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Become the next Uber of Everything: Diversify your On-Demand Business - JungleWorks
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Become the next Uber of Everything: Diversify your On-Demand Business

Disruption of on demand economy can be majorly seen in three industries: transportation, food and logistics. Transportation is predicted to touch $100 billion mark by 2020. The digital logistics is forecasted to be worth $12.96 billion by 2020 while online food delivery has an opportunity to hit the $210 billion market. In every on demand business vertical, leading companies claim to be the Uber of their niche. Establishing itself as the Taxi king, Uber has already conquered ride-hailing niche. With a vision to Uberize the world, Uber is not just focusing on transporting humans but online food ordering as well as logistics management.

Realizing food industry as the next big disruption in on demand economy, Uber made its entry into online food delivery with UberEats. UberEats was first launched in 2014 covering 10 cities and has now expanded to 58 cities. Online food delivery model is completely different from ride hailing model. Chetan Narain, Product Manager, in one of his interviews mentioned “As we learned, we realized our ambitions for what UberEats could become was far larger than this app that we’d built for transportation”.

The Uber of Everything

The Uber of Everything

Understanding the psyche of customers of F&B industry, UberEats went through a lot of transitions. Their designer researched how customers in various cities used an app for food ordering. As an observation, she found out that people want quicker turn around in lunchtime whereas they are ready to wait longer for dinner.

Looking at the prevalent issues of online food industry, Allen Narcisse, General manager of UberEats said, said “What we found is that even if someone is willing to pay $45, $50, $60 for that delivery, they generally find it unsatisfactory. Restaurants are also unsatisfied with the fact that we’re taking a product that they put a lot of love into and delivering it in a way that’s just not satisfactory.”

Thus, Uber decided not to deliver food outside a certain proximity.

Evidently, Uber had been observing and learning to make UberEats what it is today.

Considering its late entry into online food delivery as an advantage, UberEats did it the right way

-Restricting restaurants to show up in a delivery radius in which it is feasible to deliver orders without compromising the quality.

-Focusing on pricing transparency more than round the clock availability of food.

-Rating food with simpler thumbs up or thumbs down because 3 star pizza or 4 star pizza does not make much sense.

With introduction of on demand deliveries provided by UberRush, it became Uber for everything.

Are you planning to diversify your on demand business? Learn the Uber way of doing it. Read more about UberEats!

The Uber Way to diversify On Demand Business

The Uber Way to diversify On Demand Business

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Last Mile delivery Excellence: A detailed picture of how and why your transport business needs it!

A product journey is incomplete without getting it delivered to the desired destination. As a delivery partner, you need to be precise with every order that moves out of your warehouse. It must be tough to keep a complete track of all the orders at the same time. So, what next? Are you ready to compromise with the delay or is willing to bring a big change in your process? The choice is yours! 

Many of us might have not heard about the concept of last-mile delivery. As a layman, we are more into when the product is out for delivery and when it will reach the destination. The middle process is often left unattended. Here is where an ordinary transport business lacks from achieving the desired excellence. And we are sure, you are more than ordinary!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fZnyuqhThwvMANq4NskWdTye9BJ_FHgZ_1Hr1e26tTsNgUemw6Zn4ux3hUDonEupWErVbAjVlnEOC5mNu6TJYZswxc-FmXE0X2wANrn2civmrdb3ODknAeHkdykZrjwDdWa1EMLL

Last-mile delivery software: The concept and the commitment!

What if you can keep a track of every fleet that moves out for delivery and to add the cherry on the cake, you can also advise them the smartest, the shortest, and quickest route to on-board. Must sound like a super-power! Isn’t it! To your surprise, you can own this superpower instantly. Read on to know more about it.

Final mile delivery software is a complete suite that gives you the charge to monitor throughout the journey of your fleet, once it is out for the task. The software gives you a detailed sneak peek of how you can rearrange the allocation of tasks to the best suitable driver available. Apart from it, the ability to pick the shortest route, ETA track of the order, and the supreme connectivity to the drivers- all can be sorted in one place!  The concept itself is a commitment to make your transport business- a superhit in the market. If you are looking for longer sustainability in the competition, don’t forget to integrate one for your business. 

