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How Delivery Management Services are Disrupting the Telecom Industry?

By Tannu Sharma 2nd November 2020

Delivery management services have taken the world by storm through disrupting the way logistics operate in the present day. Food delivery at the click of a button, monthly grocery shopping and even managing everyday tasks for the busy urban population have led to an increase in demand for delivery management services. Rapidly, services such as Tookan hold the potential to transform the way that certain industries function. One such industry is the Telecom Industry. 

As one of the largest countries in the world in terms of population, the demand to connect in India is larger than ever. The telecommunications industry in India is the second largest telecommunication industry in the world.  Reduction in connectivity costs for consumers and increase in the penetration of 3G and 4G telecom services have led to a large number of consumers. Logistical management in telecom services can adequately harness the potential of the industry to grow in this positive environment. Here are few ways in which delivery management services can help the telecom industry:

One stop management for multiple Telecom industry players

The telecommunication industry requires the cooperation and simultaneous efforts of multiple different players and speciality segments including the manufacturers, suppliers, and operators. Logistical management services can help in bringing together all teams on a single platform for companies to adequately manage their teams. All teams can operate through different dashboards on the same application to achieve overall company goals.

Sim card delivery services

Competitiveness between service providers and large penetration of telecom services in India has led to a shift in focus from acquiring new consumers to converting existing consumers into using different telecom service providers. Mobile number portability has gained traction over the years and thus immediate accessibility, such as the one Airtel provides with its home delivery of sim cards ensures a seamless experience for their newly converted consumer base. 

Streamlined Workflow

Workflows can be automated through delivery management services and routine workflows can be saved and executed in the same manner every single day. It helps the management of staff and delivery of projects for smooth running of operations.

Inventory Management

Inventory and warehouse management becomes seamless with the introduction of technology in telecom services. Orders are cross checked with different vendors and the vendor with sufficient inventory to complete an order is selected and assigned to a task or to complete the order. 

Asset and transportation management

With delivery management services, delivery agents can be tracked  from the point of dispatch to the point of delivery and installation. Not just that, optimal routes can be assigned to these fleets in order to not only ensure swift, hassle free transportation but also to safeguard the transport vehicles in case of theft or unfortunate accidents. Asset and transportation management not only saves time and money but increases efficiency – all of which work toward increasing profits.


Selecting a location to install a tower keeping in mind all the safety precautions and mandatory government regulations is a task that can be swiftly executed through services such as Tookan and their geofencing functions. It marks the operation areas of all your agents and can help demarcate service areas of each tower location.

Data Collection

Collect all kinds of data through the logistics management app  in terms of performance analysis, delivery management and so on in order to improve the business. These services boost and strengthen supply chains affecting the business positively.

While telecom services hold immense potential for growth in the coming years, this growth can be fast tracked through the use of technology such as the one Tookan provides. With advanced geofencing, route optimisation, field agent management and easy navigation among their many features, this technology is ready to power the telecom services industry.

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