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Get started with a plan that costs as low as $17 per month with 0 hidden costs.
You can also opt for a “forever free” plan.

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Get started within minutes

You don’t have to go through nuisance and provide details like your funding and employee count. Neither you would have to wait for 3 days for us to reach you to schedule a demo and get you started like Drift. You can sign up by providing your contact details and you are good to go. Our expert will call you within minutes to help you.

Universal Compatibility

Hippo is part of a family that caters to businesses of all sizes across multiple industries.

Whether you are a hyperlocal marketplace app, a specialist providing consultation from your website, or someone looking to start a taxi service; Hippo can perfectly integrate with you to provide a seamless customer experience.

Chatbot that meets your needs

While Drift is among the market leaders in the chatbot industry, it may not align with your business needs. It excels in qualifying sales leads, but it lacks in customer support functions and may fall short of your expectations for a useful chatbot.

Add WhatsApp to your conversations

Add the touch of personalisation to your customer support. Enable the WhatsApp widget on your website and app to make it much easier for your customers to reach you. WhatsApp is also available for your marketing efforts where you can broadcast campaigns and create customer journeys.

Better Conversational Marketing

Hippo offers better conversations by enabling interactions through channels of your customer’s choice. While Drift offers you conventional email, in-app messaging and website(widget), Hippo enables you to improve conversations with help of WhatsApp, SMS, push notifications along with all the channels provided by Drift.

Omnichannel Campaigns

Create and broadcast campaigns in a few clicks. Hippo enables you to create an exceptional customer experience by leveraging all major channels used by the customer (email, WhatsApp, push notifications, SMS, etc.) from a single dashboard.

Seamless Integration

Hippo provides a large no. of integrations and is comparatively more developer-friendly with numerous ways of implementation:

- Web and WhatsApp widgets
- UI Kits
- APIs and SDK

All in one suite

Drift only covers the conversational support aspect, but when you opt for Hippo, you don't have to buy a marketing suite. It covers all aspects of the business.

When you get Hipoo’s customer engagement automation, you get everything you need and much more on one dashboard.

Not hard on your pocket

Unlike Drift where you have to pay $1000 minimum to get started. Hippo not only has cheaper plans but also lets you pay monthly or quarterly so that you don’t strain your resources.

Know What Makes Hippo Better Than Drift

Pricing (yearly) Starting from $204 Starting from $1000
Free Trial 14- Days 14- Days
Monthly plans
Cross Application Support
Support 24*7 24*
SSL Encryption
Customer Attributes
Roles and Permissions
Reports and Stats
Customer Data platform
Phone support
Users/ Seat 2 1
Cost of an additional user $7/month $80/month
Customer Support
Customizable Chatbot
Chat Widget Customisation and Whitelableing
Audio Call
Video Call
Facebook Messenger integration
WhatsApp Messenger integrations
WhatsApp Widget
Manual & Automated chat assignment
Canned Responses
Chat Tags
Engagement Automation
Customer Journey
Instant Broadcast
Email campaigns
Triggers based campaigns
WhatsApp Campaign
Push Notifications
SMS Campaign
Email/ Landing page builder

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