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On Demand Businesses 101

Become the next Uber of Everything: Diversify your On-Demand Business

Disruption of on demand economy can be majorly seen in three industries: transportation, food and logistics. Transportation is predicted to touch $100 billion mark by 2020. The digital logistics is forecasted to be worth $12.96 billion by 2020 while online food delivery has an opportunity to hit the $210 billion market. In every on demand business vertical, leading companies claim to be the Uber of their niche. Establishing itself as the Taxi king, Uber has already conquered ride-hailing niche. With a vision to Uberize the world, Uber is not just focusing on transporting humans but online food ordering as well as logistics management.

Realizing food industry as the next big disruption in on demand economy, Uber made its entry into online food delivery with UberEats. UberEats was first launched in 2014 covering 10 cities and has now expanded to 58 cities. Online food delivery model is completely different from ride hailing model. Chetan Narain, Product Manager, in one of his interviews mentioned “As we learned, we realized our ambitions for what UberEats could become was far larger than this app that we’d built for transportation”.

The Uber of Everything

The Uber of Everything

Understanding the psyche of customers of F&B industry, UberEats went through a lot of transitions. Their designer researched how customers in various cities used an app for food ordering. As an observation, she found out that people want quicker turn around in lunchtime whereas they are ready to wait longer for dinner.

Looking at the prevalent issues of online food industry, Allen Narcisse, General manager of UberEats said, said “What we found is that even if someone is willing to pay $45, $50, $60 for that delivery, they generally find it unsatisfactory. Restaurants are also unsatisfied with the fact that we’re taking a product that they put a lot of love into and delivering it in a way that’s just not satisfactory.”

Thus, Uber decided not to deliver food outside a certain proximity.

Evidently, Uber had been observing and learning to make UberEats what it is today.

Considering its late entry into online food delivery as an advantage, UberEats did it the right way

-Restricting restaurants to show up in a delivery radius in which it is feasible to deliver orders without compromising the quality.

-Focusing on pricing transparency more than round the clock availability of food.

-Rating food with simpler thumbs up or thumbs down because 3 star pizza or 4 star pizza does not make much sense.

With introduction of on demand deliveries provided by UberRush, it became Uber for everything.

Are you planning to diversify your on demand business? Learn the Uber way of doing it. Read more about UberEats!

The Uber Way to diversify On Demand Business

The Uber Way to diversify On Demand Business

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Uber Purchases Postmates – Another Big Acquisition to Disrupt the On-Demand Food Industry

Let’s admit it: Uber has been a smart player in the industry. Their decisive actions are always the talk of the town. The on-demand food industry is the perfect market fit for the times we live in. In a new series of events, Uber has just acquired Postmates. This all-stock deal ignites competition in the on-demand food delivery wars!

Remember the previous capped deal of Just Eat Takeaway with Grubhub? We all saw it coming as Uber earlier failed to collaborate with Grubhub. Read on to know more about it.

The game-changing deal

The on-demand food industry now has tougher competition owing to this giant collaboration. As the latest report suggests, the $2.65 billion all-stock deal will allow Uber Eats to get their tech and delivery operations merged with the existing Postmates app. This can be a tough face-off for other players in the market.

What does this collaboration mean for other players in the game?

Let’s get this straight: The more strong allies that come in the picture, the tougher the game becomes. If you are a part of the on-demand industry and are dreaming to make your existence count after these back to back big collaborations, don’t worry. A perfect plan to begin and execute can transform your business for the better. 

Here is a list of things that should be a part of your operational regime. Make sure you follow them religiously to get visible results. 

Stay visible, accessible and approachable to your customers

 The on-demand food industry is all about meeting and exceeding the expectations of your customers at the right time. It is important for your delivery services to reach your customers without any delay. This can be done by keeping your visibility high and getting an easy to access platform for your customers. We suggest creating an online marketplace or an uber-like app!

Automate your operations with powerful tech support

Ever wonder what makes Uber- a well-known name in the start-up industry? Great tech support that offers proactive solutions to the challenges that disrupt the overall journey. Get tech enthusiasts on board to help you set a benchmark with your presence.

Be true to your customers

If you wish to be a part of this industry for a longer period, you need to be a part of your customer journey. The on-time delivery of your services plays a vital role in establishing a healthy relationship. A happy customer channels the route for new customers too!

Time for action!