The unbelievable statistics to make you decide the best!

-28% of your logistic cost reduce by using last-mile delivery software

45.1%of transport businesses have invested in warehouse automation in the year of 2020

-90 bn euros is the estimated revenue of North America alone in 2020

46% of investors are happy to invest in cloud software

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ieV8LsN6CXWnP5j7r8vI4_XdKom30E76_mdGIKkmKg63uunOog6HFGHwtmo8XKGD17blvjs_2BsUqlszAv9OMREAJangyIP5m3yd9xknujUL6o-znuxDQ287AI0xedLrAc8GgETx

A holistic approach to growing your last-mile delivery business

Choosing a last-mile software can give your logistic business 360-degree freedom to expand, perform, and bring the desired results. Tookan has been a reward- returning last-mile delivery software, best suited for your logistic business. Here is how Tookan fits in your requirements

Lack of real-time visibility of fleetDecreases productivityGet real-time data at admin dashboard
Lack of judgment to choose the best routeIncreases chances of delayGet best route optimization for the shortest and suitable route
Lack of communicationMakes customers, drivers anxiousGet real-time in-app chat to address queries
Trouble in managing piles of paperImportant documents get misplacedGet agent wallet to maintain the digital documents
Struggle to track individual fleet performanceNeglection of top-performing and underperforming fleet driversGet a detailed analytical data of every fleet registered in the software

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5-9uaQ1VJ3UrbN5YckHCz08YUBDGx84bdqizcMlAjKmW5A05zYMQd30bXcaVXvs7ebzWq3ECuQGXryq4wIYMfZcbRgOircnRwNxjxNb-_EHTAqYY2e77bPfNxFfw-U1-cOZ2fZrv

And you are sorted! If you too believe that the above-said challenges are the prime reason to make you stay behind in the market, talk to our experts today. In case, you are facing other struggles too, don’t worry! Tookan’s varied API integration allows you to choose what suits the best to your specific needs.  Chat with us, to know more!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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Amplify CRM experience with Bulbul

Whether it’s a great tech infrastructure or tools required by your sales team, you would want to invest in the best technology that there is in your company. And to keep your company running, you need to generate revenue consistently.

When we talk about making money, what comes to our minds? The sales team.  To ensure a constant and smooth sales process, a competent and intelligent CRM is imperative. Productive sales teams are 81% more likely to use CRM consistently.

With fierce competition prevailing in the market, nurturing a healthy relationship with clients and being receptive of their needs is need of the hour. And this is where a  robust CRM like Bulbul can come in handy.

Our agile CRM system Bulbul comes packed with powerful features a sales team in 2020 needs on-the-go. So, why Bulbul?

Collaborate with your team with no hurdles!

With teams operating remotely now, seamlessly managing workflows is very important since none of you are physically present to do it. This is where Bulbul makes management and communication become a lot easier for your entire team.

You can easily invite your team members and assign them leads on Bulbul. Assign activities for your members and set reminders so that they know what is next on their calendar. You can also control who can access what data on Bulbul by defining permissions.

Stay in touch with your clients even at home

Not available somewhere physically? No worries!

With Bulbul’s seamless chat support system, your team can stay connected with your clients from one place, regardless of where you or they are. You will not need to worry about the queries or follow-ups since Bulbul will record and track all communication from one place.

Why is Bulbul the ideal CRM system for sales teams in 2020?

Bulbul takes into account of all touchpoints during the sales process and generates penetrative insights for key management decisions.

View & Track leads – Get actionable reports and insights on leads captured over time. Track and filter lead by owner and touchpoints and get a better understanding of lead quality.

Mobile CRM – According to a study, teams can see a 26.4% hike in their productivity using a mobile CRM. Through Bulbul mobile app, you can seamlessly record, track, and access your phone’s data on-the-go!

