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Last-mile delivery- Changing the shipping logistics management for the better!

By Tannu Sharma 16th September 2020

Are you the one who is in the mood to completely change the expensive strategies of their logistic business? Many of us might think that the budget to supply a product from location A to B is rigid. We can not compromise with it. So, in this absolute moment, businesses have started cutting down their other expenses. But is it worth it? Before you read more of this write-up, we would like to congratulate you on saving a high 28 percent cost of your logistics supply after knowing the right technique. 

Last-Mile is an often-underestimated term that businesses compare to an assurance’s mere ability to get the product delivered. But believe us, once you understand the concept of last-mile delivery, you will get to know how valuable it is for your logistic shipment management. 

Wonders that “Last Mile Delivery Logistics Software” can do to your shipment business.

Get a sneak peek of how and from where you can save a huge amount in terms of logistics with the help of robust last-mile software.

Get set with an automated and best suitable route.

So, you might have faced this challenge of letting your drivers move here and there searching for the desired location. Moreover, the drivers often fail to choose the shortest and less crowded paths to cover the distance. So, what next! You will invest more in fuel consumption, time consumption, and end up paying for driver lower performance. On the contrary, the last mile delivery software will help you on-board the route that can serve as the shortest and quickest route to cover for the same location.

Be in the shoes of an ultimate tracker to manage your fleet.

Your shipping assignments are your responsibility! And you don’t want to ruin your reputation in the market because of any delay or driver error. To ensure that everything is perfect in the order delivery process, you can get real-time tracking over your fleet’s move. Isn’t it a cool thing to go for! All you have to do is sit at your comfort and keep real-time tracking of the fleet. 

Mark your territory to add efficiency 

Geofencing is a lovely gift of technology that has helped the logistic businesses map their operational area. If you are wondering how it can serve your individual business use case, you must know that this pre-marking allows your logistics to get delivered faster, efficiently, and smoothly. A tech-suite integrated with last-mile route optimization software serves the purpose. 

The ultimate status of delivery

Proof of delivery offered in last-mile delivery software is key to keeping your successful deliveries tracked and documented instantly. This allows you to be 100% sure about the delivery and gives you the ability to keep it for future references. You can either ask for an e-signature or can zip-lock the delivery by getting a real-time photo clicked. 

Last-mile delivery solutions powered by Tookan make your logistics process subtle!

The more you desire, the more features you will get”! Working with this philosophy, you can own a SaaS software that fits your logistic business needs in a way you always desired! Tookan comes with the assurance of quality and extended features that can be smartly optimized with your existing business process. 

Additional Features You can get: 

  1. An agent wallet to get every delivery documented at one place
  2. A more comprehensive choice of API integration to make your usage, more customized
  3. A regular analytical report to make you understand your performance 
  4. An active in-app chat platform to address your queries instantly.
  5. An extension to integrate with any payment gateway.

The choice you make now builds the future for tomorrow!

We believe that as a smart and aspirant entrepreneur, you are moving rightly in your business. Here is the time to join hands for a successive collaboration of the right technology (Tookan) and your business. Let’s get started today! 

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