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Challenges faced by Courier delivery service providers ! Tips to sustain

By Tannu Sharma 9th October 2020

Given the breakneck speed of e-commerce businesses and the vast number of orders that need to be delivered on a daily basis, courier delivery service providers have to be on their toes. From optimal route planning to recruit a professional delivery fleet, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be taken into consideration in courier delivery.

If you’re wondering what the challenges faced by courier delivery service providers are, we’ve got you covered. Along with the challengers, we’ll list down tips and tricks to handle each challenge in the best way possible.

Let’s jump right in.

Complex Courier Delivery Management

The worst nightmare of any courier delivery service provider – late deliveries. As you can imagine, managing multiple deliveries over a day can be challenging. From figuring out the perfect route to assigning the closest delivery partner, you need to figure out different components to make sure that the delivery is on time and the goods are in an acceptable condition.

Solution: There are various tools available online that can help make your courier delivery management efforts a success. One such option is Tookan, a delivery management tool with functional features including end-to-end route planning, real-time tracking, and automated order dispatch. Using Tookan, you can not only ensure your deliveries are made on time but also find the most time and money saving delivery route.

Human Error

Given the scale of the delivery business, especially in the age of online ordering, the pressure to get things right is always sky high. But here’s the thing; no matter how well you train your staff, manual errors are to be expected. And for any delivery business, a botched delivery is a big no. The possibility of incurring losses due to human errors is even higher during festive sales and discount days when the number of orders increases exponentially.

Solution: A delivery business is at the end of the day just that – a business. While recruiting the right personnel is important so is maintaining sustainable profit margins. The easiest solution to mitigating human errors is automating as many processes as possible. This will not only reduce the possibility of mistakes in the delivery process but also make it faster and more efficient. The cost-benefit is another reason why automating business processes is a great option for courier delivery service providers.

Tracking Trials

As a courier delivery service provider, you need to be aware of where your delivery fleet is at all times during working hours. Fleet tracking is particularly important for on-demand deliveries where you’re time bound and need to find a delivery agent closest to the delivery location. Without proper fleet tracking, you’ll also find it hard to monitor your delivery agents’ performance and identify potential improvement areas.

Solution: Employ advanced fleet tracking solutions provided by delivery management systems like Tookan. With Tookan’s robust fleet tracking tools including geofencing, behavior monitoring, and smart analytics, you can monitor everything from your agent’s idle time and rash driving instances to comparative tracking summaries of up to 90 days. Accurate fleet tracking is a big challenge for most courier delivery service providers and with Tookan’s tracking tools you can cultivate an efficient and optimized delivery fleet.

Keeping Customers Updated

It goes without saying that keeping customers updated on the status of their order is important for any courier delivery business. It not only reassures the customer that their order is on the way but also helps build loyalty. But providing real-time tracking information to customers without proper tools is very difficult, particularly for on-demand businesses that deal with thousands of orders every day.

Solution: Investing in a reliable last-mile delivery tracking software is the easiest way to update customers on the whereabouts of their order. A good delivery tracking software will keep your customers informed about the current location of the order and also provide an estimated date of delivery, along with the delivery agent’s contact details. Not just the receiver but the sender of the order can also make good use of last-mile delivery tracking and keep tabs on the order.

If your courier delivery business has faced any of these issues in the past, Tookan is the perfect solution. Our delivery management system is designed to help optimize your delivery operations keeping your profit margins and operation scale in mind.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Tookan can help you overcome the challenges faced by courier delivery service providers.

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