Bulbul Calling – Communicate easily with Bulbul Calls. Make, receive, and record calls easily with Bulbul.

Manage Clients – Provide better service and harbor quality relationships with your clients by tracking and managing client data on Bulbul. You are more likely to convert leads when you are thorough with client requirements.

Super-easy Integrations –  Whether it is Gmail, Facebook, or your website,

you can easily integrate the platforms with Bulbul to import generated leads through our open APIs.

E-mail Tracking – Ramp up your email game, and get a quicker response from potential clients. Choose from ready-made email templates, and communicate with your clients smoothly. Automate you’re follow up emails based on set triggers.

If you want to have a full experience of Bulbul’s CRM, you can try it for free for 14 days! Sign up here.

If you loved knowing how Bulbul can change how your sales team works on this blog, you might also like checking out our Youtube channel.! Or visit our Homepage for more.

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Last-mile delivery- Changing the shipping logistics management for the better!

Are you the one who is in the mood to completely change the expensive strategies of their logistic business? Many of us might think that the budget to supply a product from location A to B is rigid. We can not compromise with it. So, in this absolute moment, businesses have started cutting down their other expenses. But is it worth it? Before you read more of this write-up, we would like to congratulate you on saving a high 28 percent cost of your logistics supply after knowing the right technique. 

Last-Mile is an often-underestimated term that businesses compare to an assurance’s mere ability to get the product delivered. But believe us, once you understand the concept of last-mile delivery, you will get to know how valuable it is for your logistic shipment management. 

Wonders that “Last Mile Delivery Logistics Software” can do to your shipment business.

Get a sneak peek of how and from where you can save a huge amount in terms of logistics with the help of robust last-mile software.

Get set with an automated and best suitable route.

So, you might have faced this challenge of letting your drivers move here and there searching for the desired location. Moreover, the drivers often fail to choose the shortest and less crowded paths to cover the distance. So, what next! You will invest more in fuel consumption, time consumption, and end up paying for driver lower performance. On the contrary, the last mile delivery software will help you on-board the route that can serve as the shortest and quickest route to cover for the same location.

Be in the shoes of an ultimate tracker to manage your fleet.

Your shipping assignments are your responsibility! And you don’t want to ruin your reputation in the market because of any delay or driver error. To ensure that everything is perfect in the order delivery process, you can get real-time tracking over your fleet’s move. Isn’t it a cool thing to go for! All you have to do is sit at your comfort and keep real-time tracking of the fleet. 

Mark your territory to add efficiency 

Geofencing is a lovely gift of technology that has helped the logistic businesses map their operational area. If you are wondering how it can serve your individual business use case, you must know that this pre-marking allows your logistics to get delivered faster, efficiently, and smoothly. A tech-suite integrated with last-mile route optimization software serves the purpose. 

The ultimate status of delivery

Proof of delivery offered in last-mile delivery software is key to keeping your successful deliveries tracked and documented instantly. This allows you to be 100% sure about the delivery and gives you the ability to keep it for future references. You can either ask for an e-signature or can zip-lock the delivery by getting a real-time photo clicked. 

Last-mile delivery solutions powered by Tookan make your logistics process subtle!

The more you desire, the more features you will get”! Working with this philosophy, you can own a SaaS software that fits your logistic business needs in a way you always desired! Tookan comes with the assurance of quality and extended features that can be smartly optimized with your existing business process. 

Additional Features You can get: 

  1. An agent wallet to get every delivery documented at one place
  2. A more comprehensive choice of API integration to make your usage, more customized
  3. A regular analytical report to make you understand your performance 
  4. An active in-app chat platform to address your queries instantly.
  5. An extension to integrate with any payment gateway.

The choice you make now builds the future for tomorrow!

We believe that as a smart and aspirant entrepreneur, you are moving rightly in your business. Here is the time to join hands for a successive collaboration of the right technology (Tookan) and your business. Let’s get started today! 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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How You Can Also Use Your Taxi Software as a Marketplace

With COVID-19 doing an unending cameo in 2020, the transportation industry has suffered a bad hit. So, if your taxi service isn’t picking up pace, don’t get discouraged. 

