Truly Omnichannel

Having 3 channels for marketing does not make your marketing omnichannel. Hippo provides you with various channels including WhatsApp, the most engaging of all time.

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Unlimited Customer Database

Context of past interactions is important if you want to provide a seamless customer experience. That’s why Hippo provides you with an unlimited customer database so that you have every single detail of your customers.


Hippo enables you to use any combination imaginable to segment your customers. It can be any combination of events, profile attributes, location, predicted values, etc. over any period of time.

RFM Analysis

Get insights into your customers' behaviour and their LTV. Learn which of them are most likely to buy from you and how to get more from your current customer base.

Instant Data Import/Export

Hippo can get you started within minutes. You can import all your data instantaneously from previous system and export it for further uses in form of CSV.

Customer Journeys

Enable live campaigns to engage with your customers.A live campaign is a set of multiple trigger-based campaigns that are shown to customers when a specific action is taken. Imagine every possible action and map out a seamless customer journey.

Powerful Analytics

Get a comprehensive overview of all your campaigns' performance at one place. Or dive into any of those campaigns you can analyze the details of each campaign and measure its results against your targets.

Instant broadcast

Shoot emails or send promotional emails to thousands of people at a time within a few clicks. Give every update from a new product’s arrival to upcoming offers and personalised discounts instantaneously.

Email templates

Every firm is distinct, as are its consumers. You should not have to rely on default templates. You have the option of creating or importing any template you desire. You can also use the email builder to create landing pages for your website.

Dedicated Apps

Get Hippo on your mobile. Download the Hippo app on your android or iOS devices and manage all your marketing on the go.

Enable Conversational Marketing

41.3% of consumers prefer conversational marketing tools for purchases. Not using them is like giving away half of your revenue. Enable chatbots, live chats, phone calls and audio/video calls to serve your customer better, may it be pre-sale or post-sale services.

Assistance and Tips from team Hippo

At Hippo, we want to help you succeed in all aspects of your business. That’s why we created numerous blogs, ebooks and a helpdesk to cater for any query you have. You can also live chat with our team by clicking on the widget below.

Empower WhatsApp

Engage with your customers on the most versatile app

Create campaigns that include videos, GIFs, etc. Provide proactive customer support Target abandoned carts Convert dormant users and window shoppers into customers

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