Dreams belong to those who attain them! Now is the time to make your dream a successful reality in the market. If you have been a part of the on-demand industry or are planning to make a big splash in this industry, connect with us. Let’s start this journey together! 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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The Best Alternative to ordering.co – YELO

Are you confused, and can’t decide on who to choose to create your virtual marketplace? Look no further as we have all the information you need to make the right choice. 

As the world has taken a turn online, it is the right time for you to have your business’s social presence. To keep the process simple and manageable you can for personalized website or a mobile device application.  

Now if you’re worried about building them yourself, relax! 

Ordering.co and Yelo are the two top-rated platforms that help you build your own website or application, here we will compare the two, to show you why Yelo is the best option. 


Unlike ordering.co, Yelo has a variety of business templates for you to choose from, starting from a food delivery app to a marketplace just like uber. Yelo will help you build the best online marketplace app on any on-demand business. 

You can choose just the perfect theme for your website or mobile application and design it just the way you’ve dreamed of. And hey, don’t worry about the coding stuff, Yelo has got you covered with that too. 


Yelo is the best alternative to ordering.co from the charges point of view. Whereas ordering.co your business will have to pay a monthly fee, Yelo offers you to begin free of cost, yes, at $0 for you to try for 14 days without any need to input your credit card details. 

Monthly charges for ordering.co are $149, on the contrary, Yelo charges $69 for their starter packages. You already see the major price rise, with not much extra to offer. 

The best ordering.co alternative has to be Yelo with its seamless and quick setup process, at an affordable rate. 

Backend management

Usually marketplace providers like Yelo and ordering.co provide the software for your businesses. What sets Yelo apart in this industry is their user friendliness. Yelo takes care of all your coding requirements. So there is absolutely no need for you to learn about it before planning to grow your online business. 

Along with the coding benefit, Yelo provides your business with fully hosted and equipped websites, with an excellent customer care service available round the clock to solve any or every query you have related to the service, making it the best alternative to ordering.co. 

Inventory management 

Having your online business website made by the best online marketplace builder is not enough. Managing the orders and inventory is the real task. Yelo offers you to integrate your systems, and help you manage your inventory. 

Along with the inbuilt inventory management system, it offers you to connect with Jungleworks other techsuites that are designed to help your business growth. You can manage your product deliveries by integrating your Yelo account with Tookan, a delivery management system. You can also use Bulbul, a customer relation management technology,  to manage and access your sales records anytime, anywhere. This feature adds value to Yelo and makes it the best alternative to ordering.co

Setup freedom

Apart from the various themes and templates. Yelo, unlike other marketplace builders, offers to customize the web pages and mobile application software just according to your business requirements. 

Yelo, helps you set up your marketplace within a day, giving you access to the fully customized admin dashboard, that guides you related to the promotion plans along with managing inventory and  merchants, and content pages for you to make any visual changes you need. 

The software is user friendly, and very easy to get acquainted to, you will take no time learning it. 

What makes Yelo the best alternative to ordering.co is its ability to adapt to all types of devices and setups to increase the reach of your business and become a source of attracting and retaining customers. 

Have you made up your mind? Start your journey with Yelo now!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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The Ultimate Handbook to Start your Online Marketplace Business

Starting an online marketplace might sound like a daunting task. Hence, it’s best to leave it to the experts: us! At Yelo, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Whether you want to create a food delivery service just like Swiggy or GrubHub or want to sell clothes online, Yelo has your back.

online marketplace business

Building an online marketplace is a huge challenge. Check out this step-by-step guide to starting your own online marketplace business to make things a whole lot simpler today!

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Make Money at Home By Creating a Freelancer Marketplace like UpWork/Fiverr

Working as a freelancer has grown in popularity over the years. In the past, being a successful freelancer meant networking with business officials in person in order to find jobs. As the need for freelancers has grown in today’s world, so have the number of platforms like UpWork/Fiverr to help companies and freelancers connect with each other. Something that was once considered a side job is now a major employment option for many.

What is UpWork/Fiverr?

With companies like UpWork/Fiverr, there are tonnes of job postings online under one platform. This means that freelancers can stay at home and build a career just by using one of these platforms. What UpWork/Fiverr does is create a freelance marketplace for people with many different kinds of skills. Graphic designers, yoga instructors, audio/video producers, or just about any other skilled individuals can find jobs at an online marketplace like UpWork/Fiverr. 

