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Put an end to your search. Adopt a better and cost effective real-time chat support solution: Hippo

Get a better support software without burning your pockets

Hippo has everything that Hotline offers for amazing customer support but at much lower prices. Unlike Hotline which charges $300 for first 2 agents, Hippo charges only $10 per agent; something all types of businesses can afford.

Designated mobile apps
Designated mobile apps

Engage more customers with automated replies enabled by Hippo chat bots

Do not keep your customers waiting and send automated replies to their messages with Hippo’s real-time chat bots. So, choose Hippo over Hotline to build a loyal customer base and retain your customers.

Why choose Hotline when you can get your own branded version of Hippo

Unlike Hotline, Hippo provides liberty to use the chat solution with your own branding. So, rebrand Hippo and integrate it within your product to provide consistent brand experience to your customers.

Designated mobile apps
Customer Service
Free Personal On-Boarding Assistant
Fine-Tuning For Specific Business Needs
Setup Assistance
Live Chat Support
Live Chats
Multi-Channel Messaging
Chat Widget Unbranding
Group Chats
Saved Responses
Chat Tags
Value Added Offerings
Consolidated Data on Single Interface
Roles and Permissions
Deep Integration with Your Product (Registration /Login /Cart)
Custom Attributes
Mobile Version of Both Chat and Service
SSL Encryption
Hotline API vs Hippo API
Android SDK
Pricing $20/month for first 2 agents
$10/agent/month thereafter
$299/month for first 2 agents
$60/agent/month thereafter
Number of Unique Chat Users Unlimited 25k-100k
Free Trial 30 Days 30 Days
Annual Subscription (Save 30%)

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