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The On Demand Weekly #2

By Guest User 5th February 2015

Juggernaut popped open the bottle of champagne (ordered on demand by Minibar) on the successful launch of Smokeio, On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App. With Project X Inc. vision and our expert resources, the app is already enjoying heavy downloads and good reviews. Cheers on that!

Juggernaut’s Insight:

  • The impact of the on-demand economy goes beyond the individual. Growing businesses are leveraging the on-demand economy to escape the confines of traditional methods.
  • With Stripe and Intuite getting into agreement, it’s quite evident that this partnership would only benefit few on-demand workers.
  • Like Andreessen Horowitz noted, “We don’t invest in themes; we invest in special founders with breakthrough ideas,” we follow the same path of powering On-Demand Startups.

Industry News:

Online meal service startup Frsh raises $518K from India Quotient & Kae Capital

Gurgaon-based Fingertip Foods Pvt Ltd, the company behind online meal service startup Frsh.com, has raised about Rs 3.2 crore ($518,000) in seed funding from early stage investors India Quotient and Kae Capital, according to a top executive of the company.

HelloTech raises $2.5M to bring on-demand convenience to in-home IT support

It’s not just transportation and food delivery that are going on-demand today. Increasingly, most service categories can benefit from the friction-reducing effects of modern, smartphone-powered booking and the flexibility of a dynamic workforce.

Founders of Ride Surfing launch grocery service as competition between delivery startups heats up

The founders of car-sharing app Ride Surfing have launched an on-demand grocery delivery service set to compete with the major supermarkets as well as a range of other early-stage delivery startups.


How consumers will shop in 2015

A rise in collaborative consumption and a new culture of sharing has sparked growth in such endeavors as community gardening, grouped workspaces and crowdfunding.

11 Startups That Will Let You Enjoy A Life Of Leisure

On-demand startups have allowed us to become incredibly lazy. These days, there’s no reason to leave your house unless you really want to. A master list of on-demand services that will make you feel like a king without ever leaving home.

Sharing economy: It’s ‘business-as-unusual’

Is sharing economy a new trend? Not really. It is as old as car-pooling and time-sharing. However, changing lifestyles and modern technology have pushed the concept of sharing economy to an ultra new social boulevard.

Industry Experts:

David Mandell: The Sharing Economy Is a Gateway Drug

The Sharing Economy is a gateway drug that threatens the infrastructure of our economy as we know it.

Success Story:

Lindsey Andrews and Lara Crystal on How Minibar is rolling the party with On Demand Alcohol Delivery

Minibar, a startup which is offering On-Demand Alcohol Delivery services in the US. It is targeting customers who are always on the go, and hardly get time to buy their own booze.

The On Demand Weekly #1

t’s kind of impossible to look for a space that has not been touched by the Sharing Economy or On-Demand…

by Deepika Bhardwaj

20 January, 2015

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