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Start Your Online Lawyer Consultation Marketplace

Use out of the box ways to give legal help with Panther

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You do not need to be a lawyer to
run a consultation marketplace

Connect lawyers with people looking for legal
advice by building your marketplace in a day

How does the legal marketplace work?

Transform your vision into reality and disrupt the way legal works

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Configure legal

Welcome lawyers to
give services

Earn as per desired
revenue model

Comprehensive Technology Suite For
Your Lawyer Consultation Business

We cater a highly advance tech solutions to help you build
customized Lawyer consultation marketplace

Expert App & Website

  • Manage Availability

    Add and update all the details of the Experts like
    Expertise, timing, pricing etc.
  • Push notifications, Email and SMS

    Send push notification, Email and SMS to your
    customers in one click.
  • Seamless Payment

    Integrate with multiple payment gateways to get instant
    payment. Set consultation fee as per your wish
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Customer Mobile app

  • Real Time Audio/Video chat

    Consult via chat or audio/video call with Experts and
    get your consultation summary directly on your App
  • Advance Search

    Opportunity to search & filter from a wide range of
    Consultation providers
  • Schedule Your Booking

    Schedule your booking in one go. Book now or
    schedule a booking later
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Why do we need a legal marketplace?

Spend your valuable time delivering legal advices

Oppurtunity Pool

The market size is
expected to grow to
$344 billion

Saves Time

It takes 10 minutes
online versus 72 hours
on average physically

Increases Profitability

Reduces set up cost by
50% and increases
streams of revenue

Connect experts

Invite expert lawyers
without any
geographical barriers

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