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Become the next Uber of Everything: Diversify your On-Demand Business

Disruption of on demand economy can be majorly seen in three industries: transportation, food and logistics. Transportation is predicted to touch $100 billion mark by 2020. The digital logistics is forecasted to be worth $12.96 billion by 2020 while online food delivery has an opportunity to hit the $210 billion market. In every on demand business vertical, leading companies claim to be the Uber of their niche. Establishing itself as the Taxi king, Uber has already conquered ride-hailing niche. With a vision to Uberize the world, Uber is not just focusing on transporting humans but online food ordering as well as logistics management.

Realizing food industry as the next big disruption in on demand economy, Uber made its entry into online food delivery with UberEats. UberEats was first launched in 2014 covering 10 cities and has now expanded to 58 cities. Online food delivery model is completely different from ride hailing model. Chetan Narain, Product Manager, in one of his interviews mentioned “As we learned, we realized our ambitions for what UberEats could become was far larger than this app that we’d built for transportation”.

The Uber of Everything

The Uber of Everything

Understanding the psyche of customers of F&B industry, UberEats went through a lot of transitions. Their designer researched how customers in various cities used an app for food ordering. As an observation, she found out that people want quicker turn around in lunchtime whereas they are ready to wait longer for dinner.

Looking at the prevalent issues of online food industry, Allen Narcisse, General manager of UberEats said, said “What we found is that even if someone is willing to pay $45, $50, $60 for that delivery, they generally find it unsatisfactory. Restaurants are also unsatisfied with the fact that we’re taking a product that they put a lot of love into and delivering it in a way that’s just not satisfactory.”

Thus, Uber decided not to deliver food outside a certain proximity.

Evidently, Uber had been observing and learning to make UberEats what it is today.

Considering its late entry into online food delivery as an advantage, UberEats did it the right way

-Restricting restaurants to show up in a delivery radius in which it is feasible to deliver orders without compromising the quality.

-Focusing on pricing transparency more than round the clock availability of food.

-Rating food with simpler thumbs up or thumbs down because 3 star pizza or 4 star pizza does not make much sense.

With introduction of on demand deliveries provided by UberRush, it became Uber for everything.

Are you planning to diversify your on demand business? Learn the Uber way of doing it. Read more about UberEats!

The Uber Way to diversify On Demand Business

The Uber Way to diversify On Demand Business

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Coronavirus overshadow rental market growth: Everything you need to know

The coronavirus wave had clobbered the world’s economy. With an overall downside, the revenue figures are very disappointing. Speaking in length about how this deadly outrage has shown its impact on the rental market growth, the statistical data shows a visible dip. 

More than a quarter of the world is locked down and has left people with no other option than staying at home. This fresh dimension added to people’s daily behavior has left the rental market flabbergasted with drowning revenues.  

We have handpicked most of the common behavior shift of the world that has left the rental marketplace to face the tough hardships. Few of them are listed below: 

The struggles;

  • Social distancing

Social distancing is one of those terms that we have been listening to, since this outrage happened. As there is no vaccination still available in the market, health experts have urged the people to maintain a definite distancing from others in the society. This act of staying away from the crowd and detach oneself from the surroundings for a certain period of time is termed as “ social distancing”. This is the only way that can stop the COVID-19 contagious spread from an infected to a healthy individual.

How it impacts the Rental market industry?

When people refrain from coming out of their houses, there is no scope for the rental market to find any customer. This period of social distancing might help in distancing one from the virus but as a contra-impact, it is creating a strong hindrance in the rental market growth too. 

  • Quarantine time

Self- isolation has become the newest trend in the world. People confining themselves into their houses have stopped looking out for any investment over rental places. This prolonged quarantine period has contributed to allowing the world to hibernate in its own nest; without moving out. 

How it impacts the Rental market industry?

People have paused their plans to invest and explore the rental market because of the COVID-19 sad wave. This has directly resulted in showing a major dip in the earnings of a rental market place. 

  • People preferring no human contact

Yes, with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, people are trying their best to avoid maximum of the human contact. This step is necessary to make sure that the contagious step of COVID- 19 could be stopped in the first place. 

How it impacts the Rental Market?