The thing about freelancers is that they’re always looking for platforms like these to get more workflow. UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com have seen immense growth in recent years and are some of the most established online platforms for freelancers.

Benefits of a Freelancer Marketplace

A freelancer marketplace connects individual professionals with businesses. A platform like this saves a great deal of time when it comes to finding work and getting work done, thereby benefiting both parties. Companies get to cut costs and freelancers get more work done in a lesser amount of time. 

With the advent of globalisation, the reach for professionals is now spread throughout the world and there is an undeniable and growing need for freelancers today. A report by UpWork said that 80% of large corporations are expected to increase their use of freelancers.

Create your own Freelancer Marketplace

Because this is a field that is expected to grow over the years to come, creating your own freelancer marketplace could be the next best thing. By creating this platform, you get to oversee and filter the content while also making money from every transaction that takes place. You have the power to create a marketplace where freelancers and businesses can connect with each other.  

You might be wondering how you can do this. Something that you may have assumed was complicated is quite easy to accomplish, in fact, you can create your own freelancer marketplace in just a few minutes using Husky. Husky is an online freelancer marketplace platform creator that lets you build apps like Upwork or Fiverr to hire independent professionals for any task you like online. 

Features of Husky

Husky lets you build dynamic apps and websites with all the tools you need for a successful freelancer marketplace. Set your own filters, create an effective bidding strategy, and oversee payments with the ease of online payment methods. 

As an admin, you can create dynamic themes for your application or website, manage sellers, oversee commissions and settlements, and get a separate filtered view of projects. Freelancers and companies get multiple benefits too. Payment gateways include a tip and tax option allowing freelancers a chance to earn more based on their performance. The integrated chat support allows freelancers and project owners to discuss important matters and even settle disputes between themselves. 

These are just some of the exciting features that Husky offers. Check out Husky for a more detailed overview of how to set up your own freelancer marketplace. 

The Future of Work

The online marketplace is a popular trend in business today, one of which is the online freelancer marketplace. A major chunk of the workforce is currently operating under the freelancer market, which is expected to grow over the next few years. Although there are established freelancer marketplace platforms, any innovation in the field can put your company on top of the game. Freelance is the future of work and you can be a part of that! 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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How to create a virtual library store for your book shop?

In the era of digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT), the online marketplace has become more interactive than ever before. And with the utilization of the internet, the door to a broad spectrum of avenues for e-businesses has opened and led to the online library business.

The conventional library model has become a victim of fast-changing consumer preferences and is on the verge of being rediscovered and remodelled in the form of an online library powered by technology.

Creating an online b2b book marketplace is one of the most promising and lucrative business opportunities for those who want to keep their passion for books alive and want to cater globally to a wide array of customers virtually. If you are thinking about how to start selling books online, well, keep scrolling to get your answers.

Why create a Virtual Library Store? 

  • Go Virtual: You don’t need to be physically present in a virtual store. You can run your business from anywhere, anytime. So, users can shop 24/7, whenever they find the time. Isn’t that a wow?
  • Cost-Effective: You don’t have to pay a fortune for furniture, staff, rent, license, etc., to start your business. Instead, route the budget to marketing and creating a virtual library bookstore that will cost you much less than setting up a physical store.
  • Easy Operations: With tech and digital advances, operating an online bookstore has become a piece of cake. You can effortlessly manage and handle the online store with the diverse plugins and intuitive interfaces available that makes everything easy to operate
  • Global Reach: With the rise of Internet shopping, it has become easier to market your products globally and stock books of diverse languages from across the world.
  • Recommendations and Feedback: One of the greatest benefits of an online bookstore is inviting recommendations and feedback from customers to gather necessary information and insight to increase your sales and credibility.
  • E-Books: With the rising popularity of portable devices, e-books are soaring in popularity and demand. And since, physical book stores cannot sell electronic versions of books, this makes selling E-books a natural fit for your online bookstore.
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Analysing Market Potential & Trends 

Did You Know: Over 675 million print-books were sold in the US alone last year?

