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The On Demand Weekly #5

By Guest User 26th February 2015

Here, sitting at Juggernaut office, we were already appreciating how quickly On-Demand sector has spread by far, like amazingly quick, be it on-demand doctors, on-demand valet, on-demand chocolates, renting and tracking construction equipment with Getable, and now on-demand sunglasses have joined the race. Then comes this startup that just swept everyone off the ground. If you’ve guessed it by now, yes I am talking about Magic, the founders couldn’t have named it better.

A delivery startup that promises to deliver anything and everything (*conditions apply) right at your doorstep, exploded in their very first 48 hours with 1700 people already on board.

Juggernaut’s Insight:

Industry News:

Magic: The Story of an Accidentally Founded, Wildly Viral Startup

A Silicon Valley startup called Magic, which promises to deliver anything a customer wants anywhere in the U.S. (as long as it’s legal, physically possible and not too “unusual”), has already logged 17,000 requests in its first 48 hours of operation, TechCrunch reported on Monday (Feb. 23).

Postmates Picks Up $35M In Series C From Spark Capital

Postmates, the on-demand delivery service that operates in nearly 60 markets, has raised $35 million in Series C exclusively from existing investor Spark Capital, according to our sources.

Peer-To-Peer Rental Service NoBroker Grabs $3M To Battle India’s Property Brokers

NoBroker, a peer-to-peer property listings startup that wants to rid brokers from the rental process in India, has closed a $3 million Series A round to expand its service to more cities beyond Bombay and Bangalore.


Waffle House Partners With “Sharing Economy” Delivery Service Roadie

A recently launched mobile application called Roadie, which connects those who need to ship something quickly with drivers who are already going in that same direction and are willing to haul the cargo for a small fee, has today partnered with Waffle House restaurants.

Pros and cons of peer-to-peer lending

Fed up with more than half a decade of terrible returns on your savings? It won’t cost you anything to at least take a look at peer-to-peer lending which – in a nutshell – allows you lend your cash to individuals, small businesses or even property investors, who then pay you back with interest.

More Fear And Laundry In London As Lavanda Launches Its ‘True’ On-Demand Laundry Service

The company, which pitches itself as the ‘Uber for laundry‘, sees its official launch today, and has raised $265,000 to fund a further UK roll out beyond Central London, as well as native apps for iOS and Android “in the coming weeks”. As it stands, Lavanda is only accessible via its mobile optimised website.

Industry Experts:

Exploit the world’s spare commodities

Benita Matofska, behind world-leading Brighton tech platform Compare and Share, said models such as crowdfunding were “democratising” the economy and are a “good deal for everyone”.

On-Demand Economy: Creating Entrepreneurship or Exploitation?

Companies like Uber, FancyHands, Airbnb and Snagajob are flourishing, driven by technology, a slow economic recovery and consumer demand. But what does that mean for today’s workers?

Success Story:

Cyrus on how Push for Pizza is the easiest way of ordering Pizza

In conversation with Cyrus Summerlin, co-founder of Push for Pizza, one on-demand startup, which is all about simplifying the meal delivery experience. It’s elementary way of ordering a pizza in only couple of steps is commendable. Started by 5 genius teenagers, this iOS app is definitely available on everyone’s iPhone who is running away from mind-boggling options.

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