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The On Demand Weekly #12

Guest User 24th April 2015

You know what is the hottest trend in India right now? On Demand Delivery of groceries. With promising startups like PepperTap, ZopNow and LocalBanya bagging million dollar funding and expanding their services in different parts of the country, India's $338 billion dollar retail industry is definitely up next to experience the big technological evolution.

Juggernaut's Insight:

  • Fundamental core of almost every Uber For X solution includes closing the demand aggregation loop by leveraging excess capacity
  • Case Study: "Keeping options to a minimum is essential to our business model", says, Momtaz Moussa, Bite Kite's cofounder.

Industry News

Exclusive: Jugnoo Is Using Autos As A Logistics Engine To Provide Everything On-Demand, Gets $1 Mn

Jugnoo is a hyperlocal marketplace to provide everything on-demand using auto rickshaws as a logistics engine for A2B transport and Value Added Deliveries.

On-Demand Valet Parking Service ZIRX Accelerates With $30 Million

Summoning a valet by tapping a smartphone has tapped a nerve with users and investors alike, with ZIRX Technologies Inc., becoming the latest car-parking service to raise funding.

Mobile Fashion Marketplace Poshmark Raises $25 Million More, Straps on Apple Watch

Poshmark launched three years ago, and fast became a favorite online and mobile tool for peer-to-peer reselling and buying trendy clothing. Today, the company announced it has raised $25 million in new funding.


The Rise Of The On Demand Economy & Why It's Here To Stay

Essentially, the on-demand economy is simply bringing together the power of technology with freelance workers/companies to provide goods and services. This ultimately gives consumers the convenience which was never previously available.

Data Center: The Future is Software Defined

Cloud computing provides on-demand, self-serve attributes that enable application developers to deliver new services to the markets in record time. Software Defined Infrastructure, or SDI, optimizes this rapid creation and delivery of business services, reliably, with a programmable infrastructure.

How To Get In On The Sharing Economy

You've probably heard about The Sharing Economy – renting or borrowing everything from guest bedrooms to garden tools. Maybe you use sharing-economy businesses like the Uber car service or Airbnb's in-home vacation lodging.

Industry Experts

Key Elements that will impact your Uber-like Business Model

Uber has built a $40 billion company based on these core principles. At the heart of this valuation lies the success Uber has showcased in making a previously inaccessible service cheaper and more accessible.

Success Story

Simone Collins on How ArtCling is helping the On-Demand Customized Art Grow

ArtCorgi is the best place to commission customized artwork at the most reasonable price. This amazing website connects Art-lovers to Artists in a transparent environment, and helps promote talent in the best possible way. In conversation with Simone Collins, COO & Co-founder of ArtCling and her fiance Malcolm Collins (CEO and Co-founder of ArtCling).

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