This 360-degree change in the behavior of people to stay distant and isolated from others has shown a drastic decrease in the rental market. This has slowed down the market in a very scary way. No human contact means, no in-person deal. 

The Future of Rental Marketplace after Coronavirus wave subsides?

The Coronavirus outbreak has made the rental market to suffer more than 25% of loss in these couple of months. The figures are no doubt disturbing but as far as the future is concerned,  the market will surely see some hope in the coming times. As soon as the COVID-19 threat would remove, people will explore the opportunity to invest and grow in the rental market. 

Like all say, this shall pass too! If you are planning to start your new venture after the Coronavirus wave, make sure you pick the best from the market.

If you are looking for a concrete solution to establish a strong network in the rental market, make sure you connect with Tiger experts. For more information, connect with us. 

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6 ways Fugu bridges gap between employees and employers during this quarantine period!

As the Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, people are preferring to keep themselves under quarantine time. Perhaps, social distancing is the only way to control this contagious spread, people are finding alternative ways to keep their work going on. Working from home is one such escape which many of the companies are moving towards, in the midst of this virus’s deadly chaos. 

However, many of us are not used to work in virtual space and keep their teams and colleague connected remotely. And even, no one was prepared for this quick transitioning. For those, who are looking for a concrete solution to overcome this fear of remote connectivity and cohesion, Fugu has been the ultimate choice to go ahead with. 

If you are wondering and are afraid of your team productivity during this virtual office transition, you can pick up Fugu as your team connectivity medium and can combat this sudden change with perfection. 

Here is the list of different ways via which Fugu helps in adding proficiency in your existing team connectivity while working from home. 

Before we proceed, let us explain what Fugu is?

Fugu is an efficient and prominent chat software that gives the advantage to own a real-time team collaboration. From unlimited messages exchange to sharing the work updates via it, Fugu has covered all for you! 

In this crisis time, when employers are struggling to connect with the employees, Fugu acts as a bridge between them both. 

Fugu offers you real-time working track of your employees

Your employees must have a habit of punching in and punching out while being in office. Though it might take some time to come over the concept of virtual attendance, with time, it would become their habit. Fugu helps in accomplishing the same. How? Fugu has an in-built feature of attendance bot. This bot acts as the attendance register for your employees. As soon as your employee will punch in via the attendance bot, you would get the quick notification for the same. Hence, an employer will get the chance to get the real-time work track of the punching status of his team through it. Isn’t it a good way to track your employee’s working schedule?

Fugu offers you to initiate leave requests

Another important feature of Fugu that helps in building strong communication between the two, is the extended feature of leave requests. In case of any urgency, your employee can apply for the leave request, stating the reason too in it. Fugu will notify the manager about the same and on the other hand, the manager can either decline or accept the leave request. This will reduce the workload of typing a leave application over the mail. And hence, saving a good time for your employees as well as yours. 

Fugu offers you to share unlimited messages 

Unlike other chat platforms, Fugu gives you the advantage of sharing unlimited messages. As per the need, you can connect over with the colleagues and can share multiple messages. There is no restriction over the number of messages in Fugu. Moreover, the seamless transition of messages will make it comfortable for both to develop healthy communication. 

Fugu offers you to own a chat group with selected team members

In case of any announcements or team discussions, companies find it tough to address the whole team together while working from home. To ensure that there is no hassle in connecting with the whole team at the same time, Fugu offers the opportunity to create chat groups by selecting as many of the team members, one wishes to opt. From one on one chat to the group chats, the communication could be initiated without any trouble. This feature would help in making it easy for all to carry on the discussions and offer the announcements, in one go. 

Fugu offers you to share the multimedia exchange

At times, your employees might need to share multimedia with the team or to an individual. To skip the monotonous workflow of typing a mail and sending the attachments through it, Fugu has introduced its unique feature of having a quick multimedia exchange via it. Yes, you heard it right! All you have to do is attach the file and send it to the required person. It not only saves your time but also allows you to complete the work in a fraction of time. 

Fugu offers you to connect with the team via video conferencing

It is one of the coolest features that allows the team to get connected even in the virtual space too. There is a smart feature of video conferencing that can help in making the team connected to each other and share the work status, strategy, and other important discussions. Hence, it will contribute to bringing the overall efficiency of your team. 