The online bookstore industry is one of the fastest-growing e-business industries. The statistics that speak volumes about the trends are quite impressive:

  • According to Google India’s report, 90% of online shoppers buy products online, out of which, books rank as one of the top product categories purchased online with 62% online buyers.
  • Over 70% of publishers in India have digitised their content to produce ebook versions.
  • Selling books online account for 15% of the total e-commerce trade, after electronics (34%). 
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A step-by-step guide to creating a virtual library

Know the market

Before investing any amount, consult experts like existing booksellers, publishers etc., and get all the knowledge regarding the industry. Discover what niches are there that are left untapped and design your business model accordingly.

Plan your budget

It is essential to set your budget right and understand how you will be investing it right to reap the maximum benefits. At the initial stage, divert your budget to choosing the right b2b book marketplace and marketing your product on the right platforms.

Build Contacts with Relevant Book Publishers

Ensure to build strong contacts with everyone including publishers, wholesalers, distributors, fellow competitors, etc. While some publications deal directly with retailers, some only work through distributors. Choose your contacts wisely

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Bigger Variety of Books Categorically

You can pick from a plethora of book varieties – academic books, law books, children books, competition books, medical books, general books, foreign language books, etc. It is an exhaustive and never-ending list. The more the category and variety, the more customers you attract. 

Competitive Pricing Model

Set the price at a low-profit margin during your initial phase. To get the attention of customers, you can employ diverse sales gimmicks like discounts and rewards and ultimately expand your customer base.

Flexible Mode of Payment

For the users’ benefit, you could incorporate flexible modes of payment including wallets and digital payment which is now a common practice including Cash on Delivery. Ease of payment attracts more customers.

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Shipping Methods

Be sure, you deliver the books on-time with intact packaging. On-time and safe delivery gives you very good publicity and increases your online traffic.

Market Your Business Idea

For efficient marketing, use social media marketing to drive organic traffic and reach out to maximum buyers and run promotions to attract buyers from across the globe.

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Build an Online Store every Book-Worm will Love

An online book store has to be accessed online on a well-optimized website. Therefore, choose from top-notch online book store builders like Shopify, WooCommerce, 3DCart, JungleWorks, etc. to build b2b book marketplace that lets you furnish all the relevant information neatly like pictures of books, authors’ name, date of publication, selling price, etc. Choose an online marketplace that is compatible with all smart devices across cross-operating platforms.

JungleWorks is one of the most desirable e-commerce platforms that offer professionally-designed templates and empowers you to create an online store within minutes including must-have facilities like domain name, hostingshopping cartstore managerin-built marketing and everything you require to start your online bookstore. 

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Final Words

To conclude, a streamlined and enjoyable buying experience always encourages buyers for purchasing and hence, we highly recommend JungleWorks which is cost-effective and helps you create a visually appealing online marketplace. Also, be sure to take all the factors listed above into consideration. With JungleWorks, you can take the customer’s shopping experience to the next level with a strikingly attractive and rich-feature marketplace. 

Live your passion and love for books and start your online bookstore business today and leave the how-to start selling books online to us, with a single sign-up.

Reach us today to create miracles. 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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How to Build an Online Rental Marketplace like Zillow

From the second you find yourself on a rental landing page, you are bombarded with information about the best rental prices and jargon that goes way over your head. An online rental marketplace can be daunting for even the most experienced real estate guru, but if you know where to look, it can be a fruitful endeavor that leaves you with a forever home. A satisfactory experience is one of the most basic tenets of any online marketplace, and when it comes to rental properties and real estate, it has to be one that is accessible, secure, and personalized. 

There are several online rental marketplaces such as Airbnb and Zillow that have now become household names owing to their conducive user interface. Minimal fanfare and appealing visuals are one of the main selling points when it comes to e-commerce and these websites promise a smooth and hassle-free ride. 

For instance, on Zillow, you can buy/rent/sell real estate in a streamlined and efficient manner. Established across America, Zillow lets you browse their catalog for rental apartments, mortgaged properties, and real estate to compare prices, square footage, etc. along with other pertinent features. You can make an informed choice in a secure manner as Zillow ensures that all your transactions and dealings are safe and satisfactory. Now, if you want to rent an apartment in Washington, you can easily apply filters that will help you narrow down your search – price, bedrooms and baths, condominiums or co-ops, list of available amenities and several other factors align to help you find the best house. A map shows you the exact location of your apartment of choice to understand the geographical value of the property. Zillow is ideal for a starter who is renting an apartment for the first time. 

