Reduce customer churn and ace your customer retention strategy

Omnichannel engagements Cart abandonment recovery Personalised product recommendations and discounts Proactive customer support
Check your churn rate

Provide a cohesive experience across all touchpoints

Create trigger-based customer journeys to provide a personalised experience

In-depth analytics

Get insights on your overall performance on the dashboard. You can dive in to explore every single aspect of your campaigns including:

Sent Delivered Read Clicked Replied

Know your customers inside out

Track customers on RFM metric. Understand their buying behaviour and target them before they churn by understanding:

Recency of the last order Frequency of order placing Monetary value of each purchase

Add omnichannel approach to engagements

Add various channels to your customer journeys and make every engagement more meaningful.

Email SMS WhatsApp Push Notifications In-app Messages

Customer Data Platform

Create 360° customer profiles for personalized one-on-one marketing. Use data from previous purchases to build a profile that will cater to their preferences and employ an omnichannel approach to engage with them.

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Provide Superior Customer Support

Employ high-end conversational tools to provide your customers with personalized support

Customizable Chat Bots Live Chat (Web/WhatsApp) Audio/Video Calling Widget on your website
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Ask Customers for Feedback

Request their feedback to find out what they think of your company and show that you value their input. You can ask them about

Customer service Product selection Store appearance and cleanliness Overall impression Likelihood of recommending your brand to a friend Suggestions for improvement
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Keep track of important metrics

Customer Retention Rate

It measures the percentage of customers you still have after a period of time.

(Customer you have currently - customers you acquired in the last month) ÷ Customers you had at the beginning of the month

Repeat Customer Rate

Measure the chances an existing customer will make more than one purchase.

CRR = No. of Customers with more than 1 order ÷ No. of unique orders

Purchase Frequency

Average number of orders placed by each customer.

RCR = Total number of orders ÷ No. of unique customers

Average Order Rate

Average amount spent per purchase.

AOR = Annual Revenue ÷ No. of orders processed

Customer Lifetime Value

The total business a customer brings to you.

CLV = Average revenue a customer generates throughout his customer journey.

Our merchants are way happier now and it's because of Hippo. It has helped us in retaining customers, especially with features like pop-ups.”

Eugene | CPO, Tupuca
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