Our taxi dispatch software Jugnoo is not all about that. It’s an expansive transportation solution that can work well with any other conveyance business. You can use Jugnoo as a marketplace for other services while the pandemic slows down so that you kickstart your taxi dispatch services all over again! 

Jugnoo caters as a marketplace to a wide-range of business ideas you can explore and make the best out of to avoid losing on your investment! Read on to find out how:

Jugnoo as an On-Demand Delivery Platform

Apart from a taxi service platform, Jugnoo can transform into an on-demand delivery platform for essentials as well. To set the ball rolling, customers will just have to do is place an order on their customer app. It will then be prepared, dispatched and delivered to them at their doorstep! Whether it’s food, laundry, medicines, groceries, pet supplies, or stationery, Jugnoo can get it done anytime.

Car & Bike Rental – Vehicle rentals have become increasingly popular in the past months as other modes of transports are affected. With Jugnoo’s peer-to-peer rental solution, you can launch your own car or bike rental marketplace in a week’s time. 

Trucking Service –  The global logistics market is projected to witness substantial growth with Asia Pacific having the largest market size. You can kick start your own trucking service with Jugnoo’s Trucking Dispatch Software. Our solution is packed with Uber Freight Clone customer & driver apps and sophisticated dispatcher & admin panels.

Concierge – Accessibility of daily-use products has become more important for us now than ever. With Jugnoo, you can redefine convenience. Set up your concierge services where your customers can order and get anything delivered to their doorstep. Apart from customer mobile app, delivery agent app, and a powerful admin dashboard, Jugnoo also provides you with an integrated CRM and business analytics. 

Delivery –  With everything getting home-delivered these days, setting up an on-demand delivery service can be a good idea too. Jugnoo avails you with a complete technology suite for you to start your delivery services with features like route optimization, real-time tracking, geo-fencing, and analytics. Track your pickups & deliveries and let your customers easily order from your app. View and track your analytics.

Shuttle Service – With public transport severely affected during COVID-19, people are exploring other available options of commuting. You can launch your own Intra-city Shuttle Dispatch Service with Jugnoo. With our integrated platform, you can define routes and manage your fleet from one place. Jugnoo provides you with a powerful customer app, driver app, and admin dashboard. Passengers can book their rides, choose their seats, and pay with ease.

Limousine Dispatch – Jugnoo’s advanced limousine dispatch software can help you digitize your limousine travel business. Redefine opulence with personalised white-labelled customer & chauffeur apps. Let your customers book rides and make payments smoothly. Chauffeur apps are packed with our limo reservation system for route optimization, easy dispatching, fulfillment and payments. And with an agile admin panel you can easily manage everything and get useful insights all from one place.

Towing & Roadside Assistance – Finding roads empty has almost become normal for us these days. Getting roadside help is not as readily available as before now. You can bank on the opportunity and set up your own Towing & Roadside Assistance Services with the help of Jugnoo. Get a complete end-to-end tow truck solution with Admin App & Dispatcher Dashboard too! 

And these aren’t just the only business models we serve. You can use Jugnoo to start just about any conveyance marketplace and not just as a taxi dispatch system. Head to Jugnoo Homepage for more! 

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Snapdeal partners with Ottonomy.IO for last-mile deliveries using robots

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success” – Henry Ford

Yup, You guessed it right! This quote signifies partnership & is followed by most colossal players who are currently showing their dominance in the volatile technological era. The current trend that we all following in the tech industry is, big shots are collaborating with potential startups to expand their reach. In return, the startups also grow at an exponential rate with unceasing support. Let’s talk about the recent buzz that’s been floating around – Snapdeal partners with Ottonomy.IO for last-mile deliveries using robots.

The Big Buzz!