What’s More? Apart from being an online marketplace for real estate, Zillow goes a step further by providing crucial real estate assistance. You may ask queries about home loans, find an agent to help you with your search, or even list your own rental without much fanfare. An online marketplace is, first and foremost, a visual experience. Websites such as Zillow make it easier for the visitor to access a library of information and at the same, ask relevant questions regarding mortgage, personal finances, and other resources. Additionally, it comes as no surprise that the more minimalistic a website, the more credibility it has. Troves of information, pop-ups, chat-bots, and ads can populate a website to the point of incoherence. 

These features are simple to understand and equally important for a sustainable online marketplace. You can even take a gander at finding a space that is yours alone. Tiger is an easy-to-use and customizable software that not only lets you create an online ecosystem that is highly-personalized, professionally-designed, and fully-customizable, but also provides an enriching user experience. You can build something akin to the best online rental marketplaces from scratch without any need for advanced coding knowledge or high set-up costs that bleed you dry. For all your business needs, Tiger is there to assist you with step-by-step guides, demos, and expertise from the best in the industry. You don’t just have to list properties and spaces, it can be anything from furniture and equipment to apparel and books. A trusted platform builds credibility and with Tiger, you can create a profitable business from the get-go. 

The reliance on digital platforms stems from the need to move forward in a manner that helps businesses survive everything, including a pandemic. Online marketplaces provide exclusive and catered solutions if you are looking for a transition from a brick & mortar or even if you are thinking about setting up a new business vertical. Allow yourself the flexibility, time, and space to accommodate dynamic and enigmatic times, leaving room for accountability. The way to master an e-commerce business is to stay open for all possibilities and with your own online marketplace, you can do just that! 

To know more about it, feel free to connect with us.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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8 Business Ideas to Platform your Passion into a High-Earning Business Model

Although the traditional method of setting up a business has its benefits, living in a digital age has made having an online business the more profitable option. A popular and growing trend in the online business sector is ‘renting over buying.’ It’s cheaper and more convenient. 

A rental marketplace is a platform where goods and services can be rented out by individuals or companies. The perfect example of this is Airbnb. Since the massive growth of this company, other rental platforms have grown and will grow immensely in the years to come. If you find the need for a product or service, you can set up a rental business almost instantly. 

We’ve come up with 8 business ideas to transform your passion into a business.

1. Create a property rental marketplace 

Whether it’s for travel, work, or housing, you can create a property rental marketplace online for customers. Property is something that is always in demand and setting up a property rental software can be a great way to kickstart your own business.

2.   Establish a real estate marketplace 

Real estate is another industry that is booming, be it for commercial or personal purposes. Set up a real estate marketplace software to help customers find and short-list spaces at ease. 

3. The ultimate globe-trotter

Although travel is an extremely competitive sector, finding a niche can help put your business on top of the game. 

4. Provide the best audio and visual experience  

From house parties to large-scale events, organisers are always aiming to provide the best experience. Audio and visual equipment is usually rented and a good area to tap into. 

5. Stay home, stay fit 

Some people prefer going to a gym or studio whereas others prefer following an online fitness video or using fitness gear at home. Create a platform to target the latter. 

6. Fashion will never go out of fashion

Spending huge amounts of money on clothes or accessories for just one occasion can seem daunting. Instead, create a rental marketplace for fashion where customers can rent outfits for weddings, festivals, or other occasions. 

7. A hub for nature-lovers

The kind of fast-paced lives that we live calls for frequent weekend getaways and mini-vacations. Having an online rental marketplace for any kind of camping gear at an affordable rate will attract happy campers from all over. 

8. Set up the perfect home instantly 

The current and future generation is less likely to spend their whole lives in one place. Renting furniture or other household equipment works out much cheaper than buying and selling it every time you relocate.  

Aside from this, you can also set up a peer to peer marketplace platform and interact with other sellers. Creating a peer to peer marketplace software ensures that the best resources can be exchanged by various sellers and buyers for optimum usage, while you take a commission from every transaction. 

These are just a few ideas but hopefully, it will spark your imagination to start your own business. And don’t worry, there are various platforms that can help you establish an online rental marketplace like sharetribe or Tiger.

Tiger for instance, is an online rental marketplace where you can sell or rent just about anything. It also comes with all the tools you need to run an online rental business. There are tools for internal chat, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and customer relationship management. Tools like Bulbul, Keto, and Hippo will help your business function effectively with end-to-end solutions. 

