will recognize you and avail your services as per their requirements. The extended popularity and recognization of your presence is gifted to you because of an efficient app of your business. And you are still asking why you need an app for your car servicing business?

Complete marketing channel

From offering push notifications to suggesting new offers of your car servicing business, you can do it all via an app. There is no need to put other investments for creating a marketing campaign or promoting your services. All you have to do is utilize this channel to its full caliber and keep promoting your spectrum of services in an innovative manner.  An app also allows you to keep some of the pre-recorded documentation in it, which will help the new users to get acquainted with your zone of services.

Retain your customers

The other important perk you might experience with the presence of having an app is that you would be able to retain more of your previous customers with great ease. An app will act as a carrier that would connect you with more of the customers. Retaining the customers is one of the finest practices that would help you to reach your potential revenue in less time. 

Earn Profits

Now, when you have subsequent strategies to drive good revenue for your business, you can easily earn good profits out of it. Every business needs to prove its caliber to stay in the competition. And this potential needs to be revised every time so that you can stay connected with your customers. Having a powerful app for car servicing business will give you a chance to earn a greater and consistent profit to you. 

Wrapping up

As a conclusion, it could be said that with the introduction of an app to your car servicing business, you can achieve greater heights. All you have to do is own a customized app that can help you to get connected to your relevant customers.

Tookan offers you the opportunity to switch your offline business operations to online platform and get happy results in less time. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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