Centralize your customer support with Hippo Ticketing ™

Track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets in one place. Never lose an eye on important things.

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All-in-one solution

You no longer need different systems for chatting, calling, storing data and ticket creation. Get all your customer support resources in one place with Hippo.

Create segments for efficient resolutions

Customer groups Teams of customer support agents Departments of multiple teams
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Real-time escalations and notifications

Notify your customers of every aspect of their raised tickets through emails.

Ticket creation Comments added to tickets Resolution Closing
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Provide resolutions across channels

Use the omnichannel approach and provide resolution to your customers wherever they want:

Emails WhatsApp Chatbot Live chat Phone call
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Improve engagements across customer Journey to Maximise growth

Improve communication
within your team

Foster remote collaborations and enable your agents to do everything in one place without switching tabs or browsers.

In-app conversations with colleagues, Tag teammates Share tickets Post comments Tag help articles for reference

Keep track of everything that your agents do

Evaluate every ticket created, its resolution and how your team handled it.

Total tickets Tickets resolved Average response time Top groups and tags

Efficient Support and Increased productivity

Keep your support efforts in line with your customers' enquiries and issues by automating the whole process.

Omnichannel engagements Centralized customer database In-depth analytics

Delight your customers

Provide efficient resolutions to the customers and reap the benefits of customer delight.

Reduced customer churn Increased customer retention Increased customer loyalty

Serving clients all over the world

Customers in over 180 countries are growing their businesses with Jungleworks.
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