Our current services include furniture, books, car parking, gaming equipment, coaching classes, and so much more. Tap into an existing industry, create a niche, or simply turn your passion into a profitable business using Tiger.

Check out the detailed list of all the services provided by Tiger and set up a rental marketplace today! 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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Chinese Apps Banned in India: A Chance for Indian Entrepreneurs to Shine?

“Good Ideas are the backbone of the good government”- Brian Schweitzer

Before starting, let me say it out loud that I am not a very political person. Like any other Indian, I have my opinionated voice irrespective of who stands in the power. Two days ago, a sudden announcement made me proud to be an Indian! 

Our honourable Prime Minister has taken the much-needed step to ban around 59 Chinese apps.  Now, this is a decision that makes me proud and optimistic about being Indian. The future is ours. This much-awaited decision has opened many doors for Indian entrepreneurs.

The Welcoming Move 

For years, Indians faced immense competition and risked being gobbled up by the Chinese market which had overtaken the monopoly. Economists believe that the coming time will mark a growth graph for Indian entrepreneurs. 

How Will this Decision Impact Indian Entrepreneurs? 

The current economic reforms in India showcases the true potential of the Indian market. The indomitable spirit of Indians is beyond imagination. The rise of the “Make in India” concept has changed the outlook of consumers for  the Indian entrepreneurs. People are ready to choose Indian products over other products. The idea of “Be vocal for localis a hit in the nation.

In a nutshell, this is a golden time for Indian entrepreneurs to start focusing on building their own empire. The stars are with you! All the Indians out there, buckle up. Time to rise and shine!

Indian Market Size:

Here are a few snippets about the Indian market  that everyone should know:

  • Indians purchasing power is escalating at a higher rate, making it the largest growing electronic market in the world.
  • Indian mobile market will touch 829 million users by 2023.
  • The Consumer Durables Index reaches up to 6.8 per cent in Jan 2020
  • 1 Indian consumer is said to spend nearly USD 6 trillion by 2030


The Pursuit of Opportunities 

So, the big question here is how to begin with it? Do you have a business idea or are still looking to find a vertical that suits you? You can go ahead with an informative guide to business ideas or can always talk to us. 

On  the other hand, if you have an existing business model, it’s time for an upgrade. You can always choose local technology to make your business compatible with the market demands. Or else, for a home-based business set-up, you can build your own marketplace and connect with your audiences. 


We have never been so lucky on our land. Here is one in a million opportunity waiting for you. Avail it before it goes! For further discussion, let’s catch up over a coffee!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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Our Journey and How You Can Become a Part of Us!

Ever wondered how JungleWorks achieved such great success in just a span of 5 years? Well, here we are to share our story and how you can be a part of our journey to create a successful online marketplace. 

A little about JungleWorks..

Jungleworks is a segment of ClickLabs inc, founded by Mr  Samar Singla in May, 2015. Jungleworks is a generalist software stack established with an aim to be the one-stop solution for the entire on-demand space. The team develops strategic products and solutions as they cater to the entire on demand user journey.

With the increased use of smartphones, Samar and his team of marketers and developers realized that online markets are bound to grow, and with that in mind the need for software houses to provide B2B integration will grow alongside. With that vision, Jungleworks became a pioneer of its niche, with more than five million users worldwide, today.

A little about our products.. 

Jungeworks has about 16 products for you to benefit from. These applications ease your hardships of handling your business by providing you with software to handle your logistics, commerce, and communication gaps. 

Wondering how to send your packages safely to your customers? Explore Tookan 

Wish to communicate with your team, anytime anywhere? Join Fugu

Can’t analyse your sales record? Leave that for Kato

Jungleworks aids your businesses, which can surely result in greater and longer benefits. With the new normal, most of us have thought of starting an online store and create our social presence. Jungleworks is the right partner to start your journey with. 

A little about our clients..

Our clients have always been our priority. Over the past five successful years, we can now proudly say that we have more than twenty-four thousand clients from around the globe. These clients belong to various marketplaces, such as health, beauty, food, hospitality, and more. 

To name a few of our dearest clients today, we have on board; Mcdonalds, JSW steels, Sylvan learning, Ehealth Africa, HonestBee, Gasco, One delivery Co UK, and many more. 

As we focus on a specific niche, we have a very high ratio of repeat orders, up to 80%. It can be said that we own this market, and have a set of extremely happy and loyal clients. 

