Is it really marketing if you are sending only emails and SMS?

Although email and SMS are part of any business's marketing strategy, they can’t create your whole marketing strategy. That’s where Hippo comes in with its omnichannel engagements:

True Customer First Marketing

When you talk about customer-first marketing, everything has to be done keeping customers in focus. Merely sending emails and SMS doesn’t cut off.
Enable the complete marketing suite and provide customers that not only is satisfactory but delighting. Target them on the channel of their choice, stay in context by collecting data and target them according to their buying behaviours.

Cost-effective alternate

On average, a small business has around 10,000 potential customers that it targets. If we consider that and compare Klaviyo with Hippo, Klaviyo would charge you $600 whereas with Hippo you would have to pay $267 per month only.

Onichannel Engagements

Create and broadcast campaigns in a few clicks. Hippo enables you to create an exceptional customer experience by leveraging all major channels used by the customer (email, WhatsApp, push notifications, SMS, etc.) from a single dashboard.

Empowering WhatsApp

An average email open rate is 20%, and the click-through rate is around 2%. While WhatsApp has an open rate of 99% and a click-through rate of 70%. Email is old school and now it's time to market on the most engaging platform. you can broadcast campaigns and create customer journeys

Are you ready for faster growth?

Add real-time conversations to your marketing strategy

Marketing and engagements are incomplete without real-time conversations. When you opt for Hippo, you don't have to get a different suite for customer support which you do in the case of Klaviyo.

Enable Conversational Marketing

41.3% of consumers prefer conversational marketing tools for purchases. Not using them is like giving away half of your revenue. Enable chatbots, live chats, phone calls and audio/video calls to serve your customer better, may it be pre-sale or post-sale services.

Chatbot that serves your need

Chatbots are cheap, quick and more consumer-friendly than an actual agent. You can customise chatbot and empower AI for your specific needs and use cases with Hippo.

Provide support on WhatsApp

Add the touch of personalisation to your customer support. Enable the WhatsApp widget on your website and app to make it much easier for your customers to reach you.

Universally Compatible

Hippo is part of Jungleworks family that caters to businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Whether you are a hyperlocal marketplace app, a specialist providing consultation from your website, or someone looking to start a taxi service; Hippo can perfectly integrate with you to provide a seamless customer experience.

Serving clients all over the world

Customers in over 180 countries are growing their businesses with Jungleworks.
10k+ Live businesses
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