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Things you ought to know about last mile carrier tracking

By Tannu Sharma 9th September 2020

If you have been a part of the logistics business, last mile carrier tracking should not be a new term for you! The changing evolution of business prioritizes the customers demand and queries. Let us dive in detail about how a last mile delivery tracking software can contribute in making your logistics operations deliverable at an expected rate. 

Last mile delivery tracking: Simplifying the operational tasks

As soon as a logistic is out for the delivery, what is the initial thought that might cross your mind? “ How will you make sure that the order reaches the desired location at expected time”? The struggle amplifies when you have multiple orders to track. The final mile carrier tracking might prove as your ultimate saviour. It is known to ease down the process of tracking and managing the route through its robust last mile delivery tracking software. 

It starts by reducing your time consumption to monitor the route. How?

  1. Get the real-time tracking of the fleet/ order dispatched
  2. Get the predictive analysis of the time expected to receive orders
  3. Get the complete ETA of driver and share the same with the customers too
  4. Get the smartest and shortest route available to reach the desired destination

Sounds interesting! Let’s get the practical approach about how a robust last mile delivery tracking feature can change the complete game. 

When you decide to take an informed decision about the choice of picking up a last mile carrier tracking, here are a few of the perks you will start enjoying as soon as you optimize it with your current logistics operations.

  1. Automate the route to be travelled: As per the specific requirements of every logistic, you can now automate the route. If it is a single delivery task, the tracking software will show you the shortest possible route. However, in case of multiple drop-offs, the best suitable route will be calculated. This can save your huge turnaround time.
  1. Geofencing to fence the operational area: Another tech component you can join with the help of final mile delivery software is that you can mark the operational area via geofencing for a particular agent. This will allow you to allocate the task to the agents as per their marked area. 
  2. E-proof of delivery: When you are in a service-model business, you need to be precise with the commitments. E-proof of delivery is one of the most prized possession of last mile tracking, that makes it super easy for you to cross check the delivery done as per the expectations. 
  3. The time tracking component: As mentioned earlier, a robust last mile tracking software assists you in adding efficiency in your logistics operations without burdening you extra. Real-time tracking with calculative ETA serves the same. 

Is Tookan’s last mile delivery tracking software compatible with your specific logistic business ?

Before we discuss about Tookan’s offerings, lets know why you need it! 

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”- Michael LeBoeuf 

For your customer centric business operations, you need it. Tookan is more powerful than ever before because of its constant evolution. In the passing 5 years, the technology in Tookan has grown with the demands of the business.  With Tookan, you can expect: 

Analytical Data Storage: Get a complete hand over the different records by maintaining a digital agent wallet for it. Tookan allows you to keep a digital track of all the analytical data that might be needed in future. Sometimes, you can store the important data for keepsake too. 

Tech Chat support: We understand, an issue can arrive anytime. This is why our tech support is not time bound. Reach to us at any hour of the day and get your issues resolved quickly. 

Multiple Compatible API Integrations: There is something different in every business. This makes us go beyond the limits, when it comes to our own API integrations. You can choose a number of integrations for a hassle-free experience with us. 

Automate Barcode Generator: Tookan comes with an exclusive integration of waybill. You can get an automatic waybill for every logistic you deliver. The invoice customization with desired layout is also supported with Tookan. Read more here. 

Real-Time Notifications: To keep you updated and informed with every single process of delivery, last mile tracking software of Tookan gives you frequent notifications. This helps you to keep an easy track to the multiple shipments. 

This is just a start! We assure you that the more you ask, the more we will deliver! For further information, please feel free to meet us for a healthy discussion. 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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