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The On Demand Weekly #6

By Guest User 5th March 2015

The concept of On Demand is up for grabs for anyone and everyone, be it an entrepreneur or an established business. But, because of its highly customizable properties, it is important to know which course one should take before jumping into the market. For this, familiarizing oneself with all the On Demand business models crucial. Juggernaut has launched a series on the Business Model of On-Demand Ideas. Check out this space for more information.

Juggernaut’s Insight:

Industry News:

Grofers, An On-Demand Delivery Service For Indian Cities, Raises $10M From Sequoia And Tiger Global

A startup called Grofers wants to help local shops by not only providing them with a mobile platform for their inventory, but also facilitating on-demand delivery within 90 minutes.

Luxe proves on-demand parking is big … $20M series A round big

Today Luxe, an on-demand parking service, said it has closed a $20 million series A round of financing. It also announced it will expand into Boston, Chicago, and Seattle by the end of April. Luxe, which until now has been available only in San Francisco and Los Angeles and only on iOS, is also releasing an Android app.


App of the Week: Laundrapp review

Laundrapp aims to be the Uber of laundry. Uber knows that you tend to drive your own car most of the time, but that there are occasions when you’re too drunk or it’s inconvenient or you just can’t be bothered, so you whip your phone out and get someone else to do it for you. That, but with laundry. Sounds tempting.

Move Over Shared Economy, Make Way For Timepooling

Shared economy is one of the hottest concepts in mobile app technology. However, there is one asset that isn’t being fully addressed by many shared economy mobile apps. I am talking about your time.

TaskRabbit CEO on future of ‘sharing economy’

TaskRabbit was among the first companies to encourage consumers to share goods and services. Now, more companies like Airbnb are contributing to this “sharing economy.” TaskRabbit CEO Leah Busque talks about what the future holds.

Industry Experts:

Post-acquisition Life: What’s on the Other Side?

Everyone calls acquisition an “exit.” An exit into what? Is this the “end”? What will life be like now? What do I want it to be? And what have I learned about what it took to get here?

Success Story:

Startup Story #8- Steven and Anson on how SpoonRocket is delivering Healthy Meals at the Speed of Light

On-Demand Meal Delivery startup, SpoonRocket, is offering what we all need- tasty and healthy meal delivered at the speed of light. In conversation with Anson Tsui and Steven Hsiao, founders of SpoonRocket.

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