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How logistics software helps in dispatching and routing your fleet?

By Tannu Sharma 18th September 2020

A unified approach to make your fleet efficiently running on the roads is a must. When we talk about logistics, we cover everything that falls under allocation, dispatching, and delivery. This can be done proficiently with logistics software. 

The world is getting smarter by rooting for the right choice of technology when it comes to talking about perfection. The same approach is well embraced by the logistics industry too. Often, the logistics dealing companies have a bulk of fleet to manage and track. The count keeps on increasing with every success. And as a part of the business, you too would have wished for it. 

So, what next! The need to embed the technology needs to be addressed in the first part. This will simplify the logistic operations and will give a scope to breed proficiency in your business. The burning question here is how a logistic software helps in the same?

The scope of early retirement of stress!

Yes, once you are ready to transit your logistic business to a SaaS software, you can announce an early and quick retirement to your stress. The bulk orders management, the customer’s expectations, the fleet management- everything can be done promptly from a single window. There is much to discuss and appreciate the logistic software that one should know before making an informed decision. 

How 3pl logistic software works?

Here is a quick overview of how it works and how it plays an important role in ensuring that your entire fleet is managed like a pro.

Task arrival →  Assigns the task to nearest available fleet driver → Driver gets the shortest route to travel  →  GPS Tracking gets on  →  Admin can track/manage the fleet →  Get the estimated ETA /to share it with the customer → Get e-proof for delivery from the customers  →  Rule the logistics industry with zero delays to your orders. 

This is a smart and real-time approach to make your business , one of the top-performing logistic businesses in the market. Time to envy your competitors with one of the smartest additions of logistics software in your business. 

Capitalize your fleet management with a good investment – Tookan 

Tookan is next-generation logistic software that swiftly fits in all your requirements. The leading SaaS software is designed to ensure that a realistic approach to manage and track the fleet can be done on practical grounds. If you are going ahead with TOOKAN, you are going ahead with technology. Here is a list of exclusive features you are gifted with Tookan: 

  1. Automatic delivery dispatch: Let the software do its job and allocate it to the nearest possible driver. 
  2. End to end navigation: Get complete navigation support of the route with location intelligence. 
  3. Regular Update/Notifications: Be in the loop to get timely notifications of your fleet tracking. 
  4. Driver’s Earning: Get the complete track of the drivers’ daily performance through the app and monitor their progress. 

Get the complete tech support at your comfort!

Let your logistic business operations be sorted with a complete routing and tracking of your vehicles. No matter how small or big the count is, let your fleet be managed efficiently by our expert Logistic software. For more information, feel free to connect with us

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