Increase customer loyalty

Provide delighting customer experience with Hippo and reap benefits of loyalty:

Increased retention Low acquisition cost High LTV Increased revenues
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Provide a cohesive experience across all touchpoints

Create trigger-based customer journeys to provide a personalized experience

Default templates for important live campaigns/journeys Journey builder to easily create custom workflows Use any combination of triggers, channels, and segments to create custom journeys
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Know your customers

Use RFM to understand the recency, frequency, and monetary value of each of your customers to segment and target them more effectively.

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Customer Data

Store every single detail about your customer's every visit. Keep track of every interaction, issue, and resolution. Use the data to devise strategies, provide proactive support and serve your customers better.

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Trigger-based live campaigns

Automate repetitive tasks and focus on growth. Set up live campaigns which get triggered by a particular action of customers and a message/notification automatically sent to the customer.

Abandoned cart recovery Subscription renewal reminders Geo-fencing campaigns
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Reduce customer attrition and increase customer retention

Minimize churn by creating an exceptional customer experience and delighting them at every turn.

Omnichannel engagements Cart abandonment recovery Personalized product recommendations and discounts Proactive customer support

Increase revenue by recovering abandoned carts

Send personalized reminders and invite them back to complete the purchase.

Learn why they are leaving through survey forms. Trigger-based automated campaigns Omnichannel messaging with a link to start where they left off.

Watch out for window shoppers and turn them into customers

Everyone exploring your platform is a potential customer. Ignoring window shoppers can be a grave mistake.

Find out the reasons they are not making the purchase and retarget them. Provide an incentive to make the first purchase or even offer a free sample.

Bring inactive users back from the dead

Just because a customer has been inactive for a while does not mean he/she is lost.

Engage across channels and offer them incentives in form of discounts or special offers. Send them surveys and ask them for feedback so that they feel valued and future dormant customers can be minimized.

Centralize your customer support with ticketing

Track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets in one place.

Never lose an eye on important things. Increase collaboration, accountability, and productivity.

Work on feedback to create optimal customer experience

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. Ask them for feedback and work on your flaws to create the best customer experience.

Employ pop-ups and surveys for feedback and surveys. Learn what works for them while making them feel valued.

Our merchants are way happier now and it's because of Hippo. It has helped us in retaining customers, especially with features like pop-ups.”

Eugene | CPO, Tupuca
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