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    Last-mile delivery- Changing the shipping logistics management for the better!

    Are you the one who is in the mood to completely change the expensive strategies of their logistic business? Many of us might think that the budget to supply a product from location A to B is rigid. We can not compromise with it. So, in this absolute moment, businesses have started cutting down their […]

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    Trucking Management Software Features that help you to manage your transport business

    Our previous blog discussed how an efficient trucking management software contributes to adding operational excellence in your trucking business. We have got huge responses from business providers who are now looking to integrate the TMS software. The market is flooded with multiple trucking software solutions that may or may not be proven beneficial to your […]

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    Things you ought to know about last mile carrier tracking

    If you have been a part of the logistics business, last mile carrier tracking should not be a new term for you! The changing evolution of business prioritizes the customers demand and queries. Let us dive in detail about how a last mile delivery tracking software can contribute in making your logistics operations deliverable at […]

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    How to Make Money as an Online Photographer?

    Online Photography

    When one thinks of pursuing photography, it immediately brings to mind the image of Farhan’s father from the movie 3 idiots (2009), fighting and arguing with his son. For whom he has spent all of his life’s savings, at the cost of his own comfort. He wants his son to be an engineer, which is […]

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    5 startup ideas to pick with no/minimum investment

    buisness ideas

    5 Low-Cost Business Ideas with High Profit Starting a new business isn’t always easy on your wallet. But if you think it’s impossible to create your own business with a small investment, think again! It all depends on the idea you begin with and the tools you use. No-investment or low-cost business ideas are a […]

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    Reverse Logistics in Pharma Industry

    Reverse logistics in Pharma industry

    Reverse logistics plays a crucial role in enhancing the value extraction process for returned goods, further helping the economics of manufacturers. For instance, if a laptop is returned by a customer because it’s defective, a manufacturer can employ the reverse logistics process to extract working parts from the device and use them for another laptop. Reverse logistics isn’t just used for returned products but also for goods that are at the end of their lifecycle.

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    Flipkart Acquires Walmart: What Does This Mean for Business in India?

    Flipkart-Walmart Deal Insights The deal has left many astonished and jaws dropped in the market! If you are yet to discover the ins and outs of the acquisition, here is a sneak peek for you! Headed by Adarsh Menon, Flipkart will start its pilot services by August, 2020.  This B2B transition will let Flipkart launch […]

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    A Day in the Life of a Developer: What’s Life Like for a Developer

    Whether it’s a website, mobile application or utility software, we all prefer simple, easy to navigate, visually pleasing and responsive interfaces, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered the time, effort and nitty-gritty details of the person who is involved backstage for creating such perfect interfaces? A developer works tirelessly to achieve these milestones. His life […]

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    Logistics Management : How and Why it is Necessary to Optimize Deliveries

    Logistics Management

    Want something to wear for the coming festival? Woke up and don’t want to make breakfast? Planning to send gifts to your loved ones?  Customers today just pick up the phone, open the corresponding app and order it! Just minutes after, they can see on a map where the driver is rushing to collect their […]

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    5 Reasons to Switch to a Tutor App From a Traditional Classroom

    Tutor app

    Gone are the days of door-to-door, pen & paper tuition classes. The concept of conventional tuition has been replaced by online tutoring businesses. The education landscape has changed radically and rapidly. The current pandemic situation has expedited the pace to embrace the digital changes which otherwise would have taken years. Technology has furnished the education […]

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