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A Day in the Life of a Developer: What’s Life Like for a Developer

By Tannu Sharma 21st July 2020

Whether it’s a website, mobile application or utility software, we all prefer simple, easy to navigate, visually pleasing and responsive interfaces, isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered the time, effort and nitty-gritty details of the person who is involved backstage for creating such perfect interfaces? A developer works tirelessly to achieve these milestones. His life is certainly not easy given the varied challenges that the profession of coding brings on the table – let’s look at a few examples:

  • Not understanding the user well – User-centricity isn’t an option, it’s a priority in case of a developer’s job profile, getting that right becomes the key to an efficient interface.
  • Keeping up with technology – Developers need to keep an eye on the latest framework, tools and libraries since they are the ones which become updated and outdated more often.
  • Debugging – Once the interface is about to go live, quality assurance gives a list of bugs that needs to be fixed before the launch.

A day in the life of a developer

A typical developer’s day in the office starts with working on the sprints, assessing the project’s progress and then continuing working further for completion. Most of their day is spent in a cubicle of 6’ x 8’ where at times they do cry out with frustration, due to some unfixed bugs or unable to meet launch deadlines.

To understand this in detail, let’s dive into the major duties of a developer:

  • I am not the developer; I am henchman – The purpose of the developer is not to show off how intelligent he is. The purpose of all developers is to help people. ‘How we can help?’ A good developer always keeps this in mind.
  • Complexity to simplicity – A good developer always does everything to reduce complexity to simplicity. In such a complex role, Git, Stack Overflow, and geeks for geeks are a developer’s go-to platform to connect with the community to find solutions when they are plunged with a muddle.
  • Synergy – To make a proper functional software, the developer spends a lot of time teaming up with other developers. By teaming up, it is easier to set in the project workflow.
  • Quality is the responsibility – It is a developer role to fix against the definition ‘ The done’. Developers share some errors, defect leakage, testing, pass-fail rates etc. with the rest of the development team. In this way, the team contributes to raising the quality of the final product.
  • Dealing with the non-technical team – Non-technical teams underestimate their level of competence. A developer is always a hero for them. They always want to work under the guidance of the developer. To make them confident, the developer always communicates with them. He tells them how it works, why it does not work that way, what are the drawbacks, why they are the drawbacks.
  • Developer’s estimation – A developer usually works simultaneously on multiple projects. For meeting deadlines, He always breaks things into small parts. Because the smaller it is, the easier it is to estimate.
  • Zealous to learn new mechanization – Developers are always frolicked to perceive the latest updates, coding language and changes in the industry. They read newspapers, blogs and books, go for events to keep themselves updated.
  • Voguish Profession with daunting work – Getting up early and sleeping late night, managing work between multiple meetings in a day, Keeping the work in progress, it is all part of the developer’s life

Some interesting facts and figures about Developers

  • How Amazing! The first computer developer was an English woman called Ada Lovelace, who was born in 1815.
  • Did you know? Commonly, a full stack developer usually knows 4-6 main programming languages and frameworks.
  • 1 in every 3 developers wrote their first code before even finishing high school
  • There is an entire industry known as coding bootcamp with an estimated value of $240 M.
  • The average annual salary of a software developer in the USA is around $ 106,816.


Having said the above, it’s pretty clear the life of a developer demands next-level patience and dedication, making it a challenging and dynamic profession.

At Jungleworks, we help you evolve in your career as a developer by giving jobs and opportunities to challenge and enhance your skills.

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