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5 startup ideas to pick with no/minimum investment

By Tannu Sharma 5th August 2020

5 Low-Cost Business Ideas with High Profit

Starting a new business isn’t always easy on your wallet. But if you think it’s impossible to create your own business with a small investment, think again! It all depends on the idea you begin with and the tools you use. No-investment or low-cost business ideas are a great entry point for beginners to start without worrying about the risks.

 Come up with an idea to create an online marketplace, put a little bit of effort in marketing and provide excellent customer service. Leaving behind the traditional startup tools like warehousing and storefront, you can begin earning without spending. 

Here are 5 low-cost business ideas that you can start right away:

1. Offer a Rental Service

It’s an easy and low investment business idea where you can start a renting community to sell, buy or rent anything. From property to home accessory apparel books etc you can rent and sell anything. It can be both a vendor to vendor and vendor to customer type of business. There are few rental marketplace builder platforms that assist you in establishing your rental service business with proper management. 

2. Sell Clothing Online

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then selling clothes online is bound to be an exciting proposition. You don’t need to stock up anything, you can directly arrange deliveries on demand; just contact a few vendors. Using marketplace software like Yelo you can create a delivery app and build your marketplace. And not just selling you can put different outfits on rent using any rental marketplace builder such as Tiger.

3. Food/ Grocery  delivery

People have changed the way of buying goods; fast and convenient services have become the need of the hour. Especially in these times of COVID-19 where everyone prefers to stay in-door which lets you start a local food/ grocery delivery business. Collaborate with local vendors to create a food ordering website or create a grocery delivery app to take orders and deliver it to the address. These are everyday utilities that remain on demand every time making your business evergreen.

4. Start a Freelancing Platform

You can create your own freelancer marketplace like Upwork and Fiverr to create a bridge between recruiters and job seekers. Freelancing is something even permanent employees do it these days for some extra bucks. You can use a freelancer marketplace builder like Husky to help you create an Upwork clone. This will help you to track projects and on the other hand, will provide aid to recruiting firms.  

5. Create a Fitness Consultancy Business

Sitting and doing nothing in this pandemic people must have added some weight in their sac. If you are someone with fitness and nutrition as their thing then don’t wait for a second start turning your knowledge into a well-earning business with zero investment. Panther helps you in creating a consultation marketplace where experts of any profession can reach a much wider audience for consulting and training.

The above-mentioned ideas are few from a long list. Depending upon your convenience you can start any of them. Nothing is taxing or hard to begin all it requires is some smart work. Panther, Yelo, Husky and Tiger provide you with platforms to start such businesses.

To elaborate a little on how they work here are things you must know:

Panther is a consultation marketplace builder where customers and experts can collaborate and take online consultation through advanced audio/video tools. It offers you customized marketplace website audio/video chat platform and on-demand consultancy app.

Yelo helps to start your local business by launching your online marketplace to cater to the neighborhood. Yelo’s marketplace software helps entrepreneurs start, build and grow their hyperlocal business. It gives you facilities like theme editor catalog management promotions management payment gateways and marketplace extensions.

Tiger  is a peer to peer marketplace builder that helps you start your own community for renting, buying and selling anything. It provides 10+ payment gateways from around the world adaptive customer app and vendor app.

Husky is a freelancer marketplace builder where business and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.  You can build a custom based freelancer platform or you can say it’s like Fiverr clone for online tutors, web designers, developers and many others. 

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