Make surveys the new normal with Hippo

Collect valuable insights into your customers and gain data in real-time with Hippo Survey

Marketing and product surveys Net Promoter Score Survey Customer satisfaction/feedback surveys
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Time Saving Simplicity

Set up and share a beautiful survey in minutes. Use Hippo to automatically collect data wherever a customer performs a specific action. Zero coding or onboarding is needed.

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Accurate and quick Analysis

As the respondents register their responses by easy selection buttons, the margin of error is very low. Hippo registers and analyzes data from the responses in real-time.

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Ease of participation

Respondents can choose the appropriate time and place to record their responses.

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Increased Reachability

With Hippo, you can send surveys to millions or just a few selected people in a single click. You can also add surveys to journeys so that they trigger automatically on order placement, cart abandonment, order delivery, etc.

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Omnichannel Surveys

Use any channel available to send surveys to your target audience including emails, WhatsApp, Push notifications, pop-ups, and many more.

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Customize surveys according to your needs

Create a survey from scratch. Add description, image, and expiry date. Create different types of questions including:

Short/Long text Ratings Single/Multi-select

Reward your customers

You can thank your customers for their valuable time and feedback with various rewards.

Discount coupons Reward points Cashbacks

Our merchants are way happier now and it's because of Hippo. It has helped us in retaining customers, especially with features like pop-ups.”

Eugene | CPO, Tupuca
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