Ottonomy.IO is a home-grown mobility startup. That builds autonomous robot fleets to make contactless deliveries for safe & enhanced user experience, saving millions of dollars for organizations working in various domains like eCom, logistics, retail industries, to name a few. Snapdeal – India’s one of the leading eCommerce marketplace has partnered with Ottonomy.IO to test last-mile contactless deliveries using robots. These robots are equipped with UV rays to disinfect that package while navigating to the specific delivery location. Both Snapdeal & Ottonomy.IO have claimed that this in-built disinfectant feature is a first-of-its-kind initiative for safety that will be the mother of invention of more dynamic elements in the future.

How will Robot-As-A-Service (RAAS) work?

The robots are programmed with fully functional and specialized AI algorithms to navigate, especially in crowded areas. Using Machine Learning, these robots fuse data from the 3D projections captured from the camera to have a robust understanding of the external world.

The robots can navigate along sidewalks and local streets to deliver the orders of the customers. Once the robot arrives at the doorstep, the customer gets a notification with a message containing a unique QR code; since the robots carry multiple packages at a time, the QR code, while scanning, unlocks the specific package tray, includes the order placed by the customer.

Ottonomy.IO conducted delivery experiments with Snapdeal in selected locations of New Delhi, India. The robots were stationed at the entrance of various residential societies, wherein an agent scanned a QR code & placed the package inside. Equipped the society’s map, the robot successfully navigated to reach the customer & disinfected the box on its way. The robots can be remotely monitored & controlled if human intervention is required as well.

Time for a Revolution:

Organizations are investing heavily in AI & Machine Learning to develop future-oriented capabilities. The partnership between Snapdeal & Ottonomy.IO to test the last-mile deliveries using autonomous robots is the first step towards logistics’ evolving future. 

One of the Snapdeal spokespeople said – “We believe that delivery robots will play a vital role in e-commerce deliveries in large townships, educational institutions, and other residential environments. Delivery via autonomous robots is a step in building a safer & convenient future for shoppers”.

Currently, the startup is running operations in the US, Europe & India. Ottonomy.IO owns the design’s IP and has a proprietary software stack fused with AI programs to enable fleet management and route optimization. Contactless delivery is the need of the hour to ensure shopper’s safety. Automating the last-mile delivery process using robots will empower the safety measures for the shoppers.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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Scale your business with the Channel and Reseller partners

Is running an online/offline business easy? Ask an entrepreneur who does every nitty-gritty to make more customers. 

After facing a challenging period with a fund headache when you see your company is growing and becoming steady and foreseeable, you feel fortunate. 

But in this competitive world with limited resources, you should look for new ideas to scale your business. For this, you should now overload your employees, or even you can not make a long day. 

Here channel and reseller partners can help you to get more customers. 

In Channel sales, we include resellers, distributors, wholesalers, value-added providers, Independent retailers, Dealers, Agents, and consultants who sell your product or service through third parties. 

Through this, you are adding value to your business. 

How Jungleworks Channel and reseller partner works for you

We have a lot of SAAS companies for Channel and reseller partners. But Jungleworks is an end to end solution for your business scale. Jungleworks provide you product training, account management in their particular time zones, marketing assistance, and new clients. For managing and interacting with clients, Jungleworks offers chat software and access to its internal CRM system. 

Moreover, Here are some steps taken by Jungleworks to make the partnership successful.

  • Create sales and marketing collateral – When you sign in with the partner program, an executive assign you an account manager. The account manager will meet with you and will give you product training. From pitching to live demo for the products account manager will provide a proposal through pre-sales. This is the way Jungleworks help you in generating valuable customers. 
  • The customer is significant – The Jugleworks partner program works for you as a salesperson. Notable of this partnership is that Jungleworks will become your brand advocate and verify your service quality. Specialists from the Jungleworks partner program will do your business more trustworthy.
  • No more doubts with Jungleworks – As a brand owner, you always have questions and doubts. An assigned account manager from the partner will always ensure that help is available round the clock. On a 24/7 chat support system, you and your customers can chat anytime from anywhere. Our account manager is always here to help you to conquer grievances and increase sales. 
  • Research on your products – Jungleworks partner experts find a way to integrate your product and fit it into their ecosystem. In this way, you will get a valuable perception of how much budding in your brand and how a niche responds to your products. In determining new markets for your brand, it will help you.
  • Customer recommendation helps you grow – Word-of-mouth advertisement is successful as over 8 in 10 purchases are influenced by face-to-face guidance. Jungleworks partner system enables you to grasp good opinions from customers through a 24/7 chat support system. Our onboard executive is always here to help your customers every time. 

