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Trends that will rule Digital Marketing in 2023

By Tannu Sharma 13th December 2022

Digital marketing is an evolving landscape that has come a long way in the last two decades. 2023 is right here in front of us and it is a perfect time to incorporate the biggest and latest trends to maximize your business growth for this year and beyond. 

Here is a small write-up to highlight the latest trends that can be leveraged to fulfil your business goals for 2023 and more. Let’s get started!

Customer Experience 

2023 will be a focused year for delivering a remarkable customer experience. Many startups and local businesses have expanded their wings in the global market with a powerful customer experience. Gone are the days when businesses were focused to beat the competitors in search engine rankings.

Now businesses have cracked the jackpot of building a customer base with a good customer experience. It’s time for your business to step out in the competition and focus more on customer experience rather than chasing the evolving search engine’s algorithm. 

How is it going to help?

  • A happy customer is a repeat customer
  • A customer is the strongest advocate of your services in the market 
  • A satisfied customer is your secret marketing weapon in the competition
  • Get your ROI up with upselling and cross-selling to your happy customers 

Wondering how to craft a happy experience for your customers? Ask the experts to get tailor-fit marketing strategies. 

Short Videos

Short videos 

Have you been on social media lately? I bet, you would have also got your attention on the reels and short videos on the channels. There is no second thought about the level of popularity and customers’ availability on these short videos. And with the rising fame, we can say that this trend is not going any time soon. 

For small businesses or local businesses who are looking to establish their brand identity and huge customer base simultaneously, this trend alone can help to achieve the same. A relevant brand story in a short video format can serve the purpose. These short videos capture the attention of the viewers and get maximum possible engagement for your business. 

If you have not yet started with the short videos, do it now! Because 2023 is going to be a year of having more and more competitors on social media; experimenting with short videos. 

How is it going to help?

  • It can be used on multiple platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube 
  • Totally aligned with people’s short attention spans 
  • Convenient and quick tool to market your business 

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Convey Simple and Clear Messages 

There is a constant drop in the attention span of the audiences. With short videos taking the charge in marketing, businesses on the online portal are looking to establish a powerful communication. 

Experts believe that customers are looking for quick sound bites on their devices to know about your service and products. If you are inclined with this marketing strategy, you can think of crafting shorter, simpler messages that can speak about your brand presence. 

A simpler and shortened message can be a smart and progressive strategy to capture the attention of your potential prospects. 

How is it going to help?

  • Capture the instant attention of your audiences
  • Brings more relevant traffic to the business
  • Increases the engagement ratio 
Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with the Influencers

Influencer marketing, if done right, can be your single shot of success and expansion in the market. The trend of making a noise about your business through influencers has gained a massive popularity and preference during and after the phase of pandemic. It has been on the rise for years and now is at its maximum possible peak.

Local businesses are open to explore revenue opportunities together and build a strong connection of the influencer’s presence with their business. For businesses who are striving to build a strong brand reputation in the market, going ahead and along with influencers is a must-to-implement marketing strategy. During the inception stage, you can do intensive market research and can get started by harnessing the top influencers to become the voice of your brand. 

How is it going to help?

  • Brings more traffic to the business
  • Escalates brand reputation activities
  • Shorten sales cycles

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Artificial Intelligence

AI has been an integral part of marketing strategy for years. With the advancement of the customer engagement quotient, the quick introduction of chatbots, navigation bars have become an integral part of any website or app development process.

Artificial Intelligence has been a progressive approach in the development and designing framework that will now be one of the prerequisites for any web marketing. 

The algorithms determine the level of social media posts engagements, the discoverability of search results and even the ads displayed to you. AI is helping in making the marketing smarter and strongly connecting with the ideal customer profile through the right products and messages.

How is it going to help?

  • Tracks the engagement ratio and channel of the audiences
  • Builds a stronger customer experience 
  • Adds relevant traffic to your site 
  • Offer tailor-fit product / service pitch to ICPs
gReferral Marketin

Referral marketing

Another upcoming trend that will shape the effectiveness of marketing strategies in 2023 and beyond is the introduction of referral marketing. 

Now is the golden time to leverage the satisfied and happy customers to promote your brand organically. You can ask your happy customers to spread the word of mouth and do your product or business marketing by sharing their personal experiences to other potential customers. 

To encourage your customers to become your brand promoter, you can incentivize them for every qualified lead they bring to your business. As 2023 will be the year of building a strong network with the customers, this trend is going to uplift the revenue figures of any business. 

How is it going to help?

  • Helps in improving the customer retention rate
  • Smartly pitches the target market/ customers
  • Quick and convenient market expansion with less efforts
  • Drive better ROI channels 

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Google My Business listing

Whether it’s 2020 or 2023, Google My Business (GMB) listing is going to be a must for every small business to build its online presence.

Leverage the benefit of this trend to maximize your visibility and brand credibility among the competitors and the target market. The GMB is going to help in making your potential customers connect with your business through the relevant search intent. It can also help in offering the much-required search engine validity to your business in the market. 

How is it going to help?

  • Makes you visible to your ideal customer base
  • Adds more power to your discoverability 
  • Helps to get reviews from your existing or previous customers
  • Brings more engagement to your site

And many more! 


2023 is going to be a year of excitement and adventure in all terms. As the wise say, with every passing year, become a better version of yourself”. Here is your time and opportunity to rediscover your business presence and visibility in the market. Follow the above listed trends and make the best out of the upcoming year.

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