Abandoned Carts

Win back abandoned carts and lost customers with Hippo Automation and increase your retention lead revenue by 200%

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Improve engagements across customer Journey

Create trigger based
Pre- abandonment

Create a personalised experience for your customers so that they can resonate with whatever they are buying and do not have second thoughts when making the purchase.

Make personalised product recommendations based on their purchase history. Treat your loyal customers with personalised offers to make them feel special.

During abandonment

There can be multiple reasons for a person to leave amidst purchase, may it be high delivery cost or a voucher not working, or maybe something else.

Enable pop-ups and ask them for the reason. Work on those and reduce cart abandonment. Sometimes customers have a doubt or two about the order and wouldn't want to go back and repeat the process. Having a chat option will help them and ultimately reduce cart abandonment.

Post- abandonment

Now that customer has abandoned the cart and left the app, you need to draw him back to complete the purchase

Send them a message notifying them of the items they left along with the reasons they should buy it in form of reviews or creating FOMO. Provide vouchers and discount coupons and create a sense of urgency. Provide a link for them to continue from where they left off.

Recover carts the right way

Send cart abandonment recovery messages on the channel which is more relevant to the customers.

Email SMS WhatsApp Push Notifications In-app Messages
2X Increase in
4X Increase in
cart recovery
1.5X Increase in
retargeting ROI
2X Improvement in
daily user activity

Keep track of every important metric

Create the best possible customer experience

Create a pop-up and ask the reason for leaving the cart without completing the purchase. Work on the feedback provided by them and make them feel valued at the same time.

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Automate the recovery

Employ Hippo to automatically send a message to anyone who abandoned their cart on their preferred channel.

Dynamic segment that gets updated every second. Default template for message and live campaign available. Message will be sent automatically if the customer does not come back in a pre-defined time.
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Our merchants are way happier now and it's because of Hippo. It has helped us in retaining customers, especially with features like pop-ups.”

Eugene | CPO, Tupuca
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