Team communication Chat App

Wrapping Up

Sometimes, some changes are good! Getting an opportunity to work via home is a smart transition of work culture that might become the future of tomorrow!  Think again, are you ready to be the tomorrow? For more information about Fugu, feel free to connect with us.

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How Safe Pass empower Government decisions to Keep Lockdown?

The decisive actions of the Government to lockdown the places have been applauded because of its soothing impact on the current restlessness. Although, no one was prepared for it! This unanimous decision of the government to lock down the places has given a scope to the on-demand delivery businesses to carry out their business operations via their service agents. But, how can one be sure the delivery agent is away from any sort of infection?

Safe Pass: How it Works?

With the sudden announcements of lockdown, many of the people have confined them inside the four walls of their houses. However, because of some urgency, many of us need to step outside too. This was becoming troublesome for the Government and other concerned authorities to take a charge over the situation because stepping out from the home in some cases was equally important, as staying at home was! 

To deal with this strange situation, we are launching with our “Safe Pass app”. This app will help the government and agents in the easy distribution of the lockdown passes. This app would also allow in marking the people safe from the infection, even in scenarios when they need to come out. This could be done via checking the vitals, cough, fever and cold of individuals. This will give a clear indication of whether the person is suffering from the contagious ailment or not. 

How Restaurants and On-demand delivery businesses can get benefit from it?

In the midst of all the chaos, here is news to cherish. With Safe Pass, you can keep on moving ahead with the sales of your business without any interruption. As soon as your delivery agents need to step out of their places to make a delivery, their vitals would be monitored. This recorded vitals would be an assistance in allowing the agents to get clearance for reaching the desired destination. 

As soon as your restaurant or an on-demand delivery business gets an order, you will assign a delivery agent to proceed with the further delivery process. To experience uninterrupted delivery, you can use the Safe Pass App. As all government agencies would be registered on this platform all that you have to do is signup on the platform to fill the general information form as mentioned by the government and once it is done it will be sent to the agencies for approval. Once it is approved there you go with smooth and faster deliveries to your customers.

How will the Government benefit from Safe Pass?

We all know that the Government is already burdened with the responsibilities of keeping the people safe and away from the deadly outrage. To reduce their burden, Safe Pass could be used. It will help in ensuring minimizing their task. The optimized use of Safe Pass would allow in:

  • Reducing the applications to release pass for people to step out
  • Gives a clear picture of the individual health status through the recorded information via Safe Pass app

If an individual turns out to be a positive case;

In such unwanted situations, Safe Pass will notify the concerned authorities in the first place. It will also help in tracking the people where the agent has delivered the order in the last 7-10 days. Thus, informing the government and people on the spot. This extended reach of the Safe Pass App will help in making the Government work more seamlessly and less complexity.

Let’s fight it together

Our venture Safe Pass App is created, keeping in mind the restlessness among the on-demand delivery businesses and the impending hassles of Government to serve the community altogether. 

This initiative will be a win-win situation for all if everyone plays its role sensibly! For more information, connect with us.

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Jungleworks: Rebranding the Tech World

“Evolution tells us where we came from, not where we can go”-  Jerry Coyne

While it is natural for everyone to think why a leading tech company suddenly talks about Evolution and how we connect the dots of Evolution & Jungleworks.

Well, to let all of you know, Jungleworks has decided to rebrand itself in the coming days and “Evolution” is the theme that is driving us for this rebranding. One fine morning our Founder & CEO, Mr Samar Singla, gave us a call about the idea of rebranding the whole concept of Jungleworks and coming up with something new, essentially something which Jungleworks as a brand stands for.

Honestly, Jungleworks is not really about us as a leading technology company it’s about you, our clients. We are proud of the fact that in such a short time span we have successfully built businesses, changed lives and are fortunate to see this happen, each day. Over the years, we have shared our innovative products with highly evolving clients than ever before from around the world.

To be honest, no word could define us better than “Evolution”- we are proud to be the experiment specialists in this tech jungle.

What connects our brand and  “Evolution” is the concept of development, growth and change. We at Jungleworks are always striving to work towards innovation in the field of technology, with the only objective of bringing groundbreaking change in the world. While the world is becoming technologically advanced, we are always looking forward to working with different kinds of Tech concepts, from making life easier for people to manage their daily businesses or letting them communicate easier & faster. 

