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Flipkart Acquires Walmart: What Does This Mean for Business in India?

By Tannu Sharma 28th July 2020

Flipkart-Walmart Deal Insights

The deal has left many astonished and jaws dropped in the market! If you are yet to discover the ins and outs of the acquisition, here is a sneak peek for you!

  • Headed by Adarsh Menon, Flipkart will start its pilot services by August, 2020.
  •  This B2B transition will let Flipkart launch the  Grocery and Fashion Segments in the market. 
  • Flipkart buys 100%stake in Walmart India Pvt Ltd
  • Flipkart invested around $24.9 billion investment is done by Flipkart group 

Flipkart’s entry to B2B vertical; how will it change the existing game plan?

The existing market position supports aspiring entrepreneurs to grow! A successful name such as Flipkart doesn’t hesitate to plug in the grocery vertical. This might toughen the competition between other big players; Metro, Reliance, Udaan & Amazon.  On a lighter note, this has given a clear indication to all.  One should stay open to explore all the verticals that are performing well. 

Grocery market and fashion  verticals  will never fade from making your business shine! If you are an existing business keeper or are ready to mark the beginning of your journey, go ahead! Because the era to experiment and expand has begun now. 

Get started now!

Before explaining how you can get started with your own business model like Flipkart. We want  you to know that you have our back. We will never let you down. Here are a few decisive steps that can make your business overgrow in the market. 

  1. Choose the hot-selling business idea

A customer-centric business grows when the business starts operating in the way their customers want them to. To make sure your business has better sustainability in the competition, never hesitate to pick one of the hot-selling business ideas. If you are running short with such ideas, read the detailed article  to get a better insight. 

  1. The wheels of technology

When you live in a tech-friendly environment, you need to compile your business existence with technology. For every business, the need is different. Once you are sure about the business vertical, the market and the audiences, the next step is to pick your tech-partner. If you are not in a mood to keep on hanging here and there for the search of a reliable tech-partner, go for a tested and verified tech-suite. This will save your time and money investment. 

  1. Stay productive and affirmative 

Launching a business might be troublesome for few, but the pain to make it moving smoothly is real. Once you have decided to be the part of the game, you can not let your hopes down. Productivity and success goes hand in hand. Tracking your progress and analysing your efforts must be a key integral part of your journey.The tech-suite such as Yelo,  makes it super comfortable for a beginner like you to set their KPIs and track them at the latest. 

  1. Keep on growing

No matter how well you are doing, you need not to stop.  Always try to be a better version of yourself. Compete with existing achievements. This way, you will create your own successful path in the competition. We wish you all the luck to keep your growth on!

The Face- off!

No, we don’t want you to be just a name in the competition. We want you to be the competition in the market. We believe in your skills and passion to grow! It is your time and make sure you are not missing it!

 Still wondering, how to take things forward! Don’t worry! Let’s sit and discuss how your journey can be started with us.

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