If you dare to dream big, you need to put in those extra smartness efforts to accomplish it! In this competitive market, you need an outstanding online presence to make your business successful. 

The Jungleworks Partner Program is tailor-fit for IT consultants, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, technology resellers, software developers, and virtually anyone passionate about technology and on-demand businesses. Jungleworks Top class sales team that’s incentivized to sell with you. Our regularly updated training modules and content keep you updated on each and everything in the business world. Get in touch with us to learn more about our partner program or start your online application by clicking here

‘A good businessman sees where others do not see.’

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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Calling Banner — How to make an incoming call notification banner in Android using Service

Image for post

In today’s modern world all of the technology is inter-connected digitally. So, are we humans, aren’t we? Well, in a way we are. In our busy lives we don’t get much time to travel places or go to our relatives who live far away from us. We can only communicate with them using our calling devices. The need of calling has almost reached at its peak at this time, this being the reason you can see that voice and video calls are being integrated in all of the communication apps and websites around the world.

Today we’ll see how we can create an incoming call banner in Android just like WhatsApp used to show it a few years back. We’ll use Android Service to do the handling part and display a notification banner for an Incoming Call.

Firstly, you’ll need something to decide when OS needs to invoke the service. Someway to know that someone is calling you, you can use either FCM or sockets to inform the device about incoming call. It’s totally up to you how you want to do that.

Creating the User Interface

Image for post

First, we will create our UI which we want to be displayed as a notification banner. I’ll name it as custom_call_notification.xml

After we’ve created the UI, we’ll add some logic to manipulate it and make the UI meaningful. (Of course, the UI is at first meaningless if user can’t know who’s calling, duh). We’ll collect the data from our service intent and set it appropriately in our UI. But wait, where did the intent got data from? Well, we will put that data in our service intent before starting it. The data is already received in the FCM Data or via the Socket event.

Creating a Foreground Service

Create a new service class CallService which extends Service class and register it in your manifest.

Now inside the onStartCommand() of our Servicewe’ll handle our manipulation of UI and set action to our buttons. First, we’ll create a RemoteViewswhich we want to display.

Now, we’ll create the action intents which we would want to start when clicked on the notificationanswer button, or the reject button. All of the aftermaths is done inside these activities. CallingActivity is the full-screen activity displaying an incoming call. AnswerCallActivity is activity that will connect the user on call. HungUpBroadcast is simply a broadcast that emits the socket to the server so that server in turn can notify the caller that the user rejected the call.

After we’ve handled the clicks of our views, we’ll retrieve the data from intent and set it in the UI making it meaningful to the user. In case the caller_text is not received from the intent; we will display our app name instead of caller’s name so it won’t look bad.

Now that we’ve set the data into our views, we will create PendingIntents of our action intents we previously created and assign them to the onClick of our buttons. Use flag PendingIntent.FLAG_UPDATE_CURRENT in order to update the existing notification banner in case your server emits the socket continuously, else user will face a new banner coming up every time new socket is received.

Our service is now ready to come in action and display the notification banner we just created. In order to display it as a notification banner we will create a new object of Notification class with the help of NotificationCompat.Builder and set our customView(the one we created above) as its UI and set our pendingIntent as its Full Screen Intent.

That’s it. Now whenever this service is started, user will see that incoming call banner and can click on it to see full screen calling activity.

Author: Amandeep Chauhan

Visit the link to read more from

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Hunt the Content in Open Directories through Google Search Engine.