Our rebranding goal was to keep the focus on you – Our clients, your achievements and the way all technology products make a difference in your life & connect the way we look at our values and the clients we serve.

Our revamped look keeps the focus on you, your achievements and the ways design can make a difference. The team within the company worked to align our goals & the concept that we wanted to build on. We started with working on different variations of the logo that defines our objectives & theme. We also kept in mind that every product logo in Jungleworks looks different and has its own entity. We hope that on April 2, 2020, when we unveil the concept, we can make a difference to the ever-changing technological world.

# Jungleworks# Rebranding# Evolution# ComingSoon

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5 Ways Lovely Professional University is using Fugu To Strengthen The Campus Communication

The adaptive ways of technology have opened many doors for improvement when we speak about the education system. Gone are the days, when a student-teacher relationship was confined up to the four walls of the classroom. With a more competitive atmosphere building up around the society, the ongoing need to maintain healthy and strong communication between the two channels (Professors and Students) is evident.

Let’s discuss how one of the leading educational institutions of India; Lovely Professional University has evolved its processes in a way that strengthens the bond between students and professors.

Before talking about the adaption, let’s have a sneak peek of what were the major challenges being faced by the authorities as well as the students on practical grounds. 

Major Challenges Faced

Here is the list of common challenges that the students, as well as the teaching authorities, were facing from time to time.

Struggle to Communicate Remotely

We all know that communication is the key to success when we speak about the concept of imparting knowledge. The biggest hurdle the professors were facing was to establish a strong and progressive two-way communication channel between the students and teachers. The inability to communicate well leads to major distress in both. Practically, it was not a cakewalk to always expect all the students of a batch to stay under one roof and communicate well with the teaching staff. This one drawback was letting many of the bright successful upcoming stories to loose their path in a midway. 

Struggle to Hand-pick the selected students every time

On talking with the concerned authorities, it interfered that many times the authorities were facing a roadblock in making a selected group of students to attend a session. However, the system was using the concept of e-connection at some places, but it was a major flop when it comes to hand-pick the selected individuals either students or teachers to be a part of the group. This struggle was igniting the situation of helplessness, even with the presence of an active internet connection in every possible hand. 

Struggle to share the digital notes 

Our education system has broken all the stereotypes methods, where a student needs to dig his head in the pile of books. With the technology becoming smarter every day, the whole concept of going through bulky books is often replaced with a handful of important notes. Moreover, there are certainly important parts of information that the professor wishes to share with all of its students. Ironically, these digital notes are often confined to a few people. And practically it was difficult for the teachers to track the notes accessibility to every student of their class. 

Struggle to offer important announcements

LPU is a growing educational institute that has many of the students, teaching and non-teaching faculty connected with them. In order to circulate one important notice or information, it took a certain time. Moreover, again the tracking of information passed through was a painstaking process. It was noticed that many of the times, there was a couple of information or the pieces of announcements that fails to reach all because of one or the other reason. 

Struggle to connect with multiple users

Last but not the least, though the university was trying to use technology at the maximum to keep its public connected because of multiple users, it was again a challenging task. The number of students alone in the university is more than thousands and still, there are dozens of teaching as well as non-teaching staff.

Fugu: The Big- Time Savior

Technology is everywhere. One needs to identify which part of technology could be used where and how it could help them in a better and longer way. When LPU connected with the team of experts at Jungleworks, the every minute trouble was sorted with a single solution. 

How did Fugu help?

Fugu is a team communication software that enables multiple users to stay connected every time, anywhere via a strong internet connection. Being compatible with ios, android and web platforms, Fugu becomes the instant choice of communication in LPU.


Instant Remote Communication possible

Fugu offered the LPU team to connect with the students, teachers and non-teaching staff via a single platform. Making all the people gathered at the same place to communicate is no longer required. All that is required now, is Fugu installed on every mobile.

 Chat group creation  with selected students

Yes, as per the need one can easily add and remove the students and other members from a fugu group instantly. To save more of the time and energy of the people, we at Jungleworks have extended its help in making the desired groups in a fraction of seconds.

