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Logistics Management : How and Why it is Necessary to Optimize Deliveries

By Tannu Sharma 15th July 2020

Want something to wear for the coming festival? Woke up and don’t want to make breakfast? Planning to send gifts to your loved ones? 

Customers today just pick up the phone, open the corresponding app and order it! Just minutes after, they can see on a map where the driver is rushing to collect their order or their gift has been packed or a device has been dispatched! 

On demand services and live tracking have become so intrinsic that they are like second nature to today’s customer. Hence, every on demand business is hustling to keep their customers updated every second in order to offer the best experience. 

But how can businesses shift their logistics management online ? How do they digitalise their hubs with thousands of deliveries and consignments daily? How to transfer your hub managers online with live tracking? Sounds like a tough task? 

Don’t you worry! We at Tookan have launched “Tookan Logistics” : a one-stop solution to all your logistic needs! This extension lets you digitalize all your deliveries and hubs with a live-tracking feature for your customers. 

How does Tookan Logistics work ? 

Let’s say a customer likes a product from your website/app and orders the delivery in San Diego while the product is stored in the Seattle hub! Now we know you can have multiple warehouses/hubs spanned over large geographic locations to facilitate storage and transportation of deliveries. 

Tookan Logistics lets the admin input all the hubs along with their locations which is customizable at all times. Now when the customer places an order, a task is created from Seattle to San Diego. Tookan Logistics break this task into subtasks and calculates shortest path involving minimum number of hubs as: 

Sub-Task 1: From Seattle Hub to San Francisco Hub

Sub-Task 2: From San Francisco Hub to Los Angeles Hub

Sub-Task 3: From Los Angeles Hub to San Diego Hub

Each hub manager receives notification of incoming sub-tasks/deliveries to their hub and can schedule outgoing sub-tasks/deliveries accordingly. They can combine multiple deliveries from their hub into one consignment with just a few clicks! 

Hub Manager of San Francisco can easily track which agent is coming when with what deliveries to their hub. They can just click and schedule which all deliveries/packages will leave their hub, let’s say to Los Angeles as one consignment. This not only increases efficiency of your operations but is cost effective as well. Efficient Hub Management!

And guess what? Hub Managers can even allocate drivers to consignment according to their needs from the dashboard or Manager app itself! Once the delivery has left they can track it live and see all the status updates. Digitalized Hubs!

Now we also know that Hub Managers are concerned with their Hubs only, we need someone to monitor the end-to-end journey of the task: Parcel Management! This tab is meant for the admin to monitor and track the entire journey of all the parcels involving any of the hubs. Tookan Logistics empowers the admin to set pricing from Hub-to-Hub, following which the pricing for every parcel can be calculated automatically. 

We have also included analytics reports for you to track, monitor and optimize efficiency and performance of your hubs, agents and deliveries! You can see daily, monthly and yearly reports which helps you build better strategies for your logistics. Hub managers can see reports involving data of their hubs. Optimized logistics!

And not to forget that your customers are already getting all the updates regarding their delivery status and date! Enhanced Experience!

So what’s the hold up? Get in touch  now.

Logistics made easy for you!

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