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Pick up and delivery software workflow

Tookan delivery software streamlines order placement, dispatch allocation, route optimization, and real-time tracking for efficient pick-up and delivery operations, enhancing customer satisfaction and business productivity.

Advance Delivery Management
System For Every Business

All Marketplace Types Under A Single Roof. Flexible way to manage your Pickup, Deliveries,Field Services and Appointments

Discover the benefits of Tookan Delivery
Apps for your business

Deliver exceptional customer experience with Tookan's end-to-end order booking,
route planning, dispatch and analytics

Customer apps

Hassle free ordering process with Tookan Customer apps

  • 1
    Brings customer nearer Attract new customers who prefer the convenience of app-based ordering and delivery.
  • 2
    Reduced Operational Costs: Lower fuel expenses with optimized routes, manage drivers more effectively.
  • 3
    Easy In-App Communication Contact drivers or businesses directly through the app for questions or special requests.
  • 4
    Real-time Tracking Allow your customers to monitor the progress of their order in real-time.

Driver/Agent App

Enhance driver productivity and track in real-time with Tookan's driver App

  • 1
    Real-Time Instructions Updates Drivers receive real-time updates on new orders, route changes, or delivery instructions through the app.
  • 2
    Route Optimization for Drivers Navigation tools and optimized routes help save time and fuel.
  • 3
    On-Time Deliveries Reliable and timely deliveries with clear communication lead to happier customers.
  • 4
    Proof of Delivery The app allows drivers to capture proof of delivery electronically, such as signatures, photos, or timestamps.

Powerful Admin Delivery Dashboard

Efficiently manage deliveries in real-time, from assigning orders to monitoring driver performance, all in one centralized dashboard

  • 1
    Centralized Management Administrators can view and control orders, drivers, vehicles, and other resources from a single interface, streamlining management tasks.
  • 2
    Real-time Monitoring Administrators can track deliveries as they happen, enabling proactive problem-solving and decision-making.
  • 3
    Performance Analytics Provides detailed analytics and reporting on key performance metrics, such as delivery times, driver productivity, order volumes, and customer satisfaction.
  • 4
    Scalability and Growth Scalable solutions ensure that businesses can adapt to changing demands and continue to deliver exceptional service.



All-Inclusive Tookan Delivery Suite

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Control Every Step of Your Customers and Agents - The Complete Delivery Suit for your Delivery Business!

Includes -Fully White-Labeled & Customer Apps, Agent/Driver App, Tookan Startup Plan

Ideal For: Yelo PricingAutomate order processing, allowing businesses to receive, organize, and manage delivery operations. Yelo PricingOpening up opportunities for your delivery business to move stand out from the competition.
* There is no alternative cost & all the maintenance cost are included in the above pricing.

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