In pandemic covid19, we’ all are suffering at some extent by remaining at our homes and for entertainment purpose in the day by day life, everybody buying in paid ott benefits yet at the same time a few of us require content which is as yet not accessible on ott and have limitations to move to gadgets and so on and keeping in mind that finding over google they’re a lot of sites however not ready to locate a unique content and some having a lot of promotions for pay per click with the dread of clicking some malware website is truly irritating,

Image for post

yet google crawlers, robots are itself generally excellent to break down the content over web, simply need little information to peruse that content facilitated on the open directories hosted over some public servers and with no dread simply chase your content and make the most of your time.

Long back, I’ve written a simple PHP based chrome extension for my own needs which is publicly accessible now and it’s truly helping me during the off-hours for downloading the content through google and listening music over browsers while reading my favorite ebooks and watching movies on just a some of surfing clicks.

Image for post
Simplex Chrome Extension

In this extension, I’ve utilized some google advanced queries and able to provides a very capable file indexing and search service allowing you to find a file among a huge no. of files located under open directories of web servers. It only provides access to already available files in the same way Google does but in a more refined easily query search.

The bit in parenthesis states the filetypes you are looking for, next in quotes is the content/keywords you are looking for, next with minus signs are things that you do not want to see. The first bit — intitle:”index.of” is to get you open directories specifically of various active web servers. Any text that is specific to open directories would work. For example;

Sample Query
“parent directory” “name or title” (.mp4|.mkv|.avi|.wmv|.mov) -html -htm -php -asp -cgi

I’ve formalized this queries little bit more extent according to my needs, and able to embed in my daily usage personal script and then finally hosted on my server for everyone usage in my college environment. Later, I’ve prepared a chrome extension app using mixture of little frontend/backend for a little query formation and for redirection, such as below

$music = “ +(mp3|wav|ac3|ogg|flac|wma|m4a) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:\”index.of\” +\”last modified\” +\”parent directory\” +\”description\” +\”size\” -inurl:(listen77|mp3raid|mp3toss|mp3drug|index_of|wallywashis)”;

$movie = “ +(mkv|mp4|avi|mov|mpg|wmv|flv) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:\”index.of\” +\”last modified\” +\”parent directory\” +\”description\” +\”size\””;

$ebook = “ +(MOBI|EPUB|ODT|PDF|PRC|RTF|TCR|DOC|DOCX|PPT|PPTX) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:\”index.of\” +\”last modified\” +\”parent directory\” +\”description\” +\”size\””;

$mp3 = $value . $music;
$video = $value . $movie;
$pdf = $value . $ebook;

While taking the input from user-end through my publicly accessible created form page and sending it to the backend for the specific query search under google public search engine which validates the user option and giving the content from google itself as it’s totally based upon google crawlers which makes the open directories accessible through it.

$varOption = $_POST[‘formOption’];
$errorMessage = “”;

$errorMessage = “<li>You forgot to select a choice!</li>”;

if($errorMessage != “”)
echo(“<p>There was an error with your choice:</p>\n”);
echo(“<ul>” . $errorMessage . “</ul>\n”);

case “mp3”: $redirect = “$mp3“; break;
case “video”: $redirect = “$video“; break;
case “pdf”: $redirect = “$pdf“; break;
default: echo(“Error!”); exit(); break;
echo “ redirecting to: $redirect “;

header(“Location: $redirect”);


In the end, specifying my chrome extension usage through a little surfing image underneath which might help you in your daily usage for content search or you can also modify it as per your advance needs in your content search.Simplex Usage — Under Google Chrome

I trust you discovered some new information today and might help you in your daily usage even for all individuals who want to explore each and everything using google!

Until I discover something different I feel deserving of sharing, fare the well and learn more search cool tricks frombeebom & have cheerful learning!

In the event that you wanna examine something about this extension or inside implementation, don’t hesitate to contact me! 🙂

Author: ilLuSion InFinity

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Location Using Fused API Client Provider in Kotlin

I hope you find a better and generic solution for a fetch of the current location using fused Api client providers. I hope its a better solution in understanding and generic utility to used in MVP and MVVM application Software Architecture Design Pattern.

