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Tech Alert! Logistic Robots are geared up to shape the future of your delivery business

By Tannu Sharma 24th September 2020

Earlier this week, Boston Dynamics announced the tech addition of logistics robots in the market by 2021. The experiments to authenticate their realistic approach started a decade back and have now entered the phase of completion.

Before we discuss how they can be optimised in your delivery business, let us first discover, why and where do they fit in your business!

The urgency to transit manual processes by automation 

Since the 90s, the transport business has picked up the pace of staying in demand. Gradually, the importance of warehouse, inventory management and logistic planning has been understood and is well addressed by the various set of technologies. 

 The recent pandemic has given a wake-up call to the world. The remote culture and the concept of work from home, suited well to the IT industry! For the transport business, the idea was still in the inception stage, and the urge to gear up the process was on the peak. 

Facts about the logistics-  Are we still in the stone age?

80% of warehouses are still operated manually

53% of total cost of shipping accounts for last mile

45%of your customers will forbid your services after a single delay

These figures are strong enough to make us think how and why we need to upgrade the existing logistic business. 

Forget about robot logistics, many of the businesses are still struggling to get access to a compact logistic software for their operations. Now, this is something alarming and concerning! As an enterprise owner are you falling in the same zone?

If yes, read more to know why you need to give a try to Tookan’s complete tech suite for sorting your transport business in a better and efficient way. 

Are you?

  • Struggling with end to end management of your delivery troops
  • Struggling to save cost on fuel and compensating the delays
  • Struggling to find out efficient drivers in your fleet
  • Struggling to manage the inventory of your warehouse
  • Struggling to get a complete track over the deliverables 

If any of the above-discussed problems is triggering your business overall performance, you need to fix it at the earliest. 

Tookan- An all-time saviour to fit your business needs

Tookan comes with a set of exclusive features that promise to keep the presence and performance of your transport business at a stance. The combined efforts of technology (Tookan) and your knowledge about the market can do the wonders.

How does Tookan’s logistic software work?

  1. As soon as a delivery task comes up, the software alerts the admin
  2. Auto-allocation of the task goes to the best suited driver
  3. The driver accepts the task and the throughout monitoring of the fleet on work begins
  4. The software suggests the best way to enroute for completion of task on time
  5. The driver, the admin and the customer gets an expected arrival time of the parcel
  6. A smart navigation chart is prepared in case of any connected task is there
  7. The driver can regular check his travel analytics through the app
  8. The order received can be acknowledged with an e-proof of delivery 

And you are sorted ! This simplified version of your daily work can make you stay sustainable and compatible for a longer run. 

Logistics Software versus Logistics Robots- An narrative comparison

FeaturesLogistics SoftwareLogistics Robot
Practical useBig thumbs up from the real-time usersUsability is under questions
Target VerticalsLogistics operationsStill under review
Cost-effectivenessSuits for small scale businessesOnly bigger companies can afford it
Usability QuotientPerfect for drivers and customersStill under review

Our techs unbiased verdict on logistics robots

Logistics Robots is a smart concept that might change the face of the logistics industry in coming years. We have seen the industry evolving from manual to software operations. Now is the time to take a step further with logistics robots.  Though the functionality and usability quotient is still under radar, let’s hope this new invention will help technology to make logistics operations better! Let the coming time unfold the future of logistics robots.

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