The Story

Jugnoo is a hyperlocal marketplace present in over 120 cities across the globe, that caters to the on-demand needs of customers.
Customers can book rides, pickups and deliveries, order food, groceries, fruits and vegetable through Jugnoo mobile app.

Changing lives one bit at a time

Milestones achieved

  • 29 M

  • 120

  • 8 M

  • 0.1 M


Fulfillment of needs of today’s customer is the most challenging part of any business, especially in case of on demand economy. If you do not keep your customer happy, somebody else will. Fugu has helped Jugnoo in retaining customers and building a loyal userbase.

Instant replies to the customers

Being an on-demand marketplace, Jugnoo needed to have on-demand support too. The customers need instant replies to their queries. Hippo helped establish an on-demand customer support system that enable:

  • - Self support through chat bots and faqs
  • - Personalised support through one-on-one chat, phone and audio/video calls.

Removed ticketing system

Creating tickets used customers to provide details and wait. Removing ticket system was inevitable. Introducing in-chat support allowed Jugnoo to resolve issues in minutes. It ultimately lead to:

- Customer satisfaction Increase - Positive feedback


Reduced Order Cancellation

Jugnoo Analysed that 80% of its orders were cancelled because of the lack of flexibility in order updates. In an on-demand business, the turnaround time has to be quick. Hippo enabled Jugnoo to:

  • - Make order changes in real-time
  • - Reduce order cancellations

Order Personalization

Personalization of services helps in retaining customers. Hippo helped Jugnoo in offering more convenience to its customers. Bulk orders were simplified without human interference by chatbots ultimately leading to:

- Increase in sales Increase -Increase bulk orders with customizations


Omnichannel Engagements

Jugnoo offers various services and thus cater for customers with various preferences. Hippo’s customer engagement automation helped Jugnoo to approach and engage with customers to provide a more personalized customer experience.

Seamless Customer Journey

Hippo helped Jugnoo to create various trigger-based journeys which targeted customers on the basis of their ride/buying behaviours and idiosyncrasies. It ultimately leads to:

  • - Better segmentation
  • - Reduction in churn rate
  • - Personalised services

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