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Trucking Management Software Features that help you to manage your transport business

By Tannu Sharma 10th September 2020

Our previous blog discussed how an efficient trucking management software contributes to adding operational excellence in your trucking business. We have got huge responses from business providers who are now looking to integrate the TMS software.

The market is flooded with multiple trucking software solutions that may or may not be proven beneficial to your transport business. However, as a part of our industry research, we have hand-picked practical features essential in trucking management software.

Top Features need to be considered before selecting a trucking management software

Here is the checklist that outlines the perfect selection of a TMS for your transport business.

Auto-Allocation of Fleet/Trucks

The prime reason why you need a TMS is to ensure that extra manpower cost is reduced in your day to day operations. Automated allocation of the upcoming task to the nearest suitable fleet/ driver helps you to address the requirements like a pro. A trucking software helps to get this sorted by a timely allocation of the delivery and pick-up tasks to the drivers. 

Facilitate Route optimization

The visible efficiency of the trucking business is directly dependent upon the route chosen to perform a task. If you go by the conventional mode of picking up the shortest distance, there will be no future regret. This is why choosing the trucking management software will be a big hit for your upcoming route planning. The matching algorithm to find a distance that suits well to a connected task makes it super easy and convenient for a driver to add efficiency in his task. 

Bird-eye view to your fleet movement

Half of your mind is always occupied in stress about your fleets and location no matter where you are. But, as we promised, TMS is here to help you. You can get complete tracking of every slight movement of your fleet through the software. And remember, it works efficiently remotely too. All you have to do is to get an integration of the cloud-based software to your device. 

The data storage with detailed analytics

A good trucking management software gives you the chance to keep a smart track over all the analytical reports and systematically store them. These reports can then easily be accessed at the time of requirements. In simpler terms, a smart TMS helps in replacing the paper files into digital files, with easy accessibility. 

The real-time notifications

Track and stay updated with every movement of your fleet via the trucking software. The SaaS software enables you to get regular notifications. Moreover, you can also loop in the customers, drivers too, to receive the alerts. 

The documented digital proof of delivery

The customer-centric business always needs to keep its customers in the first place. The trucking dispatch software has an extension of offering e-signature as a token of order receiving act. This enables you to have a rooted proof of delivery.

The invoice generators

Again, the automated invoice generation is a must to have in your trucking software. It is a smart way to minimize your burden of pilling up the documents for your transport business. 

Freight Forwarding Management

As you grow with your business, you will require a complete tech suite that can afford to meet the increased demand of your logistics. Freight forwarding is a smart feature that enables you to keep an overall control of how your fleet will move and the route, location will be decided on the basis of analytical calculations.

Multi-route planner 

A robust trucking management software should be compatible enough to go ahead with multi-route planning for your transport business. A smart route taken to complete the connected task will automatically save time of drivers as well as help in reducing the fuel cost. 

Dispatch Software

With a complete actress of all the orders, the trucking management software plays an integral part in ensuring the truck/ fleet is dispatched at the expected time. It gives the insight to streamline the dispatch process in a systematic manner.

The above-discussed features are a must to have extensions in your trucking business that can serve the purpose of making your operational tasks sorted. 

Why does Tookan remain the prime choice for your trucking management software?

Tookan has been a successful addition to many transport businesses worldwide. The various API integrations to add compatibility of the software in your existing business make it a ready-to-use software. Tookan tracker  helps you to unleash the true potential of your fleet management system by offering you a prompt tracking of every fleet that dispatches for the delivery or pick-up.  Apart from this, the technical benefits, the proficient last mile tracking, the variety of apps (driver, customer, admin) makes it evident to invest in Tookan.

To get the complete knowledge of the software, make sure you  connect  with our team.

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