Permission’s required in device

Utility Code in Kotlin

This is enough to maintain the location ambiguity for redefine in each activity.Just put the file as utility and call in application file whenever used in whole project or a activity. Best way to reuse the code and less consuming time for development.

Hope, i try to do my best. Please give me comments and like my post for future updates.

Author: Gurwinder Singh

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How to Setup your own video-calling Services: (Jitsi)

A perennial failure to keep in touch with far-flung friends and relatives is one of my epic failings. The pandemic has inspired me to do better, and I’ve been reaching out in recent days.

In the process, I’m becoming better acquainted with video-chatting services. We all are dependent on Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft teams to interact with our colleague. Well, is it possible to setup our own video calling services for meeting, group video-calls?

The Answer is yes….

Here, In this blog i am going to help you to setup you own video conferencing app so that you can call your friends, share your screen, record the meeting etc.

Firstly, Lets talk about the free open source tool (Jitsi).

Jitsi is a set of open-source projects that allows you to easily build and deploy secure videoconferencing solutions. At the heart of Jitsi are Jitsi Videobridge and Jitsi Meet, which let you have conferences on the internet, while other projects in the community enable other features such as audio, dial-in, recording, and simulcasting.

Features of Jitsi

  • Unlike other videoconferencing technologies, Jitsi Videobridge, the heart of Jitsi, passes everyone’s video and audio to all participants, rather than mixing them first.
  • The result is lower latency, better quality and, if you are running your own service, a much more scalable and inexpensive solution.
  • Jitsi is compatible with WebRTC, the open standard for Web communication.
  • Jitsi supports advanced video routing concepts such as simulcast, bandwidth estimations, scalable video coding and many others.
  • Ubuntu and Debian packages for easy installation.

Architecture of Jitsi

  • Nginx: This is a web server which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and HTTP cache.
  • Jitsi Meet: This is a is stand alone application of the Jitsi Architecture which handles secure, simple and scalable Video Conferences for the end user.
  • Prosody: This component is a modern XMPP communication server.
  • Jicofo: Jicofo is a server side signalling focus component used in Jitsi Meet Conferences. It is responsible for managing media sessions between each of the participants and the videobridge.
  • Jitsi-Videobridge: This is a multiuser video XMPP server component.It is also a WebRTC compatible video router or SFU that lets build highly scalable video conferencing infrastructure (i.e., up to hundreds of conferences per server).
Image for post

So let’s start with the setup of our own video-calling services.

Requirement: One AWS Ec2-Instance to setup Jitsi Meet service(JMS)/

1. Go to Amazon Web Services’ Website. (link)

Image for post
Image for post

2. Sign in if you have account, if not make one

Image for post
Image for post

3. Click on EC2

Image for post

4. Click on Launch Instance

Image for post
Image for post

5. Select Ubuntu

Image for post
Image for post

6. Select Free Tier t2 micro

Image for post
Image for post

7. Configure Instance Details

Image for post
Image for post

8. Add Storage if you need it

Image for post
Image for post

9. Add a tag if you want to

Image for post
Image for post

10. Launch your instance

Image for post
Image for post

11. Create a key pair and make sure to save it somewhere safe. You won’t be able to replace it.

Image for post
Image for post

12. Launch the instance. Done!

After setting the instance, Create one subdomain and point it to the server IP.

Now This part shows you how to setup the jisti instance.

Prerequisites: All traffic must allow for all ports in AWS.

  1. wget -qO — | sudo apt-key add –
  2. sudo sh -c “echo ‘deb stable/’ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jitsi-stable.list”
  3. apt-get install apt-transport-https
  4. sudo apt-get -y update
  5. sudo apt-get -y install jitsi-meet

Enter: Jitsi meet url after pointing to server ip

To implement Free ssl (Letsencrypt ssl)

cd /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/


And it’s done. You can check while opening the URL in your browser. You don’t have to make an account with your email id just share the URL or meeting code with your friends and chat freely and safely.

Author: Vinamra Mittal

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