Smartly distribution of e-notes

Fugu allows the teachers and students to share the digital docs via it. This means, no more chasing to find the notes. One can easily get his notes via Fugu. 

Make special announcements groups

In order to get a quick escape from imparting information from one person to another on a big campus like LPU, Fugu can be used. With the creation of an announcement group, the authorities easily share important information and announcements seamlessly. 

Adding multiple users, no longer a dream

Fugu has helped the LPU family to come together and connect with each other, irrespective of the number of users adding per day. The smart communication platform supports the use of multiple users in one go.

Lovely Professional University is growing with Fugu! 

With 35k + users currently using Fugu to enrich their communication, the LPU family is growing and glowing with the right use of technology. In the coming times, the figures are most likely to see an exponential growth of around 50k+ users.

LPU chooses the smart way to keep its resources connected to it. So, when are you going to take this progressive decision for your educational institute?

For more information, connect with us. 

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6 ways Knowlarity contributes to making Bulbul- A Smart CRM

Your business success depends upon how far you can go to connect with your leads and convert them at the right time. Putting up good efforts to market your brand is a pressing necessity to deal with the tough competition but channelizing the results to drive your ROI is uttermost important.

CRM holds strong importance in any business sales process. It not only allows you to get a systematic lead flow but also helps in identifying and categorizing the leads in a better way. 

In this write-up, we will discuss how a smart collaboration between Knowlarity( AI Cloud Telephony Solution) and Bulbul ( Sales CRM) brings the results in an unexpected manner. 

For those, who are new connectors with us, must know that Bulbul is an efficient sales CRM that helps a business to keep its sales revenue high with better customer services. From data integration to getting data-packed details, it has covered all for your business smooth sales process. 

Knowlarity: Why it is a smart decision to integrate it with Bulbul?

Knowlarity, as mentioned above, is an AI Cloud Telephony Solution that excels in offering advanced features of calling via virtual number, IVR, progressive dialing and many more. The decision to integrate it into an existing CRM; Bulbul helps the latter to add more proficiency in its operational processes. 

Here is how Bulbul become a perfect example of leading the revenue game with the help of Knowlarity!

Swift Channelization of multiple client communications!

When you are into the sales process, you need to be on the toes at every hour of the day. Onsite or offsite, you need to offer your availability to your prosperous clients. However, prior to the integration, sometimes it was difficult to get easy access to all the business conversations. But with the Knowlartiy platform, it becomes a seamless task to let your salesperson take the calls via the distributed call center mobile app, even being remote from the workplace. 

This one feature adds maximum competency of the sales team by offering them the flexibility to initiate the conversations at the customer’s preferred time. Moreover, the pre-built feature of cal recordings helps in getting all the pieces of conversation together. 

Your data is safe!

If you ask any business, what is their biggest fear in the competition, they would tell you about the nightmare of losing the important data. Though technology has been kind enough to help the businesses save their essential data but still the fear of losing it exists. To make sure that data stored with Bulbul remains secure and safe, Knowlarity plays an important role. The underlying role of Knowlartiy helps in keeping the customer credentials and other information intact with zero maintenance. 

The assistance continues for the whole day! 

When you are in the competition, you are always under the radar of performing better than ever. This simply refers to the need of your availability among your customers. However, on practical grounds, it might be exhausting to stay online 24×7  for assisting the customers. To combat this challenge, Knowlarity contributes to offer a chance to keep yourselves round the clock available on any day of the year. This means, you are never out of the competition and are always connective to your upcoming business lead.

Data- packed analytical reports are available to access!

Data handling can become an easy task when Bulbul and Knowlartiy join their hands to make data accessible in one click. You can create a customized analytical dashboard and can get the hand-picked CRM suite with relevant data at your fingertips. This process owes to help a sales process target and retarget the right set of leads at the right time. 

Give your customers a better and remarkable experience!

Every business thrives to retain its customers and help them to feel comfortable and connected with their services. Knowlarity helps in bringing that X-factor to live in your business. With offering custom greetings in customer’s regional languages, it helps in ensuring that every customer reaching to CRM will get a personalized and oriented IVR response. Bulbul is widely operating worldwide with global customers. Integration of customized IVR contributes to making the customers get a sense of belongingness with the business. 

