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Seamless Integration across platforms

Your time should be spent on creating memorable experiences for your customers, not on managing a complex integration. Hippo will get you up and running faster than anyone else; all while earning more money.

Integration that meets your needs

When you have an e-commerce platform that is tailored to your needs, why settle for a marketing platform that isn't as capable, intelligent, or adaptable? Hippo is the most powerful integration-friendly platform possible so you don’t need to compromise on speed or functionality.

Hippo - Image
Hippo - Image

Smooth API integration

Hippo’s open APIs enable you to create/update user data, by providing you with the document for uploading the user-specific data. As a result, you can create segments for your needs by applying appropriate filters.

SDKs Integration

Android/iOS SDKs for Hippo can be integrated into your mobile apps. Just initialise the SDKs with open methods and run Hippo smoothly on the mobile phones. Hippo also offers open methods to control the SDKs’ theme and colours.

Hippo - Image
Hippo - Image

Widget Integration

Integrate Hippo widget on your website by just copying/pasting the scripts and initialising the widget. You can control the appearance of the widget from the dashboard.

Personalise your customer experience!

  • customer engagement automation platform 2-minute Javascript setup Drop Hippo’s Javascript snippet on your site and instantly begin capturing customer browsing behaviour.
  • customer engagement automation platform Simple, powerful APIs An elegantly simple data model with APIs that are beloved by developers.
  • customer engagement automation platform Universally Compatible You can integrate Hippo on various platforms including; Android, WordPress, iOS, Shopify, etc.
  • customer engagement automation platform Data sync Quick and convenient options for backfilling customer profile data or historical events, including CSV uploads.
  • customer engagement automation platform No data ingestion limitations Hippo has no limits on data volume, data fields or age of the data that can be ingested so that you never have to rely on other storage options.
  • customer engagement automation platform Intuitive Dashboard Get everything from chats to omnichannel engagements and campaign builder to instant broadcasts on a single Dashboard.
  • customer engagement automation platform Customer Predictions Hippo automatically predicts lifetime value, churn risk, and more for every customer.
  • customer engagement automation platform Powerful analytics Study your past campaigns and journeys. Fill in the gaps and target customers better.
  • customer engagement automation platform Limitless data opportunities Use any combination of data including behavioural, profile, location, predictions, and more to create the best marketing experiences.
  • customer engagement automation platform Truly omnichannel Hippo provides you with every channel that you can think of including emails, SMS and WhatsApp, push notifications and popups.
  • customer engagement automation platform WhatsApp Use Whatsapp for campaigns to deliver a personalised experience and reward your best customers.
  • customer engagement automation platform Web and WhatsApp Widgets Web and WhatsApp widgets on your website and your app enable you to provide better real-time customer support.

What does Hippo have to offer you?

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With Hippo integrated, you can begin sending more personalised, more targeted emails in seconds. Hippo will allow you to deliver memorable experiences, increase sales, and build stronger relationships with your customer.

Automated personalized engagements

Schedule whole omnichannel customer journeys based on triggers and customer behaviour. Use various channels including Emails, WhatsApp, SMS, push notifications and popups and in-app messages.

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Hippo - Image

Rich segmentation

Create segments without limitations. Over any period, use any combination of events, profile attributes, location, predicted values, and more.

Employ WhatsApp

Employ the most popular and preferred channel for engagements with your customers. Send campaigns or provide real-time support through WhatsApp widget on the website and app.

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Hippo - Image

Customer lifecycle analysis

Understand behaviour, classify customers based on their lifetime value and current position on RFM. Then engage with them by creating personalized messages.

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