We realize that our clients’ business needs to have a specific target market. This way their businesses can use its resources to attract just the potential customers, and not on the mass market. Resulting in growth of both, our clients and us. 

A little about our strategy..

We haven’t reached where we are today overnight, we have had our set of sleepless nights and tiring days. Until we figured out the right strategies to capture the market.

However, our vision has always been to create trustworthy relationships with our clients and customers, whether it’s a company, entrepreneur or an individual.  

The key to success in any business is consistency. It is better to realize this sooner than later. At jungleworks, we ensure that our products and services add value to our customer’s agenda and that too with consistency. We make sure our customers’ expectations are met, and they are satisfied with our service nonetheless. 

One of the reasons for our successful journey has to do with our policy towards integrity. It is our utmost priority, to be honest with our clients and keep their data, records, and dealings safe and secure. Keeping the goodwill alive. 

Now that we have spilled our secret recipe, you can learn the strategies and avoid these mistakes in your journey. Join your hands with JungleWorks and let us do the magic. 

How can you join us?

As the world evolves, creating valuable partnerships has become an amazing growth strategy. With JungleWorks’ goal of helping you grow, your business management will surely be more efficient and handleable.

To cater to all your needs, we have designed a Partner Platform, exclusively for you!

Our customer service is available round the clock to guide you related to all our technologies and software. 

A very basic procedure is followed to analyze your business by our team and you’re made partner in no time. Jungleworks partnership program has no registration fee, however, a one-time minimal commitment fee for the efforts to integrate your products with ours. 

Become a partner now!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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How to Get Affordable Legal Advice by Sitting at Your Home?

Are you stuck in a lawsuit, and can’t figure a way out? Relax. Everyone gets involved in a legal case now or then, but the way out is easy once you get yourself the right legal guidance. 

While the world has taken its shift online, Buddy provides an online consultation application for you to connect with the leading lawyers in India. It is a gateway for you to get your hands on expert legal advice at the comfort of your home. 

Why is it important to seek legal advice? 

Living in a country with numerous laws, it is hard to keep track of all of them. If you find yourself in a complicated situation, it is always better to consult a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Here are some benefits you should avail by getting online legal help

  • Learn your rights

There are various clauses in the law that are unknown to average men. The lawyers have a good understanding of them, so they can help us know our rights.

  • Ease your situation 

Legal cases may stress you out if you fail to understand the circumstances or overthink the results. Getting yourself expert opinion will give you peace of mind and hence ease the tense situation. 

  • Get your case handled properly

It is better not to discuss your legal crisis with any or everyone until you are sure that they will support you. Information leaks are a huge risk. Rather than getting opinions by friends and family, it is advisable to contact a lawyer and get your case and information handled with care. 

How can Buddy assist you? 

Buddy is an online platform for you to explore and choose an expert lawyer just according to the nature of your case. They are not only easily accessible but also easy on the pocket. 

From estate planning lawyer to an immigration lawyer, you can find all at just a click. 

Here’s a list of some of the lawyers you can find on Buddy from a range of over 20+ lawyers available 24/7 to assist you at reasonable rates

  1. Criminal lawyer
  2. Bankruptcy lawyer
  3. Tax lawyer
  4. Personal injury lawyer
  5. Family lawyer 

What sets Buddy apart? 

Wondering why to choose Buddy for getting your online legal consultant? Read along to find out how beneficial Buddy can be for you! 

Buddy has an extraordinary feature of replying instantly to your queries anytime, anywhere. It helps you connect to your chosen expert without any hassle with the ease of both, a  mobile application and a website dashboard. 

Are you thinking of the costs of contacting these experts? Worry not as they are very affordable and you don’t have to pay for any time you don’t avail. With its per-minute charges, you save a lot of money that the other competitors charge with their hourly rates.

The payments can be made online, reducing the wastage of your valuable time.  

Buddy ensures safe and transparent conversations with special care of your private information. 

How can you reach your Buddy? 

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Just click here to sign up with just your phone number and select the lawyer you wish to consult with. Or you can just drop your email, and they could get back to you in no time.

You can choose the way of communicating yourself as per your preference; chats, audio calls, or video calling. With a 24 hour availability, you can reach out to them anytime anywhere. 

Buddy aims to provide you assistance in the simplest way possible. With their experienced consultants and user-friendly application, it’s a treat for you in difficult times. 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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