Ditching the Demographic Constrictions!

Above all, letting your business get a cover over the whole globe is a smart decision. Knowlarity does the same for you. Bulbul is getting an international exposure to customer’s connections by having virtual international numbers. Now, skip the idea of setting up different office branches in various locations. All you have to do is to own Bulbul. Its smart integration with Knowlarity will help you to make your business reach to any part of the globe. 

The future

Any business that decides to pick Bulbul as its CRM suite will definitely reach heights in less time. If you are owning a business and is progressive about making it reach success, connect with our team. We will help you to outshine the competition!

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Here’s How Husky Helps In Connecting Talent To The Employers

Freelancer market is growing exponentially in recent times. With the world becoming accessible through e-connection, the need to reach out the right talent could easily be met via a smart internet connection. For those, who are not much familiar with the concept of the freelancer market, it is a place where you can get in touch with the right pool of talent and can pay them per project. On similar grounds, a skilled professional can take up the work through this freelancer marketplace and can get paid accordingly. 

Even the established businesses are harnessing this ability to get connected to people and are making a big profit out of it. When the world around you has taken the opportunity to grow with the concept of remote connectivity as a resource, have you managed to fit in the shoes?

2020 will be all about getting and maintaining worldwide connections via the spark of global network escalation. Here is the time, when you should also value this unique concept and get the optimum benefit of it. 

Connecting the dots

Growth with technology is predictable. One has to pick the right platform to walk upon and rest would be history. Speaking in length about how a perfect marketplace can allow you to connect with the required dots of growth, we have curated a custom-based and trend-oriented marketplace that will help you to stay in touch with the right people. 

Why is a marketplace such as Upwork or Fiverr required?

There are already many giant players in the market who are progressively shaping the industry. But, when we say giant players, they sometimes miss the basics. Though these platforms are doing a great job by connecting the resources to the requirements, still they have their share of downsides that need to be addressed.

Having a powerful marketplace where one can easily get a chance to meet the desired talent without any waiting, has become the need of the hour. Moreover, the long-pending approvals are one of the tiring features of these giant players, that gives space to the new aspiring players to be an integral part of the competition. 

Husky: A perfect choice to start your Own Freelancer business 

For those who are new to connect with Husky, here are a few exclusive features of Husky that make it a perfect and on-the-go choice for all. 

Customized Themes 

Husky helps you to own a customized theme for building up a marketplace. We believe in letting you give a distinguished brand identity. It helps your loyal customers and new audiences to differentiate your presence from others in the market. On the whole, it helps in attaining more number of customers connected to your marketplace. 

Better user experience

Our experts are dedicated to allowing your end-users to get a hassle-free scrolling experience. A smart and impressive user interface makes it quite simple for the users to place their bid seamlessly and identify the projects they wish to work upon. This makes the overall experience of your customers appreciable and effortless. By offering a seamless experience, you can get in the race of competing with the giant players too. 

Enhanced Chat options

With Husky, you would get the chance to stay in touch with the freelancers at any hour of the day. The smart chat integration component helps in establishing better communication with the resources and helps in knowing about their suitability for the required project. It also helps in bringing healthy communication at times of the requirements. 

Payment Channels

You need not worry about the hassles related to the payments. With a pre-built option of multiple payment channels, one can easily think of connecting with the right resource irrespective of the demographic constriction. The multiple payment integration options help in making a smooth payment experience. From paying to receiving the money, everything could be sorted with the help of these payment channels. 

Track the digital documents

Last but not the least, get to know-how about the complete whereabouts of how customers are connecting with your marketplace and what is their working journey with the help of a robust admin dashboard. It helps in getting powerful insight data-packed reports in one reach and helps in taking progressive business decisions.

Own it, the way you want it!

Husky is here with you to help you build your marketplace. Tell us your requirements and we will do it, just the way you always wanted to. For more information, connect with us. https://jungleworks.com/husky/fiverr-and-upwork/

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Is Coronavirus Epidemic a threat to the Real Estate industry?

