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    The On Demand Weekly #15

    The pet industry has increased in the past few years, with an estimated $60.59 billion expenditure projected for 2015. This growth has brought a variety of specialized pet services and products, largely the result of a "pet parenting" attitude among owners. One such startup is Wag, which currently raised a $2.45M in the seed funding, […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #14

    Tap an App and summon your own staff – sounds revolutionary right. On Demand and instant gratification economy that we live in today is demanding just that. Beauty On-Demand startups like Glamsquad are expanding their offerings as the competition rises. Bulbul, a newbie in the market, is taking this competition to a completely new level. […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #13

    With Uber promising to deliver food within 10 minutes in NYC, there's no catching up to that. However, New York City alone is not getting lucky in this case, Uber has extended its food delivery services in Chicago as well with UberEATS. On similar lines Gett, a competitor to Uber, also plans to offer other […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #12

    You know what is the hottest trend in India right now? On Demand Delivery of groceries. With promising startups like PepperTap, ZopNow and LocalBanya bagging million dollar funding and expanding their services in different parts of the country, India's $338 billion dollar retail industry is definitely up next to experience the big technological evolution. Juggernaut's […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #11

    When you are able to directly connect and communicate with a student from Stanford University through a mobile app, you know the world has graduated to the next level of on-demand technology. This is what we all felt when we got to know about Nerd. Now the question is, which is the next sharing economy […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #10

    Watch out for the new and trending ‘On Demand of Anything-Anytime-Anywhere’. With startups likeMagic, Operator and Jugnoo Fatafat promising the delivery of even stars on the doorstep of their customers, this smart world is entering the next era of getting everything in one tap. What else can outrun this? We are still wondering… Juggernaut’s Insight: […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #9

    On-Demand sector is experiencing a funding spree at the moment, from the hotshots like DoorDash, Handy, Laundrapp to the new ones in the game like Tapingo, a startup that just raised $22 million to bring Starbucks, Taco Bell and more on demand. Juggernaut’s Insight: On-demand drone delivery service goes live in London for £10 a […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #8

    This week, Amazon won our hearts with its brand new Amazon Home Services. It is an online marketplace which was started with an objective to sell services along with physical products. At present, it caters to multiple categories which range from home improvement to babysitting. Not only this! The company also started testing a drone […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #7

    Harry Campbell, in his latest article ‘The On Demand Economy Is Making Us Laz‘ in Forbes, said “these on-demand services are addicting and while hockey-stick growth is awesome for Postmates, its drivers and its investors, it also tells me that we as a society are getting lazier.” However, Juggernaut would like to counter-argue with him. […]

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    The On Demand Weekly #6

    The concept of On Demand is up for grabs for anyone and everyone, be it an entrepreneur or an established business. But, because of its highly customizable properties, it is important to know which course one should take before jumping into the market. For this, familiarizing oneself with all the On Demand business models crucial. […]

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