Different business types have different requirements

Yelo Storefront

Single storefront requires you to focus on optimising sales by providing a seamless experience to your customers.
Provide your customers with order updates.
Converse with them through phone, live chat or WhatsApp to provide better support.
Hyperlocal Marketplace
Hyperlocal Marketplace

Yelo Hyperlocal Marketplace

Hyperlocal Marketplace requires targeting the audience and providing on-time delivery.
Notify customers with instantaneous updates through WhatsApp, email, SMS, or app.
Enable communication between customers and agents.
Provide instantaneous support to customers with help of customisable chatbots.

Yelo Direct-to-Consumer

To provide a personalised buying experience and increase your brand value.
Build your brand by using a data platform to get the context of all preferences of customers on the basis of past engagements.
Enable omnichannel engagements to create seamless customer experience.
Hyperlocal Marketplace
Hyperlocal Marketplace

Yelo Headless Commerce

Since Yelo is now customised according to your needs, so shall be Hippo.
Choose from multiple channels for engagements between you and your customers.
Customise email templates and make unlimited segments.
Get fully customised chatbots and tailor quick responses.

Get your marketplace a complete engagement and marketing suite

Why Hippo Automation?

Cohesive and coordinated campaigns

Send instant campaigns for product updates, promotions or discounts. Schedule omnichannel campaigns for the whole customer journey from welcome emails and feedback notifications.
Hyperlocal Marketplace
Hyperlocal Marketplace

Re-engagement and Retention:

Target abandoned carts and your inactive customers with email and push notifications and invite them back using their preferred channel.

Whatsapp Widget

Employ the power of the most popular social media to provide support to your customers by enabling communication between all your stakeholders including merchants and agents.

Hyperlocal Marketplace
Hyperlocal Marketplace

Advanced segmentation

Segment your customers according to their demography, interests or journey and target them more effectively and efficiently.

Omnichannel Instant Broadcasts

Enable omnichannel marketing.Use emails, WhatsApp, SMS, push notifications to send messages in one click.

Hyperlocal Marketplace
Hyperlocal Marketplace

Intuitive Analytics

Review your campaigns and your engagements from a single dashboard. Visualise your performance and strategise accordingly.

RFM Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of demography, geography is old school. Hippo takes you a step further and helps you segment on RFM metrics, enabling you to target your customers better.

Hyperlocal Marketplace

Few common use cases

  • customer engagement automation platform Welcome Journey
  • customer engagement automation platform Incomplete onboarding journey
  • customer engagement automation platform Inactive users journey / Churned userbase
  • customer engagement automation platform “No order” users journey
  • customer engagement automation platform Post delivery “Thank You” journey
  • customer engagement automation platform News/Update triggers
  • customer engagement automation platform Promotional triggers
  • customer engagement automation platform Location-based triggers
  • customer engagement automation platform Branding and seasonal triggers

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