The current COVID- 19 spread has shown its harsh consequences to the world. If we talk about its miserable effects on businesses, we have a sad report in our hands. With the people adopting to quarantine themselves to avoid the unexpected infection of Coronavirus, many businesses’ revenue is at stake. Talking religiously about the Real Estate Market, it has its own share of ups and downs with the exposure of COVID-19.
Looking at the wider picture, it could be said that as compared to other businesses, the real estate business has not come to a complete halt. With a few adjustments of its own, the business is doing fairly well in some cases. 
Prior to this Corona situation, things were totally different. There were many of the site visits, price negotiations, optional properties and many more! But now things have changed drastically.  With a little shaken-up real estate market, plunging economy, greater uncertainty of future income, there is a hike in upended decisions of both; buyers and sellers.

How Coronavirus is impacting the statistics of the real estate market?

As per the reports generated by real estate analysts, unlike other markets, the real estate market would remain insulated with the Coronavirus recession. Though the choices of people to confine themselves to a safer and isolated place would impact the frequency of on-site visits, it most likely changes the behavior of customers buying and selling their homes only. 

What measures could be taken to prop up the real estate market tumbling?
There is no gradual fallout in the economy of the real estate market worldwide till now but the future is still unpredictable. One has to back-up his real estate plans in a way that they could shield the operations from this fatal attack of the Coronavirus. But as of now, there is no negative fallout to the industry but at the same time, one needs to be cautious too!

As we discussed above, one needs to have its own set of underpinnings to support and combat the situation at the best. The looming recession could be tackled diligently with the assistance of technology.

Apart from dealing with the operations of the real estate market, one needs to push himself to focus on the sidelines that could now empower the businesses for the best. 

Here’s how online real estate marketplace can shape the future of the market
You must have heard a couple of times about online businesses. Many of people prefer to buy groceries, apparel, and other house-hold things via an online platform. Then, why not a house? Yes, don’t be surprised! A buyer buying journey has been swiftly moved to an online platform from an offline one. People are comfortable putting their trust vote for online shopping. It’s time to overshadow the stereotypes mindset of mandatory site visiting, before making a hefty investment. 

Build your own real estate marketplace and connect with your potential property buyers via a click. It might sound little offbeat to many, but this is the upcoming reality of a booming market. Make sure you follow the trend and stay in the competitive race for a longer period of time.

Tiger: Connecting the Buyers to the Sellers

Tiger is your next destination to keep your real estate sales high irrespective of any toxic spread of coronavirus. From offering you an unique marketplace to showcase the properties to allow you to make a prompt deal, we have covered all for you. Get an insight into how Tiger helps you in building your own space to sell the space at great pace. 

Customize the way, you want

Every property of yours is different, so are its clients. It is important for you to ensure that you get an abundant space to showcase them in your own way. Tiger allows you the same. You can design and fully customize your rental marketplace as per the requirements. The higher scalability of the platform makes it a seamless feature to grow your business via online portal. 

Enlist your properties

When you customize your rental place, we give you a chance to enlist and broadcast each and every property in a way that its potential buyers will find you by themselves. We help you to list all your properties with a single marketplace. 

Get complete tech support

To make sure that you are offered complete assistance from scratch till the time your business reaches the sky, we are here to help you in the best way possible. 

And you are good to go!
Get your real estate business live on the online marketplace via Tiger and you are all set to keep rocking with high sales in your real estate business. We help in reducing the distance virtually between your buyers and properties via Tiger. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Say Cheers! to Online Alcohol delivery business in this COVID-19 outbreak

The rising pandemic of COVID-19 has already caused havoc that has eventually led to drastic consequences at a global level. The crowd is getting restless with the abrupt change and are worried about their future.

People have started to self isolate themselves by maintaining social distancing. In such a chaotic situation, businesses are finding it difficult to hold a strong ground in the market. But like every cloud has a silver lining, in the same way, some businesses have seen a surge in their service demand during this epidemic.

The global crisis is nowhere to stop in the coming future. The times, when the world is at standstill mode, various bars and restaurants are also shutting down. However, to deal with the immediate crisis, people have stocked their favorite drinks. But with the greater uncertainty about the time period of this virus spread, there is no quick escape. One has to face the empty shelves soon! 

Have you thought, what will happen if the stock gets empty? People have to come out once again to buy alcoholic beverages from the stores which is not at all possible on practical grounds. And as a result, they will just have to watch Netflix with no beer which is going to be huge boredom. And to ignite the situation, don’t forget its quarantine time too!

