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Last Mile delivery Excellence: A detailed picture of how and why your transport business needs it!

By Tannu Sharma 17th September 2020

A product journey is incomplete without getting it delivered to the desired destination. As a delivery partner, you need to be precise with every order that moves out of your warehouse. It must be tough to keep a complete track of all the orders at the same time. So, what next? Are you ready to compromise with the delay or is willing to bring a big change in your process? The choice is yours! 

Many of us might have not heard about the concept of last-mile delivery. As a layman, we are more into when the product is out for delivery and when it will reach the destination. The middle process is often left unattended. Here is where an ordinary transport business lacks from achieving the desired excellence. And we are sure, you are more than ordinary!

Last-mile delivery software: The concept and the commitment!

What if you can keep a track of every fleet that moves out for delivery and to add the cherry on the cake, you can also advise them the smartest, the shortest, and quickest route to on-board. Must sound like a super-power! Isn’t it! To your surprise, you can own this superpower instantly. Read on to know more about it.

Final mile delivery software is a complete suite that gives you the charge to monitor throughout the journey of your fleet, once it is out for the task. The software gives you a detailed sneak peek of how you can rearrange the allocation of tasks to the best suitable driver available. Apart from it, the ability to pick the shortest route, ETA track of the order, and the supreme connectivity to the drivers- all can be sorted in one place!  The concept itself is a commitment to make your transport business- a superhit in the market. If you are looking for longer sustainability in the competition, don’t forget to integrate one for your business. 

The unbelievable statistics to make you decide the best!

-28% of your logistic cost reduce by using last-mile delivery software

45.1%of transport businesses have invested in warehouse automation in the year of 2020

-90 bn euros is the estimated revenue of North America alone in 2020

46% of investors are happy to invest in cloud software

A holistic approach to growing your last-mile delivery business

Choosing a last-mile software can give your logistic business 360-degree freedom to expand, perform, and bring the desired results. Tookan has been a reward- returning last-mile delivery software, best suited for your logistic business. Here is how Tookan fits in your requirements

Lack of real-time visibility of fleetDecreases productivityGet real-time data at admin dashboard
Lack of judgment to choose the best routeIncreases chances of delayGet best route optimization for the shortest and suitable route
Lack of communicationMakes customers, drivers anxiousGet real-time in-app chat to address queries
Trouble in managing piles of paperImportant documents get misplacedGet agent wallet to maintain the digital documents
Struggle to track individual fleet performanceNeglection of top-performing and underperforming fleet driversGet a detailed analytical data of every fleet registered in the software

And you are sorted! If you too believe that the above-said challenges are the prime reason to make you stay behind in the market, talk to our experts today. In case, you are facing other struggles too, don’t worry! Tookan’s varied API integration allows you to choose what suits the best to your specific needs.  Chat with us, to know more!

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