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5 Reasons to Switch to a Tutor App From a Traditional Classroom

By Tannu Sharma 13th July 2020

Gone are the days of door-to-door, pen & paper tuition classes. The concept of conventional tuition has been replaced by online tutoring businesses. The education landscape has changed radically and rapidly. The current pandemic situation has expedited the pace to embrace the digital changes which otherwise would have taken years. Technology has furnished the education sector to go digital. It provides new possibilities of learning and collaboration among students and teachers globally. Online tutor app and consultancy business are under the limelight for all obvious reasons.

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In the present scenario, lockdowns have denied students of the education they deserve to get. As a result, online tutoring has witnessed an unparalleled surge in its popularity and demand. Furthermore, among the most lucrative prospects for tutors. The perks of online tutoring are countless for both tutors and learners. Therefore, this article rightly lists the five major reasons to switch to a tutor app to reap the maximum benefits if you are planning to start your online tutoring business.

Let’s dive in.

1.  Spike in Demand

Post the Coronavirus outbreak, the demand for tutor apps has observed an enormous spike. This pandemic has driven approximately 1.7 billion learners out of their schools, worldwide, who are therefore switching to online tutors. Students are enrolling for various courses online and are opting for tutors from around the world.

Due to this extraordinary growth, the online tutor consultancy business is forecasted to generate a revenue of USD 7.37 billion by the year 2023. These insane stats certainly speak for the demand and potentiality of the online tutoring app market as an ideal business to venture into.

Did You Know? –  There are nearly 832 million students in the world.

2.  Minimal Setup Costs

Starting your online tutoring app doesn’t demand a fortune of money to invest to set up and operate your online tutoring business. Neither you need to buy expensive equipment like other on-demand business, nor stock up inventory or rent out business premises and pay for its utilities or insurance. Creating your online tutor marketplace is super easy and cost-friendly.

You can always choose from a wide range of app solutions like JungleWorks to set up your business in minutes. And most importantly, within your desired budget and start yielding profit much faster.

3.  Convenient

One of the most alluring reasons is the luxury of reaching a wide range of students globally from the comfort of your home. If you have been a home tutor, you understand the hassle of visiting students and teaching them. And it reduces the opportunity to grow your reach. With an online tutor app, you can reach the corner of the world and teach what you are passionate about, without the need to leave your house. This becomes super convenient for you when you get to choose the place of work. This is not just convenient but also cost-saver, as this will minus the travel time and costs for both you and your students. What else do we need?

4.  Flexible Work Hours

The liberty of choosing your own time of work is something we always crave for. Since lockdown has made children stay at home, you have the privilege to take sessions absolutely at your convenience. Even if this was a normal time, classes would have taken place post-school which is either late afternoon or early evening.  However, starting your own online tutor classes can empower you to set a timetable that suits your time schedule. You will have the power to control your work hours. This benefit offers you flexibility which offline teaching may not offer.

5.  Technology  

All thanks to the technology and its major break-throughs, it has made creating an online tutor app effortless and budget-friendly. Today, there are various online educational tools, apps, software to ease out the process to start your online classes and produce the same effects as traditional tutors. There are platforms such as JungleWorks that enables you to create a rich-featured tutor marketplace in minutes and helps you start and grow your business, interact with students and expand your business successfully.

JungleWorks helps you digitize your business that is backed by latest tech-stack. You can start your online tutor consultation business without any difficulties and also add on numerous features that will seize the attention of the students and will help you steal the show and stand out in the overcrowded online tutoring business.

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To conclude, while the coronavirus outbreak has boosted the demand for online tutor business, technology has made this possible for education to go digital in the first place. The aforementioned reasons in this article certainly display the current demand and potential of this online tutoring market and will continue to grow post quarantine because learners have now tasted the sweet benefits of reaching tutors across the globe and tutors now have the golden key to go digital and grow.

This is clearly the best time to Start Online Coaching Services For Students and attract them by making it feature-rich and knowledge-rich.

Start your business today and approach Jungleworks to open the door to miracles.

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