There is a simple rule for doing business. If your customers are not reaching to you, make sure you reach them. Experts believe that in contrast to offline liquor shopping, switching online will definitely skyrocket the sales of liquor stores in this current outrage.

Each and every type of business is putting up an effort to stabilize its sales numbers in this outrage. Switching the mode of business from offline to online seems by far the best alternative that will provide a positive breakthrough from the crisis.

Stats of alcohol delivery market

Here are some statistics of the booze market that will definitely boost you to go online and start your own on-demand alcohol delivery business.

  1. It is believed that as citizens are forced to stay home, they’ll adapt their lives accordingly and so will the businesses around them. Once that switched-up routine becomes second nature, it’ll be hard to break.
  2. Some UK Based companies are urging its customers to pre-pay for the orders and enjoy them when everything is over.
  3. The CAGR rate of the alcohol market is continuously growing by 2.1% from 2017 and it is estimated that after 2020 it will grow at a rate of 6.1% which will lead to humongous profits for the alcohol business.
  4. The U.K is ranked #1 and the U.S is ranked #2 in the consumption of liquor.

Things to start your online alcohol delivery business

If you are really clutched about going digital in this turmoil, then you need to loosen up a bit. It’s very easy to take your business online. You will require just 3 things

  • An online marketplace where you can showcase your alcoholic beverages
  • A convenient delivery management Software
  • A group of delivery agents

And you are ready to roll. Take a wise decision to pick up an appropriate marketplace builder that will cater to you with service apps and customer apps. Pick up a fine delivery management software that will automate your delivery operations, track your delivery agents in Real-Time and will provide you with optimized routes to ensure on-time deliveries.

After shifting online, you need to scrutinize a few things for your business to pay off.

  • Provide proper convenience to your customers in terms of delivery service. People like quick services so delivering alcoholic beverages within 30 minutes or less can make your on-demand alcohol delivery service stand out in the big league. So in short, an optimized delivery service will help you in improving your sales and will also help in customer retention.
  • Provide constant support and value to your customers as they are the most crucial assets of your business. Delivering value will help in strengthening and expanding your client base and within no time you will obtain high ROI.

Benefits of online alcohol delivery business

There are several benefits of online alcohol delivery over offline liquor delivery

  • No need to wait for your customers to step out and buy alcohol
  • Easy to get the alcohol delivered without encouraging people visiting your shop
  • Can offer hygiene-controlled and on-time delivery 
  • Non-Contact Deliveries – Delivery agents could simply drop-off the delivery bags at the doorstep

Wrap Up

The rising potential of online alcohol delivery business can be acknowledged in one word: Cheers!. Businesses have sought new and innovative ways to reach their target audience to deliver them what they want. 
TOOKAN is a delivery management software that is currently catering to various on-demand delivery businesses with the best in class features. With TOOKAN businesses have been able to strengthen their client base by providing exceptional delivery service. Get in touch with us so that we could assist your on-demand alcohol delivery business.

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Coronavirus Transitions to Work from Home

With everything that’s happening about the Coronavirus, it might be very hard to make a decision of what to do. 

Companies all over the world are making their operations remote for the first time to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

But, what about JungleWorks? How are we all doing in these times of uncertainty, and what safety measures are we taking for ourselves, our families, and our communities?

Our CEO & founder, Mr Samar Singla leads with empathy, solidarity, kindness, and courtesy as we work together through these uncertain times. He believes the safety of the employees comes ahead of the business operations as there exists no business without its employees. 

JungleWork employees have been working from home since the start of the week and continue to do so until the situation turnarounds. 

In such times, employees and managers are determined to keep the foundation of the company strong. As we evaluated the tasks this week, we observed more efficiency in the work pattern of employees. 

Managers have been encouraging to keep an open line of communication with the team as communication is a two-way street. They have also been encouraging the team members to take mental wellness time in these tough times. 

Even though the operations have slowed down, due to the overall economy hit, the workforce is trying its best to help the community with its solutions and efforts.

We believe this pandemic will shape our lives, our work, how we travel, and more for years to come. In times like these, leaders will emerge in unlikely ways.

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